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This company and the guy that owns it, Sandro Catalic, is a ripoff. He will tell you that he can do all types of general contracting, but then botch the job. What's worse is that when you call to get him to repair or redo it, he disappears. He installed a ceramic tile floor in our home a little while back that almost immediately started shifting and moving. When we called him several times to come back, he kept ducking us. Now we have a good contractor that will remove and replace UGC's horrible work. It will cost us more money, but we checked out the new contractor and got references. Don't trust anybody that tells you how great he is at all types of contracting. In this case it was a blatent lie and we have the messed up floor to prove it!


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    A D Sarab Jun 08, 2009

    I found a very similar issue with an air conditioner installation. The only difference was that Sears contracted Uptown General Contracting to install a through the wall unit. They found a way to create a problem with the vinyl siding which manifested about 6 months after the installation, when the winter set in. I have contacted Sears to report this problem, they in turn contacted or attempted to reach Uptown Generalto have the problem resolved to date no success with this.

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    300 nail spa Jun 29, 2011

    Hi Ceci this is Sina, what happen to your friend Sandro Catalic which you prefer him to me to do contraction on my shop, now he ran off whit my money and left the job unfinish, he was lie to me left and right never keep hes work, not reliable at all, and waste a lot of my time it was a nightmare with him. I thought you said he was a good business man and he do installing for LOW's and stuff, for what he did to me i dont think he wasn't a good business man to do a business whit at all, and now my boyfriend mad at me because he never want sandro to do the job at first now everything on me, i choise sandro to do the job because i see you was a good person and though sandro was the same because he your friend and you guy been do business together. Thank You Ceci

    above is the message i send it to her best friend on facebook which she the want prefer him to do my job, and she was installed sales manager for LOWE'S.

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