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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dentalfailure to follow dental fee schedule

My wife visited this office on July 19 in order to have examination for possible crown. She was informed by the dentist that she would require a root canal and crown. The office gave her the treatment plan and costs of the treatment. I reviewed the information and the cost seemed excessively high and I compared these costs with the fee schedule from dental in which we are a participant in the Patriots plan. We have been a member for over two years and have used these benefits on multiple occasions.

I spoke to Morgan, from Aspen, regarding these discrepancies and she stated that the prices on the fee schedule were inaccurate and were to be updated. She was going to contact her corporate benefits plan office to confirm. My wife also signed a HIPAA so that specific information could be disclosed to me.

My wife paid the fee for the initial exam and xrays at the time of service;however, she needed to get clearance from her doctor for work on her teeth as she is receiving radiation treatments. This payment was over and beyond the fee schedule for the procedure. Under the plan the dental code was 140 and the plan designated a payment of $22 but my wife paid 75.75. She paid 28.50 for code 220 and the rate was to be $13 per the rate schedule.

I spoke to Celia from dental and explained the situation and she stated that the fees that they were charging my wife were inaccurate and that she was going to call the Aspen office to get everything straightened out. She called me back a couple hours later confirming all was ok and that we could proceed. She asked me to send the treatment plan to her supervisor so he could review.

Morgan from Aspen called my wife the next day to ask if we had a copy of the fee schedule we were using from dental My wife gave the phone to me and I informed Morgan that this is something she could get off line but she insisted that I get her a copy. I couldn't understand why we were doing her job but she said the corporate office needed a copy. I informed her are staying in a hotel near my wife's radiation treatments and we did not have access to electronic equipment but that I would bring my copy to her so she could copy.

On Wed, July 24, (same day)I delivered this copy to her. I asked her if we could get revised treatment plan summary for the procedure. Morgan stated that this was still being reviewed by management. I informed her that this is very frustrating and asked her if there was a phone number she could give to me so that I could contact. She said "no".

I called dental and spoke to Nicole who spoke to her manager. He said that Aspen was not using the proper fees and it appeared that they were using some other insurance or discount plan but could not confirm what plan that was being used but it was not their plan.

I called the Aspen Office today and Morgan is not available.

When do we get closure on this issue?

Aspen Dentalx-rays

I visited an Aspen Dental in Bedford New Hampshire, and upon my arrival the receptionist had me fill out some forms. I have a tooth that needed addressing, and exrays that a prior dentist had forwarded. They had told me to seek a dental surgeon, but their recommendation was not covered by my insurance. This Aspen dental claimed to have a dental surgeon on premises. They insisted on doing a new set of exrays however. The receptionist insisted that the exrays would be free of charge. In the most expected manner this single appointment turned into an expensive treatment plan where their dentist would remove all of my teeth in about two hours, and give me dentures. They wrote up an invoice for all the work needed, expecting I would return the following day to begin treatment. The invoice stated that I didn't owe any money for services that day. After researching Aspen Dental I decided to discontinue any further treatment. Five months later I received a bill for the exrays they had insisted on, but were free according to my invoice. As far as I know, an invoice is a representation of billing, one cannot change such billing after it has been submitted.