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United Circulation LLCMagazine subscription fraud


A nice dressed young lady came to our door last evening selling magazine subscriptions to help fund her softball team's trip overseas. She'd already been to several of our neighbors and had quite a stack of checks in her envelope, so she was obviously convincing! She was very personable and very fast talking, and seemed to know people in the neighborhood, and said she lived on a nearby street. She told us that she only needed to sell two more subscriptions to meet her quota, and wanted us to buy two magazines for a total of $42. She said that most of the neighbors didn't actually want the magazines, and so they were going to be sent to her sister in Iraq. She said that because of this, she would be doing community service projects for the neighbors as a thank you.

I told her I would buy just one subscription, gave her a check, and she gave us a receipt for our "purchase." However, the receipt lacked information about where the magazine should be sent.

Afterwards I checked online and found numerous websites listing complaints about this so-called fundraising company, and most of the stories seem to follow the exact same script this young lady was using.

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  • Da
    Dave May 07, 2009

    So, you purchased a subscription, and didn't even wait for the order to be fulfilled? You just went online and started using the word "Fraud"? I purchased a magazine from this company 2 years in a row now, and receive all my subscriptions. When you type in United Circulation, several complaints pop up about United Family Subscription. 2 Different companies. Looks like you need to learn how to read a bit better

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  • Sh
    S Howard May 24, 2009

    This is all well and good...WHAT can be done to "cancel" the order? It says you have 3 business days in which to do this...but then in fine print it says: "Signature on the contract serves as authorization to electronically represent the check for the face value and state authorized fees without further notice if it should be dishonored. All returned, cancelled, insufficient funds, or account closed checks will be subject to a minimum service fee of $30.00." So, even if I CANCEL the order in the prescribed time, they STILL have the right to STEAL $30 from me?????? Great about some options?????

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  • Pl
    P Lee May 29, 2009

    To S Howard, where did you find that writing about the signature? I don't see that on my copy of the receipt. I hope it doesn't mean what you're saying it means. I'm still waiting for my cancellation confirmation (if there is such a thing).

    To Dave. If the subscription is legit, how long then, do I have to wait until I hear or see anything when it comes to cancellation? Will they still honor the 3 day time frame in which to cancel or will they just ignore it? Do you have any trouble calling and getting through to a rep at this business (or have you even tried)? If there's any legitimacy to this company, they should be able to honor cancellations or requests.

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  • Ja
    jake4561 Aug 27, 2009

    This is a scam, if this young ladie was from the neighborhood she should have no problem giving you her address and phone number. I bet if you start asking question about were she lives and if you could call her parents to confirm this so called trip she would begin acting really nervous. its a scam! The only reason your buying this magazine is because she is a neighbor but if you found out she was just some lying salesperson i highly doubt you would buy an overpriced magazine subscription! Think and ask question you'll find out for yourself.

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  • Du
    dupid Aug 28, 2009

    This clean cut "college student" from "around the corner on XYZ street near the baseball field" paid me a visit tonight, around 8pm. He stated he was raising money to go the BBC in London on a school trip. He said my neighbors (who speak only Chinese and don't talk to anyone), told him we were nice people who would buy magazines to send overseas. He said they bought four subscriptions (at $42 bucks a pop) to send to troops. How generous, I thought. I took the bait, bought a subscription, gave him a check, came inside, took a closer look at the receipt and the first thing I notice is it says they are not affiliated with any students, schools, charities, or fundraisers. Whoa, I then Googled United Subscriptions and low and behold, it's a big SCAM. Good job people behind it all. You'll eventually get what you deserve.

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  • Bu
    Burlingame Sep 02, 2009

    Dupid: This exact thing happened to me today! He said he was raising money to go to the BBC in London. Is this a scam? It was really expensive--$42 a subscription. I was going to buy 2 and then I saw how expensive it was and I said I would just buy one. They both turned surly & belligerent. My concern is that if I cancel the check, they will come back and do something. I have small kids in the house. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.

