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5:15 pm EST
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Over Billing:
I am a former member of Urban Active. I canceled my contract over three months ago, and I am still being billed. I've called the location where I signed up but they are never very willing to help me resolve my problem. They simply tell me to call the corporate office, but do not offer the corporate office number, address or person to talk to.
I did find a 1-800 number, but it is purely informational and provides no access to anyone at the corp office.
After some investigation I am finding that Urban has a very bad history of over billing, over charging, and continual account drafts once a contract has been canceled.

At the moment they owe me $60 back.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 20, 2010 10:17 pm EST
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I signed up for a year of personal training and when it was supposed to be done, I continued to be charged. I went in to find out why and was told I was signed up for automatic renewal. I immediately told them to cancel this and was told I would be charged $25.00 to do so. I thought this was ridiculous but paid it in order to be done with the $150.00 per month of services I was not going to use. Unfortunately, they are still deducting the amount from my account each month and I can never get in touch with a manger to get any help. I have been told that the managers don't work on weekends, that they don't come in until 9:30 or 10:00 on weekdays, that they are new and don't know the system because it is different than the one they worked with in Ohio, etc. I am fed up! I am a military widow on a tight budget and this extra expense is killing me! This company needs to wake up and take a course in customer service and ethics! I finally called today and told them that I didn't care that the manager doesn't work weekends- they need to call her at home or I will be going to the local media. I finally got a call back promising that the manager will be in tomorrow to e-mail corporate again (like they ever did in the first place) and that they would call me on Monday to let me know where things are at. I told her that if I didn't hear from the manager by Monday night I will be contacting the local media. DO NOT sign up for anything with this company. It is a NIGHT MARE!

Mar 23, 2011 4:42 am EDT

i cancelled my membership with urban active over a year ago. it wasn't until i called them back to rejoin for membership that they told me i owed them close to $300.00. they told me that they saw that i had cancelled but for some reason the monthly fee kept billing but was not coming out of my account. now they say that if they take the fees off i will still owe them one last month for membership. i told them that i don't understand why i owe them a final month when i had to pay my first and last month's membership before i even set foot in the gym. they said they would call me back on several occasions but never did. they even called me to advertise as if i wasn't a previous member. very poor service. and my issue was never resolved they haven't taken off the balance that they've incorrectly charged to my name. they just say they will take care of it and when i call back its still there. i hope they get better management at the murfreesboro road nashville location right by mcdonalds.

Jul 30, 2012 12:16 pm EDT

sooooooo... i just did my cancellation the other day... and I'm freaking out after reading all these comments.. is there anyone out there who hasn't had a bad experience cancelling?!?! I was on a month to month contract... and personal training.. cancelled both due to a move... they didn't seem too upset or that they cared.. or like they knew they are going to be keeping my money..

if there is anything i need to do to make sure this goes smoothly, please please tell me before it gets out of control! thanks!

May 08, 2012 2:06 am EDT

I joined urban active around the end of March and was promised all these great things by Caleb( who also told me that if i didn't then he would guarantee me a FULL REFUND) but later he was moved to River-gate and wasn't man enough to tell me.My good for nothing trainer was a "MINISTER" who wrote a book on fitness which was moved to Hermitage.These two people are VERY, VERY, V E R Y worthless, they lie, and they steal, and will say anything.Don't believe anything that they say unless you get it all in writing.What does him being a minister has to do with him training someone.He's not a good trainer so that should tell you something about him being a minister.When the one was moved to Hermitage the other promised me that he would found me another GREAT trainer and he would call me personally to let me know who he had for me, or leave me a message on my phone.Well ask me did I get my phone call, and I'm still waiting.I was promised that if I gave him 3 days out of a week then I would start to see the results of all the hard work but it was going to cost me, so I reluctantly agreed and now I am in one big mess.So my question is this.How will I see the results when no one has taken any measurements of me.They don't know what I weigh.I go to the Urban Active in Nashville on Edge O Lake Drive.This gym is very nasty.In the females dressing room there is a really bad leak when you shower and to fix it they'll have to close down he dressing room and tare down some Sheetrock and fix the pipe. Instead all they do is wet vac and blow dry it.It's over half the the dressing room now.The floors look like they haven't been swept in a year.The weights are all over the place.Those boxing gloves really need to be thrown under the trash and set on fire.This building really needs to be closed down or blown up.I went to the gym to run on the treadmill and wasted over an hour sitting their waiting on these ladies to do their thing and then move on.She saw me sitting their waiting, but instead she was talking to this other lady and getting off the machine and walking around, then getting back on the machine.I went up front and tried to talked to someone and all I got was theirs nothing we can do but the next time you can say something.Why does this man have all these muscle but he's scared to come out of the office.REALLY, he's a punk.I said you have a female working at the front desk, and he said yea, I know but theirs nothing we can do.So, I know now that I have to say something and then he'll be trying to put me out.I have to go see my doctor or move out of state to fix this so called wonderful thing that Caleb LIED to me about.I have heard all the stories and do plan on getting everything in writing so when if happens I can call my attorney, report them to the better business bureau, and whatever else I need to do.For everyone out their that's been over billed, and still being billed even tho they told you that you account was close and this shouldn't haven't again and over charged by urban active, has anyone tried calling a class action attorney? If the higher up people are not going to take care of all the people who put them on top then we all really need to get together and start talking to an attorney about this because I'm sure something can be done.This business is a complete joke and REALLY should out be in business.

