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bank account cancellation

Bank of America are absolutely crooks. The company steals your money and the are closing accounts without any explanation. Now I have been with them for 7 years. I try to access my accounts and they all were closed without any warning at all. My husband and I have 4 all of our income direct deposit. It is the end of the month and our checks are going into the accounts. Then they tell me it will take 10 business days to receive my money. I dare them to treat consumers like trash.! Let's file a class action suit against them

mobile banking check deposit

Per the mobile app, when you e deposit a check you are to receive 200 that day and the remaining amount the next business day once it is reviewed and processed. I was never told that there would be a two-day hold put on a check deposited this way, and in fact was told by the teller at a branch that if I wanted to access my funds same day I would be better off using the mobile deposit or an ATM. So that being said it is extremely frustrating that I have a 2 day hold on a mobile deposit that also ironically is a check printed buy an established company known as Liberty Mutual and guess who they bank with that's right Bank of America. So I do not understand why you guys cannot access your own system to verify an account within your own network and give me my money. There's no logical explanation especially considering that I have previously deposited checks this way that were written and have no issues. I've always had reservations against bank of America considering the shady history and well not to mention the fact that yall needed to be bailed out of your financial troubles before but this move makes me highly question if yall are in trouble again based on the ridiculous explanations offered like, "we need to verify that we will be able to get our money from that account holder" UM WHAT?

abusive overdraft fees

Yesterday September 2, 2018, my Bank of America's account was in positive numbers and with three pending charges already reflected. Nevertheless, today September 3, two overdraft charges appeared on my account for two other amounts that the previous day were not pending.

Today, September 3, I have make 3 claims by phone, but the three employees say that they notified me about the two amounts charged to my account. It was not like that. Today morning, the two amounts with their respective overdraft charge of 35 dolars has appear in my account.

abusive overdraft fees
abusive overdraft fees
abusive overdraft fees

Bank of America Financial Center

excessive overdraft charges and extended overdraft charges

ON JANUARY 11, A ACH for auto insurance was presented to my account I allowed the draft to be returned by not covering the funds and accepting the overdraft fee of $36. My pay roll was deposited on the 14th and once again the ACH came through for coverage. There was not enough to cover the ACH so I did not worry and thought because BOA had seen in the past that when I have large amounts to come against the account I cover them that day with funds from outside. This time the ACH was paid leaving a deficit on the account and every other small transaction which will total 5 after my insurance premiums come against the account leaving me with an outstanding negative balance of about $600 which will increase in 5 days due to the fact that I will not get paid until the end of this month. Way to go BOA, just rip me off and make money for yourself. These transactions were not handled to accommodate my as the account holder and the ACH was not a mortgage payment, so no priority should have been given. Poor customer service and greed is the issue here. Look at yourselves.

predatory lending practices

Bank of America is both predatory and an unethical institution. They have only one agenda, to target the exact people they are supposedly trying to help. There is not an incentive for them to preform modifications because if you have PMI and you have made payments on your home for several years it is in their best interest to foreclose on the home so they actually are making more money than if they were to reduce your interest rate. Plus they are pocketing what monies you put down to secure the loan. BOA has one agenda, to take your home but also mislead you by saying that they are running the home assistance program to help homeowners stay in their homes. It is gross negligence, a company this size that has been allowed to operate in this manner can only be described as criminal.

I have had a loan since 2007, the original home loan was with Countrywide. In 2009 both my husband I were laid off and we were forced to file chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Countrywide at that time would not preform any type of reinstatement procedures to secure the home loan after the bankruptcy. Texas is homestead state, which enables borrowers to keep their cars and homes out of bankruptcy proceedings. The loan was sold to BOA just a few months after our bankruptcy was discharged. We had applied for the modification just before we filed for bankruptcy because we were laid off and it was approved. But we were not able to make the first 7 payments because we were still not working. The loan was delinquent. The loan modification consisted of maintaining the loan term and reducing the interest rate by ¼ of a percent. It was 5.5% and went to 5.25%. What does that mean? It means that our original mortgage payment was $1700 and it went up to $2100. The just tacked on what we owed to the back of the loan and kept the loan term.

