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US Marketing AllianceAwful company

I submitted a resume online on a Sunday. I got a call Monday morning to come in for an immediate interview. They asked me to come in that day, and I said that I couldn't make it. They said that they were in the middle of interviews and that I HAD to come in as soon as possible or they wouldn't be able to interview me. I decided that I could come in Tuesday afternoon. They told me to bring two copies of my resume and that the attire was business professional.

Their office is about an hour's drive from where I live. The only reason I even considered this job is that it advertised a starting salary of $14 to $16 an hour plus medical, dental, 401K and other miscellaneous benefits. It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to check it out anyway.

The office was located in a nice enough office building. I was surprised, though, when I walked into the office how shabbily decorated it was. It was very plain and any decorations they had looked cheap. It looked like they had just moved in. It also reminded me of the movie 'The Game' how there was an office there one minute, and then the next minute it was gone. It looked like a place that could be easily cleared out if necessary. That was my honest first impression.

I'd also been on a similar type interview earlier in the year. The office setting and the interview application and questionnaire were almost identical. They were both for a sales and marketing job where they had a preliminary interview that lasted about 10 minutes and they decided that day whether or not they were going to bring you back for a full day secondary interview. The reasons were the same at both places: they want to get to know you personally before they decide to hire you.

I interviewed with a very nice man whose name I will omit. He very briefly went over my resume and asked very few questions about my background. I have an education in sales and marketing, and I also have managerial experience from time served in the military. I also have 10+ years experience in customer service. My education and experience, I felt, pretty much guaranteed me this job, but we barely discussed my qualifications, which I thought was odd. He talked a lot about the company. He talked about how they make personal and life long relationships with their clients. Then he started talking about his client. First it was clients, then it was client. Then he talked about an 8 to 12 month managerial training process, business to business, face to face marketing, and if I am invited back to wear business/professional attire, but with comfortable shoes I can walk in. It was at that moment I realized that my secondary interview, which was to be all day working with someone he picked out for my personality, was probably going to be spent walking around Rancho Cucamonga soliciting business for his company.

The whole experience felt odd to me. My gut feeling told me that this was some sort of scam. They did call me that day and invited me back for a secondary interview. I did an internet search for their company and was directed to [redacted].com. I was amazed to see all of the stories about similar experiences people across the entire United States have to share about scam companies like this. I felt like I should share my experience as well. I will not be going to my second interview.


  • Jj
    jjice777 Feb 09, 2009

    Thank you so much. I would have been very upset if I had gone on an interview with this company in traffic and in the pouring rain. This complaint was very helpful.

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  • Du
    DumbRabbit Feb 12, 2009

    So true what the person above described. Same situation happ to me exactly on point. Don't fall for this BS company. I didn't even have a marketing related degree and they considered me, [censored]es.

    -John G.

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  • Je
    Jeffreeee Feb 12, 2009

    Thanks to all of the above and others that have posted about this company, I also was handed the same M.O. and had an interview set for Fri. Feb 12. I decided to research the company as there are many scam operations out there and the info I found was overwhelming against this company. I also live about an hour and a half from location and can't afford the time or gas. Thanks again.

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  • Re
    ReecePrinn Feb 19, 2009

    I just got an email from this company, it's great to see this website along with [redacted].com coming up at the top of the search results. Any time they preface an email with, "Congratulations" and "Your resume has qualified you, " there is bound to be a problem. These faux marketing companies are hilarious in their attempted conquests of people who are no longer unwitting. If somebody submits a resume online, chances are they are going to run a Google search of a company they've never heard of with unsurpassed scrutiny. I wish these people would stop wasting my time; it's absolutely absurd and woefully tiring.

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  • Ch
    chill8815 Mar 16, 2009

    well i went for an interview with this company and I have a degree in education (which i would think is not relevant to this position). When i went in for the interview obviously there were several other interviews because i am not the only person looking for a job. I originally went in for an interview for the account manager position but i was hired for a management training position(because of my background). I have now been working for the company for a while and love it. My salary this last year was $68K net. So not everything you hear is true, I think this person is just mad that they were not considered for the position. You should be the judge yourself of an opportunity for a job, dont let an upset person discouage you. Good luck

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  • Mu
    MurMur Jul 29, 2009





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  • Mc
    Mctyre Oct 15, 2009