Feb 07, 2012 1:54 am EST

The Murfreesboro Rd location said my card was denied for only 2 months of payments. then they automatically debited 7 charges of $20 each for late payment?! I disputed and proved I had sufficient funds but insisted that it was not their problem. I CALL FRAUD on this company! Unlike most, I did read my contract and it only cost me 1 months fees to cancel. I think there should be legal action taken against. It is not right that a company has the right to unjustly debit money from your account. the card that is given for monthly dues IS ONLY agreed for use of monthly dues. Once a contract is up or late fees being assessed, the consumer should be notified beforehand. this would clear up Urban Actives image greatly. I never had a major problem with the gym. Just broken equipment and rude manager on duty. I totally wouldve recommended this place if it werent for the shady billing practices involved. Now its time to find me a lawyer and see what legal actions I have. Possibly going to State Attorney since after 4 months and an unresolved BBB complaint. Good luck.

May 20, 2011 2:52 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I am having a similar issue - I canceled my account 8 months ago and am still being billed almost $40 a month. In total, I am out over $300. They told me they have no record of me canceling my membership. I have been calling for over a week and never once has anyone returned my call. I have been extraordinarily patient and kind in my efforts to resolve this problem, but they have been unresponsive. I say we take a stand, unite and show this company we mean business - they take our money we take their reputation. To be treated this way is unjust and we cannot turn the other cheek and let things slide. Let's work together to get our issues resolved!

Apr 22, 2011 7:14 am EDT

There are two lawsuits looking for potential plaintiffs to join against Urban Active.

I'm in this same situation myself dealing with Urban Active with massive researching and stumbled across this. Their rating from the BBB is F now in Ohio and multiple complaints filed with the Attorney General. I will be adding my own to the BBB and Attorney General and am contemplating joining one of these lawsuits.

Apr 10, 2011 2:32 am EDT

Urban Active now owes me over $200. The manager where I signed up says she is waiting to hear back from corporate. I have no other option at this point, than to contact the credit card company and see how they can help me. I am sure that with no one from UA willing to help me I will just have to eat it, and get over it.

Mar 21, 2011 1:38 am EDT

The one in Hermitage TN is the worst gym I have ever been to. The seated calf raise machine has been broken for 3 months! They are on sale online for just a couple hundred dollars for God sakes. I have told them about this at least a half doxen times and each time they have no clue what I am talking about.

Also...they dont have enough 2 1/2 and 5 lb weights. I have asked them for months to get more. 2 of each in the whole club!

Also...not enough collars.

These are very small requests and they are not interested in fixing it. They are the worst gym by far that I have been to in my 25 years of working out in a gym.

I wanted to email corporate but apparently you cant. If you try to call you will get directed back to a local club.

Mar 20, 2011 8:00 pm EDT

I joined UA back in July of last year. Worked with a personal trainer, and informed him that I had sprained my wrist a few times and usually took it easy on it. He disregarded that info and convinced me to push it, sure enough it snapped and tore two ligaments. I've had to have full reconstructive surgery on my wrist, and haven't had the use of my right arm since November.
I was told by the gym that I needed a letter from the doc to cancel. Brought that in along with a military waiver stating I couldn't perform any physical activity for 6 months. Got a letter in the mail about a month and a half later, told me my request to cancel was declined bc they feel I can use a treadmill, and that since I attempted to cancel I now owed a whole mess of fees.
Have yet to ever hear back from their "corporate offices" but the Paramount Acceptance people informed me that they had my card number and can charge what they want when they want. Had to cancel the card and am currently looking for an attorney, this has been one of the most painful experiences of my life and I'm ready to sue!

