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Reviews and Complaints

Aspen Dental — bad dentures

Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS I went to aspen dental in Lake wales FL I purchased a set of new dentures.. I have never been able to wear theses dentures I paid 2600.00 dollars for them and from day 1 I had a problem with themThe front teeth never match my top lip, and they had to add more acrylic because they look so bad. when I put them in my mouth, My mouth started burning, and I told them. I thought that I might be allergic to the acrylic and they cause a lump in the top of my mouth. and I told the dentist and she just took some off where the lump was. and the dentist acted like I was being a nuisance... they made me feel so intimated. she said go to an oral surgeon.. I went to a EDT DR and he said the lump was from bad fitting dentures now I have dentures that when I wear them they burn my mouth and I may have to surgery, I just wish they would at lest give me half my money back so I could get another set made,,,,, thank you Barbara Knight

Aspen Dental Management — dentures

Yes I went to the aspen dental on highway 27 in lake wales fla, at the later end of 2016 to be fitted for new dentures " I was fitted for the dentures I paid 2600.00. Doller...

Lake Wales Dental Services  · Dec 20, 2019