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I as well as my work and a reference of mine received a phone call from someone named Officer Smith. Officer Smith left a message on my work phone and also told my reference that I have committed fraud and that I was about to be arrested. He also said that he would also be arrested for being an accomplice to fraud if he did not hear from me in 30 minutes. I called Officer Smith back and he said that someone was waiting at the court house to file paper on me for 3 counts of fraud, that if I did not send him $690 within 30 minutes that the papers would be filed and that 30 minutes after that the police will arrest me at my place of work. He was also going to call my supervisor and tell him that I have committed fraud and that I would probably be fired. I have contacted my Attorney General, the New York Sate Attorney General, the Commission of Consumer Affairs, and the Federal Trade Commission. I would like to start a class action law suit against these people also known as Midland Marketing or at least a personal law suit if a class action suit is not applicable for breaking the law and scaring me and my wife to death with their threats.


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    morgn Jul 29, 2009

    I also was contacted by this Mr.Roger Smith and he told me all my information and I told him I had no dealings with this payday loan place. He told me i was lying that if my information was correct that i had made this debt.He said that i had committed fraud. So i began to tell him that i has filied a bankruptcy and he began yelling at me and i told him that there was since in yelling. He kept on and i finally got real mad and said some really bad words.So this is when he told me I was being recoeded and i had verbally assualted an officer over the phone and i told him do you think I really care at this time. So i told him i would look to see if this company was in my paper work. So i got home and they were not, so i called him back.He then gave me a # to this kevin loyd so i called him. He told me that he didn't have any info so he called this Roger Smith while i was on hold. This Kevin guy told me to call Roger Smith back and he would send me the information like an acct.# and company name. I called him back told him what Kevin told me and he kept saying that when i paid the company in full $520.00 that he then would send me some paper work. I kept telling him I needed documents to take to my bankruptcy lawyer and when I said that all hell broke lose he told me he would f... my world up and he would f... me inside and out if i f... with him then he hung up on me. I called this Kevin guy back and he said i need to pay with a credit card and when i said i didn't have one he got mad. He told me to go to walmart buy a prepaid credit card and send him the info on the preauthorization sent to me by email I recieved this email and it was not a legal paper. By all this time i have figured out it is a scam so i started investigating all these numbers and names. He threatened my life and partraded to be an officer. I informed the police and will be informimg the FBI.What really scares me is he has all my personal information. This company needs to be highly investigated.Roger Smith also told me he would be filing papers with the courts.


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