We eventually were able to bring the loan almost current, so that we only owed 2 payments. I wanted to bring the loan current so BOA suggested I apply for another loan modification for those two payments. I agreed and submitted all the documentation they requested. The loan officer Marina Henry based out of the Dallas, TX office told me to be considered for the modification you had to be at least 2 payments behind to be considered for the program and to not make any more payments because I would be ineligible for the program. I received a letter stating that I was not eligible for the program in May 2013 because I filed bankruptcy in 2009. This is the INCREDIBLE PART-I called Marcina and she told me to disregard this notice because it had been sent in error to literally hundreds of borrowers and it was not applicable to me personally because I had filed bankruptcy back in 2009 and this letter was sent out in error because that would only apply to me if I was currently in bankruptcy proceedings, which I wasn’t. Two days later I received a letter stating my house is in foreclosure. I called Marcina and never was able to get a hold of her and was assigned a new account manger Crystal Wright out of New York. I told her Marcina had informed me to disregard the notice and she said she was aware of this fact but it was NOT INTENTIONAL To mislead me but Marcina was misinformed and the policies changed as of March 2013. She also informed me the only way the house will not go in to foreclosure is bring the loan current to pay $10, 000 + penalties within 5-7 days!! BE-AWARE of Bank Of America-They are Dishonest and have Sinister agenda

  • Th
    th!sman May 17, 2013

    1-always record your calls with these miscreants. Texas is a one party state, you don't have to tell anybody you are recording. Also if the call is across state line then federal law applies and that is one party as well.
    2-Always get a second opinion. Come of the people who are "loan officers" are high school level educated, former cashiers. Take anything thing they say with a grain of salt, may be an entire sackful.
    You can always call Dave Ramsey.
    3-When you are ready to RE-FI use Churchill Mortgage, they are Dave Ramsey endorsed.
    Good luck!

    -1 Votes
  • Li
    littledaddy33 May 17, 2013


    S.M. Frisco TX created their own problems and why I say that is they lost their jobs, but they to re-finance and they think a bank should help them when they to file a BK. S.M. Frisco TX an easy way out instead getting a job and doing what is right or they could be raised to be deadbeats.

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  • Sm
    S.M. Frisco TX May 17, 2013

    Th!sman- you comments reflect not only your level of education and lack thereof, but also your lack of understanding of both the financial and economic outlook at that time. I have worked my entire life and have paid more in taxes over my life time than most will earn in theirs. For you to insinuate I'm a deadbeat illustrates to me fully your level of ignorance and more importantly you moral character. So do all of us a favor and keep your negative, ignorant comments to yourself. I'm currently working with a forensic attorney because BOA at this point doesn't look like the title holder because they sold the loan and do not have the authority to proceed with foreclosure. When I mentioned this to BOA today one of their many mangers have asked what it will take to make this situation right. These comments have been made to help other homeowners in this situation not to be commented upon by an illiterate twit.

    Sorry about the prior post, typed it from my iphone and some characters were corrupted when it posted.

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  • Th
    th!sman May 18, 2013

    Where did I call you a deadbeat or make such an insinuation?

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  • Sl
    slwtx2003 May 26, 2013

    You didn't. The littledaddy33 person, with the bad english, said something about deadbeats. I didn't really understand what this person was saying but it was weird. I suppose the S.M. Frisco TX person didn't read well enough to see that you were just giving advice, and that the littledaddy33 person was the one being strange. It was really funny though reading him go off on you when you didn't even say anything.

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  • Th
    th!sman May 26, 2013

    Thanx! I chalked it to contrasts in what we see/read and what we compel the mind we want to believe.

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: false advertisement/fraud

Date: 4/17/2013

Dear Sir/Madam:

Re: False Advertisement/Fraud

Please be advised that I am submitting additional information and proof that the attorney hired by Bank of America placed an ad in the Times Picayune newspaper on March 27, 2013. This ad was actually placed in the newspaper after I filed a complaint with your office for investigation.

Most importantly, after speaking with Attorney William M. Doyle on March 6, 2013 by phone regarding the issue, he informed me that he would return my call on the following day to discuss the matter in regards to me not being properly served the foreclosure documents. But, instead of Attorney William Doyle returning my call he decides to place an ad in paper about my whereabouts without my knowledge.

