Trustfordford focus zetec ecoboost 2014. 19,000 on the clock

M Nov 16, 2017

Customer service no: 2-[protected]

In July of 2017 I took my car, a ford zetec ecoboost 1.0 engine LC14MLY into the dealership (Portsmouth Road Kingston Trustford) where it was bought new. It has a full service history with a prepaid service contract. This was for its 3 year service and MOT. It was making a fan noise. It returned from the service with another noise which although intermittent, turned heads in the street. I took it back several times and as the noise never seemed to be heard I finally left it at the garage on July 27th.

3 Months later ( I had a courtesy car)it was decided to replace the engine. On the forums this is not unheard of after a coolant problem. The car is used locally, is in perfect condition with only 19.000 on the clock.

Due to my disappointing experience with my car I wanted a warranty on the engine so I would feel comfortable having the car back. Head office said, repeatedly, that they do not give a warranty on a part that has been replaced under warranty. This is a pretty crucial part of the car and in my view, if Ford has such faith in this engine, why would they not give me, the customer, peace of mind and offer a 6 month warranty. Even to offer me a deal on purchasing a warranty would have been considered on my part as would any help. None was forthcoming.

Customer services simply reiterated several times that they could not offer a warranty- the conversation ended there. There seems to be no care of the customer who has purchased a £14, 975.00 vehicle which has been fitted with a faulty part on the production line, as confirmed by other Ford drivers of the same 2014 model.

Having been led to believe by Customer Services that there was nothing they could do as the dealership was a franchise, I was told to go back to the dealership and sales. I now find that it is not a franchise and that Ford owns this dealership. Customer Services was simply not interested in helping a customer.

If I exchanged my car for another, my car would be sold on with a warranty.
If I wanted to sell my car to Ford and then purchase it back with the warranty they would then put on it, this was not possible.
I was not offered the possibility to purchase a warranty for the new engine.

To end this to and fro with Customer Services and the Dealership which has been going on since 27th July, I have traded in my vehicle for a newer (not 2014) model with a warranty and opted to purchase an additional warranty for peace of mind. It has cost me £2, 200 for a transaction forced upon me by the failure of a Ford engine.
No offer of any compensation for my situation has been made. Not only that, but I have as a result, had to buy another Ford.

Customer Services do not stand up to their name. No service was offered, just a repetition of what Ford cannot do for the customer. It offers those of us who buy a Ford, little loyalty in return. A poor service indeed.

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