Steak 'n Shake

2736 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna, GA, 30080, US
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Steak 'n Shakestaff

I sat at the drive they sign for about 10 mins last night and said hello. The sign was on. The lights were on. No one answered. I drove around to the window and a gruff woman opened it and said there's no drive thru and then shut the window on me. There is no sign indicating the drive thru is no longer used. Very rude. I went elsewhere, not that they cared. I used to go here a lot. Service is very bad now on the Steak N shakr by Cumberland Mall bear the Braves stadium.

  • SubSquirrel Sep 21, 2019

    “I sat at the drive they sign for”. Maybe try the drive THROUGH sign lane. And sitting there for ten minutes sounds like an exaggeration.

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Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesservice

On the evening of July 23, 2019, I went to the Steak n Shake on Cobb Parkway. After waiting in line in the drive-through for about 20 min before placing my order, I got to the window and sat for about ten more mins. As I sat, an waited for someone to take my money I see and hear the employees cussing about guess that was in the dining room. I continued to sit while they continued to fuss and complain. Finally, a gentleman came to the window, which was I assume a manager that was just coming to work. He apologizes for all that I had to hear. He took my card and offered me a drink which I accepted. Then what I assumed was the manager ( had dreads and wore a pink plaid collier shirt) that had been dealing with the guest in the lobby came to the register in the drive-through. She and the servers proceeded to cuss and complain about whom they had been dealing with. I yelled, excuse me. No response. I knocked on the window and yelled excuse me. The manger turned looked at me and turned back around and continued their conversation. Soon the manager attempted to walk away, never addressing me until I blew my horn and said, excuse me do you know when my food will be ready. By this time I had been in the drive-through for about 45 min waiting on a triple cheeseburger meal, single bacon no cheese meal and a single with cheese meal of which I had to tell her that. She then says, oh here it now has a great day and walk away. All I want is there to be some type of coaching on not only how the staff should act but the manager as well.

Thank you.
JaRhonda Brown

  • SubSquirrel Jul 24, 2019

    Mommy needs to teach you to be polite and walk inside rather than being lazy.

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