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Dollar Tree verified

checkout and customer service

I was at this store waiting in line at 12:45 pm today. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes, I noticed the line was backed up about 10 customers all with carts full of items. The cashier at the one register that was open was chit chatting with customers very loudly and knocking items onto the floor off the conveyer belt, working at at a very slow pace, oblivious to the line that had formed. I left my cart with my high school kids in line and started to look down the aisles for another staff member to let them know that they should probably open another register, at this point I was very calm and just wanted to try to help because I know these things can happen. Another customer said I think there are people in the break room over there, so I walked over to knock on the door. The cashier that was working very rudely yelled at me that there was a shift change going on and I said well regardless they should probably know that you are backed up and come out and help. She said well they can't help if they don't have drawer and the yelled behind her where the break room is "there is a customer coming to complain because we are backed up." At this point, I am annoyed, I don't know who she thought she was to talk to a customer so rudely and to cause a scene like that. So I knocked and there were three employees in there chit chatting and laughing, I was trying to tell them why I was knocking but the cashier kept yelling over me. The lady, who I assumed was the manager said we are at shift change, and I said well your are backed up so you might want to move things along. Two of them came right out at that point. I get back in line and the cashier that was on duty then turns to the other employees coming out of the break room and starts whispering about me to them. I was really annoyed at this point and said it's real professional to whisper about a customer who is standing right here, keep it up and I will file a complaint, and she had the audacity to roll her eyes at me and yell I just told them I knew you were going to complain and then grumble to other customers about me. Two people behind me in line thanked me for getting some one to help out and the customer who the one cashier had been waiting on told me she couldn't believe how rude she was to me and that maybe if the cashier stopped talking and commenting on what everyone was buying things would have moved quicker.
One would think that the cashier would have noticed the line and just turned to the break room and let them know to come help so they would have moved along quicker, also not sure why it takes 3 people to do a shift change. I have never complained about customer service anywhere before in my life, but I was so disgusted by the way I was treated by the cashier when my original intentions were to help out.

Thank you,

Kelly Tobin

  • Updated by Kelly Tobin ยท Nov 20, 2019

    I work with people with disabilities and am a known advocate for people with disabilities so you are making comments about a situation you were not a witness of nor have any first hand knowledge about. If you read the complaint carefully you would have noticed that I was trying to help an overworked employee out to begin with. I wasn't upset until verbally attacked by the employee. A shift change should not take 15 minutes by 3 staff members and obviously at least 2 of those people were on the time clock at that time. I was not mistaken by what I said I was told by other costumers, I have no reason to lie or make up anything. You were not present so your judgement of me is insignificant. Also, if you read the whole thing you would have seen that I have never complained about anyone in any customer relation situation in my life before this time. I am a patient person and was trying to help her out until verbally attacked. I also didn't enter their break room, I simply knocked on their door to let the manager know that there was a backed up line. Also, I have every right as a customer to seek out the manager at anytime during my shopping experience. I never demanded I be helped, just wanted to let them know that they were backed up. I wasn't rude until verbally attacked and even then I wasn't rude just simply defended myself, I never raised my voice or tried to yell over the person who was yelling. I just simply stated my opinion of what is professionalism. I didn't demand anything, I just let them know that they were backed up.