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unethical behavior

Good Day,
My Name is James. I am writting to complain about an employee named "Marie" who worked the cash register Tuesday Febuary 4th at 10:39AM. I was at her register purchasing cleaning products, when she asked what did I do for a living. Being poliet I informed her I had a cleaning company. She mentions how she had a company and would like to come work for me because dollar Tree is not paying Much. I informed her that I was not looking for any employees until she forced me to take her number and send her a text. So to speed the process up I gave her my numer. A few days later Im getting a call from her husband stating some very disturbing and unprofessional things. My trips to this store are a regular routine and she has mad it an unpleasant one. And now I am affraid to enter into this store now. sincerly, [protected]