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Reviews and Complaints

payment holds

I just received a letter from Fifth Third today telling me that there is a hold for 9 days on my Fifth Third HELOC, as I just paid the outstanding balance down to zero from my Fifth Third business account to my Fifth Third HELOC account. And, I did this in person, at a branch office. Correct me if I am wrong, but this payment transfer was made from an available, verified balance in a Fifth Third checking account to another Fifth Third HELOC account-- both in my name. It's completely an in-house transaction, and Fifth Third writes to me that for "payment verification reasons" the credit on the HELOC will not be available for 9 days. How incompetent does a bank have to be to take 9 days to clear moving money from its right hand to its left hand. If I were to have gone in and asked for the money to be wired OUT-- they would gladly do that instantaneously (for a $30 fee, of course).
Customer service manager (Willoughby Sexton [sp?]) tells me that this is not crazy, but written in the contract. It's policy. I received absolutely no empathy from Willoughby-- just by the book, take it or leave it.

I'd like for Fifth Third to be taken to task for such a crazy policy. I don't understand how they can do this-- especially to longtime, 22 year customers (and 6 years business customer).

I wish I had contact information for P. Brian Moore, VP at Fifth Third, as I'd like to tell him personally how upset this makes me, and how I will begin shopping for a new bank tomorrow.

payment holds

raping customers of money

5/3 Bank sucks! They are constantly raping people's bank accounts. If the money is deposited and they decide you have overdrawn--even though it is there, they will take your money. They just do not care about the customer. Run from this company. I will be your worst customer service night mare. I tell everyone I talk to (and I work with a lot of clients in Cincinnati) never to bank at 5/3 and to withdraw there money and find accounts elsewhere. Run! I suggest everyone pull their accounts out of this "business" if you want to call them one. You suck!

  • Gr
    Greg Jun 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I learned the hard way too 2 times... Once at about $400.00 and another last year at $533.00

    My mom lost $750.00 last month.

    Stay away from this Banking Service.

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  • Wi
    will Oct 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The late fees they have on anything is out of this world. I have never heard of anything so messed up. My father-in-law has a vehicle financed through them, and he was 4 days late on a payment. After it was all said nad done, it ended up costing him $140.00 in late fees for 4 days. They don't notify you until it is too late that if not padi by seven days the fee doubles. I personally have been robbed on my checking account by them. I depositted money one day, and some checks went through that night after I depositted money. They bounced 4 checks because they say the money wasn't through my account. When I went to the bank they were extremely rude, and I was told that they run the highest amount first so this way the other checks would bounce. They actually told me that. Thats like a crook telling me he is going to rob my house later. They suck as a bank, and the people that work in several of te locations around me are so rude. I hope they go out of business, it would be a saving grace for many people who think this bank is so great.

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  • Am
    amy Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    5/3 is the greediest bank i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. On two separate occasions, my account was overdrawn- due to their shoddy banking practices. Once costing me $132 and the other costing me over $250! both times- even though they agreed it wasn't my fault- they would not reverse all of the overdraft charges. it was against "corporate policy". Apparently, corporate policy is to screw the customer over in every way possible. i am closing my account with 5/3 and am looking forward to the day when they finally go under!!!

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  • Ak
    akttampa Jan 21, 2009

    Carrollwood Branch in Tampa, FL has the worst manager!! She was very condescending and rude. 1st time I dealt with her was when she waived overdraft fees from my account that technically never was overdrawn and then responded, "I will NEVER remove another fee for you again." And she was serious, even when her employees made a mistake by telling me that there was not going to be a hold on my deposit. The 2 employees, also at the Carrollwood Branch were wrong, there was a hold and now I have to pay for their mistake. Thank goodness my friend was with me so I have an additional person to help spread the word about how much 5/3 SUCKS!! Oh they get more pathetic. When I called the bank, the representative who made the deposit for me told me that he wasn't wrong because technically there was no hold on my deposit, the check was just floating for a day (haa haa) And to top it off, the deposit was excess funds from my student loan, which is from 5/3's

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  • La
    larry Jan 21, 2009

    I agree 100% They are terriable!! They hit my account for $133.00 In "service fee"s. Not overdraft.. i had 1 pending debit card purchase out! It was a $12 purchase at the gas station. It didnt even clear yet and they charged me the money. This bank is crazy. I tried to reason with the bank that i had banked at for 10 years.. and they wouldnt reverse the charges. Needless to say.. i have seen left 5/3 bank and telling everyone that i know they are going broke and to switch banks. so far i have gotten 14 other people to change there accounts. I think everyone should do the same. This bank is crazy and the only way to stop them is to have people close there accounts. Please.. pass the message on so we can stop this bank.

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  • Jo
    joe Jan 31, 2009

    I'm from Cleveland, and I agree 100%. This bank and it's culture and people are just the WORST...

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  • Eg
    egadgetgeek Jan 25, 2010

    I just left my local branch office after reconciling a fee dispute. Unfortunately, I need to return there tomorrow to close my account because the reconciliation transactions were still pending. This was the final straw that broke the camel's back. I had been bitten several times in the past for small amount and was able to resolved them. I have gotten tired of constantly having to watch to see if they have screwed up my account. I would hate to have an account with 5/3 and not have Internet access to monitor my account. Had I not had access this time, who knows how much it would have cost me at $8.00 waiting for my monthly statement to show up. That is $8.00 a day for a $0.48 mistake. Luckily, I caught it at the $56 mark. This is one bank that needs to go out of business. I switched to Chase as my primary bank 2 1/2 years ago and haven't had any issues with them. I just hope 5/3 doesn't screw up my account by tomorrow so I can close out the account.

