Urban Nationdoor-to-door magazine sales

T Nov 10, 2018

I was impressed and sucked in by the salesperson's dynamic and friendly demeanor and ended up writing a check for $210 for a 2 year 2 mag sub. I highly empathize with these sales people because they are just trying to make a living, but the preponderance of bad word-of-mouth online and numerous complaints on the BBB website and Complaints Board had me quickly bringing up my bank's online services to stop payment on that check. So I'm out the $25 service fee as opposed to $210. My heart goes out to the kid who will lose out. The customer and the sales personnel are the ones being screwed over. Evidently this Lawrence Engerman schlub is a slimy lizard that has avoided indictment, but be forewarned...generally all door-to-door mag sub sales are a scam. Sometimes even an opportunity for some unsavory elements to check to see if anyone is home to break in, rifle through your mail, or make off with Amazon deliveries. Be polite and kind. Say sorry, no thank you and shut your door (then bolt it). Shut off your porch light if they knock on your door after dark (another discomforting practice of Urban Nation).
Also, if you end up like me, stopping payment on a check, I wouldn't worry about the garbage on the back of the sales slip about being subject to a lawsuit by stopping payment. That is probably just a scare tactic. Cancelling the order by phone or email within 3 days is evidently next to impossible according to complaints I've read and by the time you ever talk to a person on the phone, your check might have been processed. I don't see how it can be considered check fraud if there is no exchange of material goods for the check.

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