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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar General Carolyn the manager — She is rude and cruel

Carolyn is rude to her employees and writes them up when she is in a bad mood. She has written up my son for having an odor about him and sent him home after letting him clock in and work for 15 minutes. She told him he has a small about him. My son showers and has clean clothes and wears deodorant every day. There was never any write ups until carolyn herself got write up due to the condition of the store. My son is a great worker and looks for approval due to being autistic. He is now in such a depression that he doesn't want to leave the house because she told him he stinks. She has told him he is to lazy to get a keyholder position but has no problem having him come in early or work on his days off. My son has quit due to carolyn and her rudeness. There is no reason for her to act the way she did. Philip is not the first person she has caused to quit. She keeps the store in constant disarray and has half eaten and open products on the shelves quite often. I feel she is failing as manager and needs to be restrained on her interactions they and customers and employees as well as in how to keep her store clean.