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  • Be
    Beagles my ass Sep 04, 2009

    Total scam. Told me he was a sophomore UNC, grandma lived around the corner, probably seen her walking her beagles, he was taking care of her for the summer since she was ill. Going on trip to London, Paris, Italy & Germany and work for the BBC. I got his name, phone number, grandmother's name, address - of course it was all fake. Spoke to my bank - stopped payment on the check and if any subsequent charges come up they will dispute those too so I won't be out of any more money. It was $32 to stop payment on the check but I'd rather give it to my bank then to these monkeys.

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  • Tm
    tms Nov 10, 2009

    I got scammed too. She said she was going to UK for some student exchange - BBC BS too. Whoever is defending this company is an idiot. Hey Dave, I placed my order in June '09. It's now November - Where's my Encyclopedia?

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  • Ka
    Kathi08 Jan 10, 2010

    Sep 1st, 2009 a young girl came to my house also and I have the receipt claiming her parents wanted her to get out and meet the neighbors, my subscription is for Womans World and I paid her $30., but yet the receipt says $28. s/h $14.00 total $42.00, talked to Womans world and they have no subscription, by this date 1/10/2010 I should have received this magazine, so do you think this is scam?????

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  • Si
    sickofitall2010 Feb 21, 2010

    Dave, you're an idiot... It's now February and I haven't heard from these losers since my encyclopedia order was placed with "Rachel Ward" on June 16th 2009 for $30.
    Anyone who is stating that this company is legit obviously works for them. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM UNITED CIRCULATION LLC.
    Trip to London to work for theBBC? My @ss - lying dirtbags. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM UNITED CIRCULATION LLC.
    I've left a few messages with their "service" and it's some kid in his parents basement. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM UNITED CIRCULATION LLC.
    They are liars and filth and arer setting up these kids for a life of cons and lawsuits.NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM UNITED CIRCULATION LLC.


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  • Th
    TheresaDrouillard Jul 06, 2010

    I got taken too. I signed up because he was a student and going to intern with the BBC, yadda yadda yadda... It wasn't until he left that evening that I noted that he signed me up for a 2 year subscription for each magazine! $126.00 worth!!! So, I wrote the company the very next day, June 29, 2010 not to cash the check. I followed the directions on the slip, the order slip, that is. They still cashed the check! [censor]! As long as it was postmarked within 3 days of the date of the slip. Okay, it was postmarked the 29th of June and the slip was also dated the 29th of June. It was within 3 days. Considering I paid for the magazines on the evening of the 28th of June. So how come the company still cashed the check? That's what I want to know. Since I explicitly told them not to. I do work for a lawyer and will be seeking his counsel as to what I can do about this. I work hard for my money as I know the rest of you do. What a joke!

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  • Co
    Connie2000 Aug 27, 2010

    Yes. I was also taken by United Circulation LLC and have asked for a refund with no response. I would like any information that will help me in getting my money returned.

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  • Mr
    MrWiggles Jan 19, 2011

    HAHAHA WOW all of you [censored]es trusted people you dont know and gave them money.. nd then you want to complain about it? First of all you shouldn't trust anyone!! Specially someone you don't know and have never met. If you want to help on a fundraiser at your door, ask for ID to confirm they live where they "SAY" they live, and tell them to come back tomorrow. Chances are they will either get the help they need or they'll come back with anything you ask to see, even an ID, why wouldn't they! I can't believe I gotta write this response and be all of your daddy's n [censor]! It's common sense.. there are a lot of bad people out there and life is about features now days witch cost money. Don't trust anyone!!! Not even me but you can trust this.. you got scammed [censor]es hahahaha!!!

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  • Ds
    D Sgcruntled Sep 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You don't need to search for anything but United Circulation LLC to find all the complaints. The words fraud and/or scam come up on every link.
    It's doubtful you ordered new subscriptions for the last 2 years unless a random sales team showed up at your residence 2 years in a row. There doesn't appear to be any other way to order from United Circulation LLC .

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  • No
    notasdumbasilook Oct 21, 2011

    This Rachel Ward still scams For these crooks. They lure these young adults in bc most Other legit jobs won't hire them bc most have warrants or felony records. It really reminds me of a cult situation. Very sad all the way around.

