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Reviews and Complaints

JD Byriderbeechmont ave

I bought a 2006 Ford Explorer. I had the car a little over 2 months I got laid off my job and did everything I could to pay all my payments on time! And never missed one payment! I did however lose my Insurance. CNAC called me because i lost the insurance and I told them the truth. I told them I was going to borrow money to pay it and I'd have it in no time. The next day my payment was due and wasn't taken out of my account so I called them they told me to go to the dealership and pay it so I did when I got there they told me to give them the keys that they didn't want my payment because I lost my job and had no reliable income I told them I had a new job and they said well bring in proof of income after you are there for a few weeks. Only they lied they later called me to tell me I can come back and get a different car after I have a job that they couldn't hold that vehicle. I know I was wrong by not carrying insurance but the fact is they just want your money and look for every excuse to get your car back I paid over 3000.00 on the car already and now I'm suppose to go sign a mutual agreement saying I don't owe anything on the car yet I'm out of my trade in car and all the money for the "deferred down payment" please please stay away there is good places out there that actually care for you and your problems not jd byrider there no good pos

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    Nikie Mar 22, 2016

    Chris was great however this location is by far the worst. I was approve from a different location but they did not have what I was looking for. So after calling to make sure I could get into the truck I wanted I drove over an hour to get here. The amptomspher was not inviting. As I said Chris was great. After waiting hour I spoke with finance for him to skip ALL steps they say they use for financing and became very judgmental of my credit report. He asked very personal question that had absolutely nothing to do with the process. Then after waiting I was told I had to put down a large down payment as well as a trade in. I have no vehicle to trade but yet they still requested one. I even showed proof of what their other dealership requested and they still requested that amount with a trade. How can I trade in a car I don't have. Stay away from these people. Very judgmental

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