Turbo Cooker PlusBad service


I just ordered my Turbo Cooker Plus last night. Somehow my Computer frozed and it took 2 orders since it gave me two emails this morning with a different order number. Today I call the Customer Service number and they said that they can't do anything about it since the order has already gone out. I'm in AWE since on my order form said... " Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped. " I said to the Customer Service that why it said that and how can I refused 1 order since I don't need two. Anyway, she said I can't do anything about it and once you get it just call us back for a return label and we will refund your Credit Card. But the shipping may NOT be refunded since it's NOT their fault. I said but I called right away at least you can do something about it. She said NO we can't... I also call up my Bank, the charges has already gone through but on HOLD. They also said they would CALL ME to comfirmed the order first to make sure I guess but I didn't get any phone calls...

If this is a week later than YES i'm at fault and NOT them, but it's NEXT DAY for God sakes... I'm VERY unhappy with their Customer Service and I'm going to tell that to all my friends and I will watchout for their other future products... It's NOT worth the hassles since people make mistakes especially Computer freezes all the time as you all know... But just NEXT DAY hard to believe that you cna't do anything...

Anyway, if you are going to order it, do it over the phone to save the hassles, unlike stupid me.

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