Mar 03, 2011 5:33 pm EST

When we joined our UA, it was supposed to be at a lower rate because the club wasn't opened yet. After being told the club would be opened in two months, with a pool and running track and classes, we signed up at $25/month.
They then informed us that the club wasn't going to be opened for 6 months, ( Oh, and NO POOL, NO TRACK and LIMITED CLASSES)
and told us to sign up for "all gym access" for $38 /month, and then when our gym opened, we could drop back down to $25. NO SURPRISE, when it opened, they promptly said NO to dropping back down, and told us we had to wait until our 2 year membership is up.
Now two years later, they are saying NO again, and they are charging someone off the street $29 a month for all gym access, but we who have been members for 2 years have to stay at $38. The only option is to quit and rejoin and pay all those fees again!
I have talked to several (snotty) workers at the club, and they will not give me any corporate numbers, and one, when I asked for a number to the corporate office to speak to someone in a higher position, had the NERVE to say " there is no one higher than me." I was like REALLY?! You OWN URBAN ACTIVE, and you sound like are twelve years old?!
I have NEVER had such a vile experience with customer service as this. It is insulting and disgusting that they think they can treat people like this. I will be looking for another gym. As much as I like this gym, I won't be treated like this. Period.

Jan 24, 2011 8:37 pm EST

I am an investigator with David Meyer & Associates and our firm is looking into a potential lawsuit against Urban Active for wrongful billing practices. If you believe that you've been wrongly billed by Urban Active (or another related gym) and would like to assist with our investigation please contact me at [protected] or visit our website at

Jan 24, 2011 5:46 pm EST
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My two year contract expired 10/15/2010. I went in person on 9/20/2010 and paid the $10.00 cancellation fee. I was told my last installment would be deducted on 10/15/2010 and could continue to use the gym through October, but that my account was cancelled.
November 2010, I was charged another monthly fee. I disputed it through my credit card and it was reversed. In January, they charged me two months fee plus a late fee. I have the cancellation change request, signed and dated showing the account is cancelled, yet they continue to take money from me.
I will never use another Urban Active Facility. I have been sitting on hold with their corporate office [protected] for 25 minutes now. I do not expect to be treated fairly and regret ever trusting this company.
January 24, 2011
Diane of South Euclid, Ohio

I wanted to also post the experience I am having. When I signed up, Matt at Grove City, OH branch [formally Graceland] cancelled my son's contract and signed me up. No big deal, right? Upon checking my account in Oct. [I signed up in Sept] I noticed they were still billing for my son AND for me. I've been trying for 4 months to get this stopped but no one seems to be able to help me. Messages are taken [for both Matt in Grove City and Ashley, supposedly the CSR at Graceland] but never returned. I call daily and no one has gotten back to me. Today, 1/22/11, I learn that Matt is no longer with the Company and Ashley has moved to Atlanta! Are you kidding me? So now, I have to talk to Nicolette at Graceland. Ridiculous. Here's a tip, however. I have disputed the charges through my bank, Chase, and requested to close my existing debit card [the one they have on file]. So now, when they try to take my membership money they won't be able to. I bet that will get them to call me back! Oh, and we also changed my husband's account [who also has a membership there] too, so they won't be able to get his membership fee until they call me. I'm happy to provide them with my new card numbers once they give me my $153 back. What a disgrace. It's a nice gym, too, but customer service and ethics are everything. In 4 months, I've yet to receive a call back from someone wanting to help.


Jan 14, 2011 1:31 am EST

This same exact thing is happening to me! Its been 3 years and I am still being charged. When they told me "this is a glitch in the system and we will get it taken care of" I believed them. I am so frustrated with Urban Active and there is NO ONE there who is willing to listen or talk with me about the situation.

Dec 13, 2010 5:56 pm EST
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I paid for tanning services - month by month. No contract. Canceled the monthly service mid-August. It is mid-December, still being charged monthly. The front desk employees are not helpful. Was told by the manager a month ago this would be cleared up. Ended up canceling my debit card and filing a dispute with the bank. The bank refunded my money and will go after UA for the money. Very frustrating and unprofessional. If I treated my clients like this, I would be fired.

Nov 26, 2010 11:20 am EST
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I loved this place now Hate it, I signed a contract that i was told it would cost me only $10 to cancel, that's not the case. I feel like a fool for not reading the microscopical contract that tricked me now for a full year, and with all i am reading maybe it will never end. What a F... headache. Don't sign for Personal Training you can't break the contract, and they will lie you at first that is only $10 dollars but depending on how many sessions per week it is 15 % your way out in my case $600. The guy who tricked me suggested me that in order to cancel it, i should lie that i moved away, and that he had a quota to reach for that month tricking other people.

