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Reviews and Complaints

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health and service

My daughter went to this store today (7/14/2019) for lunch with her two girls and my brother. The woman at the register took my brother's order. He was told to swipe his card but the order wasn't fully processed and it didn't go through. The woman then began cursing, saying " what the hell" "what the [censored]?" In front of my 6 and 3 year old granddaughters. So instead of taking a moment to think it through she used foul language.

Same girl took my daughter's order and she began counting out singles and coins BEFORE my daughter paid! Then she realized her error and asked my daughter what did she give her. If my daughter was dishonest, she could have lied and stolen money from the cashier. My daughter is honest and paid with a $10 bill.

The cashier made change and with her bare hands, then without washing her hands or donning service gloves, dished up the orders of french fries. She should have put on service gloves and wash her hands prior to handling the food. Personally, I would have refused the food and asked for a refund. But my daughter didn't want to make a scene.

While waiting for her order, a young girl holding two cigarettes, came in to the store and asked for another employee. He was a cook working the line. He came out front with his service gloves on and retrieved the cigarettes. With his service gloves still on, he put the cigarettes in his pocket and returned to the cook line without washing his hands or changing his gloves.

These incidents all happened in the space of 3-5 minutes in front of customers, I can't imagine what happens throughout the day both in front and behind the scenes. I also question the store cleanliness and food handling.

The staff at this store are in need of serious training and attitude adjustments. I guarantee that my family will not return to this store any time in the near or far future.

Carol Berry