Tuscany Palms ApartmentsFalse and Misleading Advertising


From fine finishes to charming interiors and luxury appointments, our apartment homes boast elegance in the details and feel of an expensive custom home.

Yeah, no, that's not what's it's like. Forced to stay here because they refuse to let me get out of my lease without a 60 days notice and a huge fee.

The apartments have countertops that are scratched, holes in the walls, missing peices on the appliances, missing peices everywhere, shutters (blinds) do not close, refrigerator is from 1987 (right there on the data plate in the fridge).

The pictures online, the apartment they show you, it's all a show, when you sign that lease you will have no idea what apartment they will give you, you won't remember the number they showed you. And when you go back and say something to this representative Rebecca, she will say "you signed the lease, but you're welcome to pay 3 months rent at 50% higher than the advertised rate to get out of it"

I can only say that I never have dealt with such devious criminals in my entire life.

If you are a victim of this community contact the Attorney General at http://www.azag.gov/consumer
then, contact the City of Mesa at http://www.mesaaz.gov/codecomp/report_violation.aspx
and finally, http://consumeraffairs.com
If all the victims take a stand, then we may be able to stop this unethical organization.
Don't let them win!!!


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    chip1 Dec 22, 2016

    This place should be sued for the way they rent do rent and false advertising treat disabled people. They are down right wrong the way officemanagers and matenance supervisor treat people and no nothing about doing there job 12 -22-2016

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    TuscanyPalmsSucks Mar 21, 2017


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