Universal Accounting Services Complaints & Reviews

Universal Accounting Services / big mistake with the customer

Aug 06, 2019

Universal Accounting Servicesتحيه طيبه انا محمد صبري عالم في يوم ١١/٧/٢٠١٩ كان لدي حجز على طائرتكم من مطار أثينا إلى مطار القاهره انا وابني محمد جميل عالم نحمل جواز سفر سوري وانا لدي اقامه مصريه وابني بما انه في سن ١١ سنه لايحتاج فيزا إلى مصر قلت هذا لموظفة البوردينغ وقامو باستدعاء المدير المسئول وهي سيده اطلعت على الأوراق...

Universal Accounting Services / services

Apr 29, 2019

Universal Accounting Services1)Captan info Qaiser abid [protected] 2) ISSUE blocked account I have vist to meet officer 25april couse of my account blockage He told me to wait 2 or 4 hours. But my account 4days & 5nights still under processing. I Also vist samanabad office (L.C) Friday at 2pm before 5 time...

Universal Accounting Services / I don’t know

Mar 22, 2019

I was charged $252 to my bank account and I have never had any affiliation to this company what so ever and have no idea how they got my card number or what I am being charged for. Now I've had to report fraudulent activity to my bank and thus had my debit card blocked and now have to wait...