Furthermore, when Mr. William Doyle answered the phone he announced that he had found me. I also want to state for the record, Mr. William Doyle filed this ad on March 27, 2013, in The Times Picayune newspaper knowing that he was to return my call the following day.

Service request number: #1-[protected]
BOA Acct. ending: #2126

ripped off

I have had an unhappy relationship with Bank of America virtually from the beginning. However, their customer service people would always help me, in the end and take care of Bank of America's indiscretions, although it would usually take hours on the telephone. This time is different and I have had enough. I have had multiple occasions of Bank of America posting debits before credits, even with my having time stamped receipts. Bank of America then refunds some overdraft fees, 'as a courtesy, ' but will make me pay up to 4 or 5 fees myself. I have paid over $1, 000 in fees caused by bank error. This isn't even my latest, most upsetting issue.

I recently (two months ago) made a deposit of $800. I then wrote out 5 checks against this deposit (totaling about $300-$400). Well, Bank of America decided to place a hold on this deposit without notifying me of the hold in any way.

Then, Bank of America decided to return all of the checks that I had written out against the (little did I know) held funds. Then, Telecheck and Certegy charged returned check fees directly to my account resulting in 7-8 overdraft fees. I received refunds from Telecheck and Certegy directly via paper checks (their policy). I was told that when a check is returned to them, they receive a 'report' giving the reason for the return. If a check is returned due to held fees, typically a returned check fee is only charged if after redeposit of that check still is returned. Both companies cited that the fees shouldn't have been charged an gave me refunds.

So, basically I am told something different depending on who I speak to at Bank of America, but the most common thing that I have been told is, if your account is overdrawn due to an unauthorized charge which is refunded, Bank of America refunds any overdrafts incurred from it.

Well, I faxed over copies of all of the paper checks to a supervisor in Claims by the name of Dawna who has decided to blatantly ignore my fax and subsequent 3 phone calls and voicemails. Every time I call, I'm told that Claims needs to handle this and will adjust the account and when I get over to Claims, I am told that if I have already received a refund, I don't need to enact a claim (clearly). I am then told that there is nothing that can be done.

My account is now -400.49. I have re-routed my direct deposit to a new account that I hold at PNC Bank, where I am much happier, thus far. However, I am receiving phone calls from Bank of America on a daily basis threatening to put my account in Check Systems at which point I will not be able to have a checking account anywhere until the negative balance is resolved. I'm going to attempt to contact Bank of America once more after work today, but I doubt anything will come of it.

I have been told that I would have an excellent case for legal action, which I cannot afford... :0) Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

  • We
    Wendy Phillips Sep 25, 2008

    Bank Of America is ruthless. What happened to Overdraft protection fee in my case I guess it does not apply. My employer direct deposit my pay check 9/24 a day late. Which I did not know. I had checks came in on the 9/23. The day of the 24th early I saw my account in red for a total of $70 dollars worth of checks not covered. My pay check was in pending. Bank Of America does this to customers. NO other bank I know makes direct deposit checks stay in pending. However they do it all the time to me. I have 6 checks written all together $70. They charge me $35 for each check that came in .I called and asked why did they return the check when the same day money was there they said that the check was still pending. This is very unfair. I had that money there and they still return the six checks are charge fees along with overdraft. These fees have taken my entire paycheck. I have two kids and now I do not have money to make it this week. Bank of America does not care for people. They charge me fees when the money was there in the bank. I know for fact the Bank of America enjoys charging overdraft fees to Americans who are struggling. I read a article several years ago stated that they make billions a year off of charging people overdraft fees. This bank needs to be regulated. When I look at my account and see numbers in red online and my transactions are in one order and see a deposit amount. Then hour later I go back to my account summary I see everything balanced differently in a totally different order the transactions came in this to me is fraud. I can't help you but my story helps to know that you are not alone.

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  • Cr
    crazyknarf Sep 05, 2009

    Remember this line: Deposits posted after 3:00pm will not be available until the next business day or after 2:oo pm. and not on Holidays. This is depositing, cash or checks.
    Say Labor Day weekend. Put money in at 3:05 PM Friday (Bank is open to 6:00PM) You will not be able to get that money until Tues after 3:00 PM! So they place it in Pending. Not in Posted or cleared. So that money is not counted until they have it in their banks and confirm all the info is correct.

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