U-Haulcustomer service and failure to fill reservation!

J Nov 17, 2017

On Sunday November 12th I placed an online order for a 20' truck, a couple of dollies and moving blankets to be picked up first thing Saturday in Abington, Ma. Order was confirmed and I heard nothing all week. I have a crew of guys showing up at 8 on Saturday morning to help with the move. On THURSDAY NIGHT November 16th I received an EMAIL stating that I would have to drive to QUINCY, Ma to pick up my truck!! Easily another half hour drive from Abington and a HUGE inconvenience for me. I called the number in the email and was transferred out of the area where the person did try to help rectify the situation (wasn't even her region!) She was unable to find anything similar closer to me and I was told my ONLY option for a large enough truck would be to drive to get up early and drive to Quincy! So now with a day left I am out of options and extremely pissed off with Uhaul and your services!! I was also told in a follow up email that Abington would not and could not pick up the truck in Quincy and have it ready to go for me in Abington! This is horrendous customer service. I have yet to even receive a phone call from ANYONE!!

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