    I actually worked for US Marketing Alliance for almost 4 months, I will try and give my unbiased view of this company. They hire sales people that go door to door basically cold calling if you will, to sell credit card merchant services to small businesses. Its NOT a scam believe me. Now they explain to you that the goal is to eventually sale enough to be promoted to sales leader and manage your own team of new hires and then if you keep doing well enough they want you to operate your own division office, that to me however is a lie, because I met really good salesmen when I was working there that closed an average of 1 account a day (which is pretty good by the way) and they been there for like 2-4 years and still no sign of them getting their own office. The bottom line is the sales job is all commission based, there is no hourly pay or salary, this actually does not bother me at all, honestly all sales reps should understand that you should only get paid if you sell, who really gives a shieet about an hourly wage, thats not where the money is, it is about those huge "rips" of commission. The problem to me is the amount the owner pays for each account you establish for him. The owner of Marketing Alliance only pays 100 bucks for each new account you bring back, if your an average sales rep you'll probably close like 2-4 accounts per week, so your looking at 200-500 bucks a week give or take, and thats working from 730am for the daily sales training in the morning and going out to "the field" during the day till afternoon and then coming back to the office at like 6pm. Even if your super salesman closing at least 1 per day, your only making 500 bucks a week. The owner doesnt pay his sales reps for driving, no cell phone allowance, no car allowance, theres no medical, no dental, no 401k benefits. If thats how hes advertising it on hotjobs then shame on him. Overall, the experience is really really good, the pay however is really really crappy even when I was closing almost 1 per day like I was suppose to do. I do recommend people who want to get serious and learn about selling to go for this job, I learned a lot about selling and closing and how tough cold calling really is. Great learning experience, just hack it out for like 6 months and take that experience to a better opportunity sales selling cars or something.

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  • La
    lameitout Mar 10, 2011

    I went through the entire hiring process mentioned above and once they told me they were doing door-to-door I immediately got a bad feeling about it all. Since I really needed a job I fed them the best line of [censor] I could but it seems like I didn't even need to do that since they'd take just about anyone. XD I'm glad I was able to see what they do in person because it made me realize just how much of a [censor]-job it really is. I don't want to bother people with things they don't want or need. My interviewer didn't seem to mind as he had been working there for years and I suppose "Rejection" was his middle name. It was rather pathetic to seeing him so desperate to make a sale and I actually pitied him but I was also annoyed by him at the same time. He manufactured an extremely high pitch sale voice when he interacted with his would-be customers. If I find this person's sale's pitch that annoying then how am I going to do this job!? After the 9 hr long interview we finally made it back to the office around 9:45pm. Afterwards, I had a final interview with the "President and CEO of USMA" and he apparently liked my [censor] enough to hire me. Needless to say I didn't take the job and I'm extremely happy that I didn't.

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  • Se
    Sean Crossan Jul 21, 2011

    Its funny reading all of these comments. Let me share my experience with this company. I worked for USMA for just under a year. I started just as everyone else did. Strange interview process, and a little confusion about pay and the process. I had been unemployed for 5 months and just found out I was having a baby boy. I was 22. I took the job and flourished. Yes, IT IS DOOR TO DOOR ALL COMMISSION. They make that very clear during your second interview. You actually go out and experience first hand what is done on a day to day basis. Your success basically depends on your trainer and how motivated you are to work. I sold AT&T U-verse TV. You have a list of customers and your job is to pitch the service, which is actually a really awesome service. It sells itself. There were days i made over $300 and days i made 0. I averaged about $650 a week in just commission. Most money i had ever made.

    I worked 6 days a week about 9 hours a day. I built up a team of 4 people and felt like I was actually doing something. The only problem is the inconsistency in people you worked with. This job is a REAL test of leadership and motivation. Its not easy. HOWEVER the environment is what creates the attraction. Young motivated people who love to come to work and make money. I made good money there. I loved the people and I am still very close friends with a few of them today.

    The owner of the company actually takes interest in your life. He became a good friend of mine. Guided me through various problems I was going through and did the best he could to help me.

    With this said, im sure you are wondering why im not rolling in the money and still working here. I couldnt do it. I was unable to manage my personal life and finances. After a year and tons of personal issues, i couldnt manage the mentality to continue working a 100% commission based job. The most successful people there, were both happy there, and at home. I by no means regret working for USMA. I learned so much. Im now on my way to a management position through another company and I give this company a lot of credit for my instant success.

    So I tell those who get a call from this company, if your weak minded and lazy. Do them and yourself a favor and tell them no. If your motivated and willing to work and have time and want to make good money? Then do it. Times are tough. Full time jobs with benefits are rare and hard to find. I know some people are going to think this is a review from someone who still works there but the people who work there, could care less about the people who have been writing these ignorant reviews. Trust me.

    Sean Crossan

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