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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dentalunethical behavior

Approximately in April/May 2019 I went into the Brunswick, GA office to request that my dental records as well as my families dental records be forwarded to another dental office. As soon as I walked in the door and told the receptionist what I was looking to do, she immediately said "Ok, no problem" and handed me a clipboard with a bunch of authorization forms to fill out and sign. I asked her if I could also submit one for my husband or was I only able to submit for myself and my minor children. She said "No, its fine, you can do it for the whole family". (I did find that a little strange because I assumed I would not be able to sign for another adult but I wasn't sure so I did it for all of us) I filled out and signed all of the authorizations and returned them to the receptionist.

At that time she told me that she would submit them and my records would be forwarded via email to some other main records office. I assumed all was taken care of until I had my appt with my new dentist around 2 months later and was told that the records were never sent. I was also informed by the staff that they have had multiple Aspen patients who have experienced the same thing. Aspen either does not send the records at all or demand payment for the records after the fact.

I called Aspen to check on my records and was told by a woman on the phone that my request had been submitted by her the day I filled out the forms and that it goes to a main office somewhere and they send the records from there and that it usually takes 24 hours from time she submits them for them to receive it. I was never told anything about being charged or there being any fees for my records, at time of request or since that time.

These records are all digital so there is no reason for a charge for "copies" of any records. They can simply be e-mailed to the new dentists office. I believe this location is losing many patients for various reasons and because of that they are avoiding sending patients records to new dentists or looking to capitalize by charging for records of services that they have already been paid for by the insurance company. These are my personal records and they are all electronic and so easily forwarded with a click of a mouse or a keyboard, this should not "cost" anything for them to send.

I have a feeling that maybe this location is not wanting to report the loss of patients so that corporate is not aware that something is going very wrong at this location. I see post after post (on this site and on social media) of previous patients complaining about overcharges, denial or manipulation of sending records.
An investigation is desperately needed at this location.

I request that my records, and my families records, be sent to my new dentist and I do not expect to have to pay for them.

Thank you for your help in this matter.