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  • Me
    Metalfreak Nov 04, 2010

    Biggest rip-off in the banking industry. I fell behind on my Home equity line. I have direct deposit, so the money is available Fridays. I take $500.00 and move it to my account I pay my bills with and pay 5 things. On Monday I check my balance and my account is $163.00 overdrawn. They decided that on Friday after my deposit went in they would take $347.00 to pay my equity loan and then causing 5 things to overdraw. I called them and told them that I would like them to reverse the overdraft fees that they had caused and they told me they couldn't. So let me get this right, you can take money out of my account---causing it to be overdrawn and they you can charge me for the overdraft----WTF. Changed banks the next day.

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  • Fy
    f you 5/3 Aug 09, 2013

    I agree, 5/3 bank sucks. I had let my account get low but I checked at 9:00 at night and I was good. I knew I would be fine because I had a pay check going in at midnight. I get up today and have a double overdraft fee and 1600.00 in the bank at the same time and they wont help me out. For some reason they justify this. I say F 5/3 I'm going to Huntington to set up am account tomorrow.

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  • Wh
    Who North America Sep 03, 2014

    I pulled our personal and business accounts from 5/3 bank. We originally had "Totally Free Checking, " but they changed the accounts and we were being hit with monthly fees. Then, to top it all off, they charged my business service fees for depositing more than $5000 in cash in one month. WHAT??? That is INSANE! Who charges fees on DEPOSITS??? Remember when "Cash was King?" Well, apparently cash is too much of a hastle for 5/3 Bank, so I suggest you take your business elsewhere. We have since opened accounts with Huntington Bank. MUCH better.

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I recently relocated to Penn from Cincinnati, OH. I forgot to close my checking/debit card account in person at site branch before leaving. In Oct 2007, I made a full payoff of credit card for $87.89 (that was stated as card balance). I also updated all contact information to new address and phone number. In January I recieved a letter indicating that my credit card balance has been due for 60 days and that they had reported to credit bureau. It turns out that the credit balance i paid in full on hte internet was the balance from LAST statement and did not reflect a late payment charge to my account made a week prior. So when I paid the 87.89 i really owed 87.89 + 19.00 dollars but the website wont tell you that until next statement. My attempt to update my contact information apparently failed. My old number area code (859) had been changed to area code (717) but nothing else was changed. When I asked customer service when was this information changed, "we do not have that information". So no ability to explain how my contact info had been partially updated. The reason this is a big deal is because, i was told, had they had the proper contact information they would have contacted my right away about the matter. This is one of the worst banks I have ever!!! seen in operation. If you are in Ohio/PA area, please check into this bank before signing anything. PNC bank is much much better to deal with.

terrible customer service!

As an excellent Fifth Third customer, with no late payments, excellent credit history and score, I'm now faced with some of the scenarios that I read about here. My payments are due the 5th of each month. I make (send) my payment in on the 19th of the previous month. I sent a payment on Jan 19th for my Feb 5th bill.

On Feb 4th, my online checking showed it had never cleared and I called Fifth Third. Their customer rep, though sympathetic, said it was lost in the mail and to stop payment of that payment and send another as I had a 10 day grace period. I suggested stopping the payment and I'd do an electronic check with him over the phone. His reply was that I could not do so until the payment was actually late. So I stopped the check, was charged $29 by my bank to do so and mailed another payment.

Checking my online account on Feb 12 (two days before my grace period was up) I saw my second attempt at payment had not been posted to my account. Again I call and was told to wait another day as they had not received it but the first payment did arrive on the 4th after my first call (what a coincidence) but of course they couldn't post it as it was stopped by my bank. I wait till today, called Fifth Turd and still they have not received it and of course use the excuse of the postal service. I asked for a supervisor (an unsympathetic and unfeeling person) who again blames the postal service and says if it does not arrive until after the 14th that I will be assessed a late fee.

From here on out I will be sending the checks with a receiver confirmation and catch them at their little game but in the meantime I'm at their mercy and being held hostage. I'll keep you all posted and any comments will be appreciated.

  • Ma
    Marcey11587 May 26, 2008

    You should try and get another loan ASAP. 5th 3rd is really dishonest with their customers and your home is your dream. Right now I am having to hire an attorney because of their lack of communication and theie poor follow up. I can not trust anything they say.
    5th 3rd can ruin your credit score. If your credit score is ruined you are stuck with their home loan. Then they can say you are late with your home loan payments and include extra fees and you are screwed. Next they will have your home sold right from your you. I would get out from their "wings" so you do not have to be at their mercy. Once your credit score is poor they know they have you where they want you.
    Best of luck, Marcey

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lost funds, stollen money

Fifth third can't even handle basic math. They made a mistake with a deposit (put it in someone else's account)then charged me hundreds in fees for the privilege of taking my money. After confronting them with proof(deposit slip, original check stamped "Fifth Third for deposit only") they finally admitted their mistake and put my money back in my account(unfortunately my account was charged so many overdraft fees that almost all of it was taken.) This is their mistake, they admitted it, I have proof. Now my home has a lien on it due from some group of criminals that Fifth Third uses to collect from people they have screwed. This institution should be closed and the leaders imprisoned with rapists and murderers. We need a Gitmo for white collar crime.

  • Ra
    Rachel Apr 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband has be out of work for some months. He has a job now and was working with the fifth bank about his car payment. He paid two payments on the car and the man at the bank, which was not nice, said that if we will paid two payments on the car, That someone will not come and take it away. That was a big lie. It was a Sunday and they got the car anyway, we just have two more payment to pay on it to be up to date, but now we will have to get the car back now. Do not trust this bank, the customer service is ugly. They just tell you anything to get some money.

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