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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dentalmy dentures and implants and costs

I feel I am overcharged and my 1of my implants fell out immediately and was never told that happens until it did and my dentures are cheaply made when they cost over $8, 500 I've already had to take the top part to get fixed cause it broke apart and now I am going to have to take back my bottom it's cracking apart when I have to go back it seems they are kinda rude and don't really care I had asked about getting other work done but I have some coworkers that go there too and they get charged cheaper than me and for the same work

  • Updated by Brenda Hoyles · Jan 12, 2020

    January 12, 2020 My dentures are also almost see through

  • Updated by Brenda Hoyles · Jan 13, 2020

    I am not sure but I think I had gotten an email yesterday and deleted it by accident

  • Updated by Brenda Hoyles · Jan 14, 2020

    Today my bottom plate split right in half

Aspen DentalUpper denture

I had a upper denture made and was very satisfied with the way it looked and fit. I purchased the classic full. During my visit the dentist told the man he should put in a metal piece in the denture. That never happened and as a result the denture cracked. I took it back and they repaired it free. On 8/13 it happened again, I took it back on 8/15 and was told it would cost $449.00. If the denture was made properly this would not have happened. The denture broke when I was eating a sub, I was not eating anything that this should have happened. Before I write a negative review I think it is only fair I give you time to correct this problem. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Robert Berkheiser [protected]

Aspen Dentalconsumer fraud

I went to Aspen Dental today for a check up. I was told I needed a filling for a chipped tooth. The dentist then sent in the Hygienist and when she was finished she went and got the dentist. He told me that needed a dental scaling. I explained that my insurance would not pay for that. He just kept telling me that I really need this done and if I didn't get it done it would just cost me more in the long run. I said I still can't get it done because I can't afford it. He then sent me to the front desk with the manager to talk about what it would cost. The manager told me the cost for both the filling and scaling. When I said I could not afford that he said the same thing the dentist said that it would just cost me more in the long run. I then asked him how much it would just to fix the broken tooth and he said that they would not do the filling without doing scaling. I was very upset and got up and left. When I calmed down I called and talked to the manager and asked him why they refused to fill the broken tooth if I didn't get the scaling and he said that if the dentist filled the tooth without the scaling his licence would be in jeopardy.