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  • Ga
    GardenMonster Oct 22, 2011

    I know people that work for this company and they send me free magazines all the time. I'm so sick of getting these magazines. I've asked them to stop, but they keep sending me magazines. See, the business part of this company is legit, but their sales tactics are questionable.

    Now we all know there are hundreds of people that go door to door selling magazines. It's very easy to tell which ones are legit and which ones aren't. If a kid knocks on your door and he looks like he is cracked out, then yeah, don't buy a magazine from him. If a decent looking person(yes I say person because magazine sales people are real people) comes knocking at your door with whatever spiel then you know that their canvas is BS. BUT that doesn't mean that they are going to rip you off. Call them out on their BS and if they admit to it and don't have an attitude about it, then help them out. They obviously would appreciate your check for a magazine subscription way more then if they had lie to get it.

    Also, to avoid not receiving your magazine, make sure you fill out the address yourself on the receipts. Make sure you fill it out in all upper case print and make sure there is no possible way that your address can be misread. When addresses are filled out incorrectly you won't be able to get a magazine.

    Keep in mind, these people are people just like you and me. Have you ever had to tell a white lie to get something you wanted or accomplish something? They are working a job, not living on the streets or collecting welfare.

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  • Tx
    txteacher Nov 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I stopped payment on my check the minute the young ladies left and I had a chance to verify the ligitimacy of the company online. Obviously a scam. Who knows if the kids doing the selling know that nothing is ever actually delivered for the money. They may think they're actually selling magazines. I wanna believe that...

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  • Di
    dismayed7 Mar 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just stopped payment on a check as well and called the number that he gave me and cancelled, He stated that he it was magazines to send to our boys overseas serving our country, wow what a mess. I can’t believe I fell for this but never again!!!

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  • Da
    Daryl Schlicke Oct 14, 2012

    YUP, , , I paid 52 bucks for a subscription to Acoustic Guitar magazine back in March 20012. Never received anything, , , What a RIPOFF!!! Receipt number 74835. This is a scam, should anyone at the door selling, anything, come knocking, close the door and save lots of money. Boy I learned my lesson !!

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  • Sh
    sharon546852 Jun 25, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow. First of all I want to start off by saying that I totally felt like this kid that came to my door was taking advantage of me being stressed out. Looking back now, he really was just trying to be nice to me. I don't know if he was being nice so he could make a sale, but he was a sweetheart. He offered to help me bring in my groceries while I got the kids inside. I don't really know what I was thinking to let a random stranger into my house. I let him help me and I listened to his spiel. He said that he had to earn so many points and he could win an all expense paid vacation to where ever he wanted to go. He said he wanted to go to Hawaii. He also said there were at least 200 other people doing the same contest so he had to get the most points or someone else would win. HE told me that he makes commission off of each sale to help pay for traveling expenses like hotels, gas, and food. I was a little skeptical at first and I though maybe he would just rip me off but I placed an order for Boys Life magazines. Two years for $48. The prices are jacked up obviously. I asked him about it and he said its because they have to make make money to afford traveling and the company needs to make money so they can give out the prizes to the agents. I guess the trip is the grand prize. They can also win cash, TV's, phones, computers...

    The only thing I am really disappointed about is that he lied to me about where he lived. He said he was one of my neighbors grand kids and that he was staying with them. I would have still bought from him if he said he lived in Alabama. At first I wanted to cancel the order. I called the office number on the receipt and a lady answered the phone. She told me that they are in a contest and basically verified everything he had told me. I asked her why he lied about where he lived and she said that the sales people often fell like they won't make any sales if they say where they are really from. She also offered to cancel my order for me since he had lied. I told her no because everything she told me was the same thing he told me except for the whole residency thing.

    I am receiving my magazine. I do not feel like I was ripped off. I am glad I helped this kid earn some points. If it cost $48 dollars to have a nice conversation with a stranger, then the magazine was a bonus. I will definitely help someone from this company again.

    For those of you that only use the internet to make bad reviews, do yourself a favor and call these people or send them an email. They even have a website that you can get more information on them.

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