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On wednesday, march 20, 2013 i was contacted by this company about receiving a government grant. It would cost an initial fee of $3. 87. I was given a website of [protected] After paying the fee, i was given a username (My email address) and a password along with a confirmation number. I was told that in 48 hours i would receive an email and access to use my username and password on the site. I could log on, the link that would be provided with my username and password. I would then see a range of grant money approval and select my amount and reason why i needed the funds. I would then supply the confirmation number and my grant would be processed. I had 10 days to complete this process. I never received an email. I was charged the $3. 87 for myonlinegu pleasant grov ut. I was also charged $9. 95 for idsafehav8 pleasant grov ut. This was not an authorized charge, wasn't even aware of what it was. It just posted on my bank statement. Please advise as to how to get my money back and please stop these people from taking other peoples money. Would like to know from you how this is handled and be compensated for them stealing from my account.


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      Sep 17, 2013
    US Financial Resoures - cancellation
    United States

    receipt 286927 cancel

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      Mar 21, 2014
    US Financial Resources - Lied to about Fees
    Rochester Hills
    United States

    I was told by David @ [protected], there would be a one time fee of $3.87. After receiving the confirmation email, and reading it, I find that there are monthly fees involved. This is not what I was told and I have no intentions to use this service. So please refund my $3.87 and do not take any more monies from my account.
    Sincerely, Ronel Williams
    confirmation # 331102

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