Universal Realty Plus of NYscam involving resale of mexican timeshare

Me May 16, 2019 Review updated:

became involved in a scam to sell timeshare property in Mexico while dealing with Universal Realty Plus of NY LLC and AAA Management Corp both of NY City along with Cinibanamex, Mexico City. I received an unsolicited phone call from Elden Vazquez of Universal Realty offering to sell my Mexican time share to a buyer he already had. Papers were eventually signed and we became involved in this process. My main contact person was Charles Parker. I was required to set up an escrow account with AAA Management and subsequently ended up wiring thousands of dollars to Cini banamex where allegedly a cross boarder account had been set up for me. Needless to say, the whole thing was a scam. I have been in contact with the Attny General of NY Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, the Attny General of MA, The Federal Trade Commission, and the Mayor's Office of Consumer Information. Some of these agencies are actively investigating.

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  • Pa
      Sep 18, 2019

    I am an attorney licensed in Indiana, and had the same thing happen to me! They are a very slick operation. I filed formal complaints with the FTC, FBI, New York Division of Licensing (real estate licensing board), and NY Secretary of State. I retained and sent all of the documents and email correspondence to these agencies. I have an extensive email from an attorney licensed in Mexico and California, who investigated the matter on our behalf, explaining that Universal Realty Plus (our agent was Vincent Palermo) lied about the requirements to transfer our ownership, documentation that neither my husband's nor my name were registered with the "National Registry of Foreign Investment, " for which we paid and were told was legally required. We have documentation that the persons to whom money was wired, and who we were told were representing us in Mexico, were also not registered to act as such. I am in the process of locating an attorney in New York to file suit.

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  • Ka
      Sep 24, 2019

    @Patricia Taylor The same thing happened to me. I lost thousands of dollars! I would appreciate any guidance as to who to file a claim with. I do have 2 promissory notes, but I don't know if I can collect on them.
    You can contact me at [protected]

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