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Reviews and Complaints

CVSunethical behavior

I was again HARASSED by the manager, again. I have been a paying customer since the cvs, 121 E. kirkwood, bloomington, indiana 47408 OPENED. I am a disabled woman and on july 15th., 2019., I was JUST walking by the store. I did not even go on store property. The manager, a tall brown haired man, caucasion, he was dressed buisness like, he came out the back of the store with some boxes to throw away. he started making aggresive sexual remarks to me. I tried to get him to stop and asked him to get away from me. But he became even more aggressive. When he grabbed my arm I had to yell for help. A lady from the church accross the street ran over to help me. I demand something be done about the manager at CVS #10676, in bloomington, Indiana. Women are not safe with a predator managing this store. I will be talking to our newspaper and a lawyer about the cvs store manager, immediatly!

  • Updated by jennifer.l. moore · Jul 15, 2019

    I was sexually intimidated and harrassed by your store manager on 7/15/2019.

  • Updated by jennifer.l. moore · Jul 15, 2019

    your store manager came outside of your store aand harrassed me. i will not tolerate this.