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If you have been ripped off by this company ~ or their sister companies: DVD Avenue, DVD Donkey or todvdornottodvd:
Call your credit card company right NOW and put the charge in dispute. You only have 60 days from the date the charge was put on your credit card. TVAddicts will probably charge your card weeks or months before they ship the product so time is of the essence! If you have time, please e-mail some of the names below and turn in a complaint. Hopefully some day they will get shut down.

Good luck.
Canadian Royal Mounties
International Better Business Bureau
Florida Better Business Bureau
Consumer Protection Agency
ECommerce Protection Agency
Attorney General's Office

I was ripped off by TVAddicts but they go by several names the addresses may be the same for the others as well:
TV Addicts
1920 Broad St # 13547 Regina SK S4P3V2 (Canada site)
& 1671 Aventura Blvd Aventura, Florida 33180
6683 110 Eglinton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P2Y1
4657 75 Eglinton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P3A4


  • Ro
    Rose M Fletcher Jul 16, 2007

    I ordered a set of DVDS a full month ago. My charge card was immediately charged the $60 for the merchandise. I never received word of shipment. I called them two weeks ago, they said they were expecting a new shipment and I would receive it soon. Called again, last week, same answer.

    Now, I have tried calling and can not get through to their toll-free number. Also have sent email to their support to cancel the order and refund the payment which have not been answered.

    I am working with my credit card company to get a refund on this. I am sorry that I didn't check the discussion blogs before I ordered, or I would have NEVER placed an order with them.

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  • Ve
    veronica kennedy Aug 07, 2007

    This company is ripping people off for thousands of$$$. I bought dvds like AMEN, QUINCY, FALCONCREST, THRILLER, BIONIC WOMAN HART TO HART. THEY ALL ARRIVED POOR!!! THE QUALITY IS VERY POOR. They all skip i have spent over $600 this is horrible, the so call customer service is non function, i emailed as of three months ago no replacement no nothing they said they would help that was 3 months ago, i got 2 disk 16-20 of bionc woman but no disk 11-15, plus in the middle during play they freeze up stop, what is this crap??? No way they going to steal from me i demand refund!!! They want send return label after leaving 12 times my name on some voice tape, they just keep emailing me ,we are working on it!!! WHAT after 3 months enough put them out of business and give us our money back/ ronnie BEWARE!! they mail me with different names on the box, i ordered from tv addicts, but when the box came it said my favorite tv or it will say dvds now or craze dvds on my credit card statements.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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  • Ph
    phillip ingham Oct 09, 2007

    In complete episodes, episode with lines going through picture, no sound on some disks, forget these idiots go to Warlock video instead.

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  • Re
    Regina A. Maraist Nov 02, 2007

    Later part of December I ordered the complete "That Girl" series (16 DVD's) - 5 were defective. Have been trying since February to get replacements - better than 15 e-mails in all. No one knows where they are located - phone number is 1-877-788-7460 - All you get is an answering machine - Don't call and leave message - they won't return calls Last communication from them was July 17, 2007 at [email protected] Today I tried e-mailing them again, and it was returned by Mail Administrator with a message "Relay not allowed". That could be because I threatened them with a lawsuit. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and I feel strongly this company should be investigated and blasted from the Internet.

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  • Dj
    DJ McBride Jan 15, 2008

    If you have been ripped off by this company: Call your credit card company at once and dispute the charge, You have 60 days from the date the charge was on the card. E-mail the attorney General, the national BBB, the Florida BBB, the consumer Protection Company and the Canada Mounted Police. That is what I did. They scammed me out of $165.00 and I hate the idea that they are doing the same thing to people every day ! At this point I just hope to get my money back-don't want to deal with such a disreputable company besides I read that their product isn't worth it anyway!! I placed my order in November and still have not received anything!!

    Here are there addresses: DVD Avenue/TV Addicts 1920 Broad St # 13547 Regina, SK S4P3V2 and also 1671 Aventura Blvd Aventura, Florida 33180. Good Luck.

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  • Cl
    clpalmer Jan 26, 2008

    RIP OFF do not order. wanted the six million dollar man ordered 06 dec 07 as of 26 jan 08 nothing. they can kiss my #**.

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  • Jo
    Joe Haunreiter Feb 28, 2008

    This company is a big rip off. Between Ausust and September 2007 I orderd 3 seasons of G1 Transformers for over $100.00. It took about a month when i finally received them. After i received them, the DVD cases were cracked. I was suppose to get the complete episodes but they weren't all complete. 6 out of the 15 disc would freeze up on some of the episodes. Disc 14 had season 1 of Paperchase. What the heck is Paperchase, I have never heard of that tv show before? The special features would freeze up also. After all that I contacted them via email they said that they will send me a pre-paid postage envelope along with my replacement. Yeah right. Today is Feburary 21 2008 and I'm still fighting them for my replacements. I am going to file a complaint through the Better Business Bereau. I hope we all get our money back and that someone will put these creeps out of commission.

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  • Re
    Renee Hoeppner Mar 01, 2008

    Third Watch Series received with all DVD"s imprinted with correct show titles, but another show (MARTIN) was on this DVD several other DVD's were blank. We have made numerous attempts to get a full replacement on DVD, with no response given. When originally ordered we were never given a tracking number, the order was received just days before an occasion. Still to this day, we have made attempts for the matter to be corrected.

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  • Fr
    Francisco Alzuru Mar 08, 2008

    I ordered a full set of Family Matters for my family and most of the CD's are damaged. I tried contacting them many times and when I finally reached someone, they offered to send me a replacement set which never arrived. Customer service is non existence for these guys.

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  • Su
    Sue Handwork Apr 01, 2008

    Since February 2007 I've repeatedly been assured that replacement DVDs would be shipped to replace ones that arrived damaged. I've sent 26 e-mails and have received 15 responses from more 12 different people. After one year, I agreed to a refund instead. I now get no replies at all. I've telephoned numerous times. On rare occasions I have spoke to person who tells me my DVDs are in stock and will be shipped soon. Most often however it is not possible to speak to a representative. Instead there is a recording directing you to their website.

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