Nov 20, 2010 9:41 pm EST
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I too have fallen victim to the Urban Active SCAM! I signed up for a 2 year membership which won't end until next August. However, I also signed up for a year's worth of personal training and when it was over, they went ahead and kept charging me, telling me it was on automatic renewal. I went in to Cancel and was charged $25.00 to do so! Still, they continue to take money from my account each month. I have spoken to customer service reps who say they will have the manger call me, but no one ever does! Managers don't work weekends or before 9:30 during the week- too bad for those of us with jobs and kids- I am totally sick of this and am ready to take this to the local media. If this is not fixed by Wednesday I will be taking this to Mike McKnight! I hope they end up closing down- this place is a total rip off!

Nov 08, 2010 10:04 pm EST

I would be happy to support any ideas about how to make Urban Active take responsibility for their blatant over billing! They closed the two locations close to my house with less than two weeks notice, and now they continue to bill me even though I have fulfilled my contract and gave notice that I wanted to terminate my membership immediately. Add in the fact that I paid for personal trainers that were NEVER available, and they owe me more than $1000!

Nov 06, 2010 8:30 pm EDT

lovely. i wish i had thought to look this up before i joined. the two (count them, TWO) urban active facilities near my house have both closed, the only others still open are across town, so i want to cancel. I discovered the 'no direct line to the corp office' just a few minutes ago. the one caveat, lexington isn't a very long drive from cincinnati. maybe i'll take my video camera with me and head down to have a little chat with them.

whattaya think? a little youTube publicity might be quite effective.

Nov 05, 2010 8:40 pm EDT

I am in the same situation with Urban Active I sent in all of the necessary paper work for the cancelation and they continue to deduct money out of my accout. $20 $20 $10 $53 and so on... They have no phone number to call nor an email address is what i have been told, only a address. Taking money out of someone account is STEALING! I would never recommend anyone to sign up with them.

Lyndhurts, Ohio

Oct 14, 2010 10:44 am EDT
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I signed up for a month to month for 29.99, going to pay for my girlfriend and I. I walked out of there paying 140 dollars...I was so pissed I canceled the very next day and now it is october 14th and I have yet to get my money back.

I am so pissed with this company and all of these pieces of [censor], I have called numerous times and all those little [censor]es who answer the phone can never help you!


I agree, very, very sleazy company. The best way to get to them is through the TELEVISION. They certainly don't want any bad publicity, or to have their dishonest practices exposed. Call your (all) local t.v. stations and
ask if they would do a piece on how UA rips off customers. And without a queston, report them to the State
Attorney General's office. They have a consumer protection department. And lastly, the BBB. Each complaint
will reduce their grade and they certainly deserve an F-. You may save someone else from falling into their trap.
It's also advisable to post your complaints on as many complaint boards as you can.

Sep 03, 2010 4:18 pm EDT

WOW... where do I begin... I started a membership back in January at the Omaha location. I have been trying to cancel my membership for the last seven months. EIGHT MONTHS! I have spoke with a number of front desk employees, customer service managers, assistant and general managers. All of them are completely incompetent. I have also called every phone number listed for their "so-called" corporate office. The corporate office does not exist! It is no surprise they received a D- from the Better Business Bureau. I am still being charged for a membership that was canceled in March. They claim they do not have any documentation of that first cancellation. I called every month when I received my credit card statement only to be passed around to every idiot working there. I sent my attorney in last month to handle this cancellation and they charged me yet again on the Sept. 1st. When I called this afternoon dumbfounded about yet another charge they replied with, "I am sorry, we show no records or notes of the cancellation last month." I told them I would see them in court and hung up. I called the billing company, Paramount Acceptance, only to hear this is an ongoing problem for many members. DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THIS TRAP!

Anyone who has more information on how I can get this resolved please post a comment. Like many others who are getting their money taken I could use the help.

Aug 24, 2010 11:03 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Am thinking of having a credit card number just for Urban so when I do leave I can just cancel the card. Have warned others about there practices, and have suggested this to others...Such a shame, great place to work out.

Aug 24, 2010 9:22 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I cancelled my month-to-month membership with Urban Active Fitness (Louisville, KY) on 4 June 2010. I paid all dues and the cancellation administrative fee on that date. I left the gym confident that my account had been closed. My credit card was billed on 15 July for an additional months dues, which were refunded weeks later do to constant harassment on my part over the phone. I was told this was a mistake and it wouldn't happen again.

Unfortunately it did. I was charged 24.99 on 5 August. Urban Active Fitness may be engaging in fraudulent over billing of former members based on the number internet complaints and my own experience.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Kentucky Attorney General, and I'm in contact with a local TV reporter. This issue will be resolved.

