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Reviews and Complaints

Midas International Corporationremoval and replacement of thermostat gasket

On November 13th I had Midas replace my thermostat gasket and they charged me $701 and $0.49. They would not bring me the housing part 2 show me that it needed replaced. I had somebody else look at it earlier and it did need replaced. But Midas told me that would eventually go bad. I later after the replacement had no heat again in the car. Only to go to reputable mechanic who said that they didn't put radiator fluid in the car. I ended up paying an extra hundred and fifty 999 by Midas for the housing plus labor of $214.20. When I went back to Midas after the heat did not work they wanted to sell me a heater core for $1, 400. Keep in mind this is a $3, 000 2004 Chrysler convertible. Then a man came out and offered to buy my car. The bottom line is that everything was fixed by reputable mechanic by putting radiator fluid in the car. I feel Midas owes me the amount for the housing but I was charged plus labor. They need to make this right. I work in a local grocery store and I talked to a lot of people all day long. They have all had similar experiences with Midas at this location. My name is Brian Nestor and my phone number is [protected]. My address is 340 South winebiddle Street Apartment 5 Pittsburgh PA 15224. I have very little faith that this situation will be remedied. I looked at the other reviews and nobody was satisfied and their problem was not remedied.

Midas International Corporation — a fuel pump put in my car

On 12/20/2019 I took my car to Midas because it was cutting off I was told I need a Fuel Pump which would cost me $1653.56 I could not afford that so I had to take out a loan from...