unknown May be collection agencycalling on Sunday

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This number: [protected] called our house on a Sunday, today, in Maine. I thought it was illegal for collection agencies to call people on Sundays. If it is a collection agency. I am guessing they are one, as this is what comes up when I do an online search of their phone number. When I call the number back, it says they are TRS collections, formerly Clearcheck. Tada! They should be reported for calling people on Sundays. Bsides, IF I owe money to a company, I will never send any to a collection agency. I don't know them and I am not sending money to them. Companies waste their time and money using collections for me. I deal with the company ONLY! And I pay my bills. Plus, no company has ever called me to ask me about a payment, so why would a collection agency be calling? I am reporting them to the BBB this time, for calling on SUnday anyhow, and they do not leave a message or say what it is regarding, so how the heck is that supposed to be trying to reach me? I say that these people do not have many brains, huh? If any brains. lol


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      Aug 16, 2009

    I've never heard of it being illegal for a collection agency to call on a Sunday. Plus if you don't owe money to anyone, maybe they didn't leave a message is because maybe they realized they called the wrong person?

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      Aug 21, 2009

    Your an idiot! Here is an idea... Pay Your Bill and you wouldnt have to deal with it! I hope the agency takes judgement against you and places a garnishment on your pay check for 3 times the amount you owe! I bet you will deal with an agency them. Stupid

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