Jul 22, 2010 4:31 pm EDT

I've been a member here in Nashville for almost 2 years now...and have to agree, the service and facility absolutely sucks! By reading the posted horror stories, I am extremely glad I paid for my year membership up-front and didn't opt for the automatic withdrawl. THANK GOD it's up in a few months. I laughed at the salesperson who asked if I wanted to renew my contract. For over a month now I've lodged complaint after complaint about the men's showers. We haven't had, get this...cold water in over a month. Hot water is all we get! I usually run 4 days per week on the treadmill in their so-called Movie Theater Room. I'd rather chew my arm off and bleed to death before watching another re-run of the Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I spoke to management on too many occasions asking why they couldn't buy a 10 year season of Leave it to Beaver at WalMart! My God...anything would be better than 20 re-runs of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. If anyone is reading these blogs and has half a mind, don't EVEN think of entering the facility, more or less a contract with Urban Active. I'm going down the street to the YMCA. It's going to cost me about $300.00 more per year but it'll be worth it just to feel the cold water on me when I shower!

Jul 07, 2010 2:17 pm EDT

I found some info about Urban Active if you would like to voice your opinion directly to them.
There head honcho's email is [email protected] I sent him an email with my complaint
as to the service i received through them. Within an hour or so I got a message back from another
person, probably his pee on, that gave me a good corporate answer and basically waived any further
charges due to not going there in person and canceling, which they charge you for. He said i signed
up knowing that my 12 month contract isn't 12 months unless I make an effort to manually cancel
my account. Not exactly pointed out at the start but i initialed a line that said i understood it. I feel
something that important should be highlighted at signing. My fault I know but I am sure they get
so many people this way.

Anyway the second guys email is [email protected] Have fun venting to these low grade criminals.
Sadly all you will be able to do is complain to their email they are to corrupt to talk on the phone although I have
that also. Which is [protected]. Call Nathan Milner or Dwight Condor. Tell them to f off for me also :)

Jun 14, 2010 7:38 am EDT

CAVEAT EMPTOR! I too have the same frustrations with this outfit. Their local gym response is "I haven't gotten a response back from corporate yet". I have been waiting for a fraudulent billing that, even by the local manager's own volition, should never have been charged. Urban Active charged my credit card without authorization and plays their little games of blaming corporate. Further, try visiting their website--there is no contact info for accounting or complaints--only links for promotional ilk such as locations and personal training. I would advise anyone to think twice before joining this outfit. URBAN ACTIVE IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE.

Jun 08, 2010 12:59 pm EDT

Unfortunately, Urban Active uses a third party for all of their billing (Paramount Acceptance). Paramount is HORRIBLE.

Jun 06, 2010 10:30 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

They charged me a $20 late fee when in fact they auto bill my account each month so how was I late? Calling them did nothing but for their rep to tell me it would take 30 days to refund after they investigated. Investigate what? Today is the 31st day and no refund. I plan on filing a complaint with the Ky attorney generals office and as far as I am concerned they have breached the contract. It sounds like they take money from customers to give themselves personal no interest loans. Can anyone say class action lawsuit? Stay away from them.

I too had problems with them. I ended up canceling the credit card they were charging just to escape. That started collection calls. I sent the local gym and the corporate office a copy of my cancellation letter, etc. but they gave excuses of why it wasn't valid. Once I proved them wrong, they moved to a new reason on why it didn't count. Now they won't leave me alone - they send me general sales literature trying to recruit me. Heck, even when I was a member they sent me stuff trying to recruit me. Apparently their records are so bad they can't even keep track of who is a member and who isn't. My other big problem with them is that they always tried pushing plastic surgery. If I wanted plastic surgery, I certainly wouldn't have joined the gym. Don't fall for this place. If they try to sign you up - run the other way. They are not worth the headache.

Apr 04, 2010 5:22 pm EDT
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I have talked to a few people who have had a bad experience with Urban's billing practices. It seems to be their take that 'we're bigger than you, go ahead and try to stop us'. One person complained to the credit card company, but found out that she'd have to send in a complaint every month that they continued auto withdraw on her credit card.

Don't try to contact them either, there is no way to reach them by e-mail just that annoying 887- number that gets you no where.

I'm more than a little worried about the day we part company after all the horror stories I've heard.

Good luck finding out what their hours are on holidays, it's a crap shoot sometimes their open others, not. For two weeks they had signs hanging on the entrance doors that group x and playroom would be closed Easter, well the whole facility was closed; do they like annoying their customers?