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Truman Foreclosure Assistance — Fraudulent company


I had recently been working with my mortgage company to re-do my mortgage and lower the interest rate. I went to their website and wrote to them to have someone call me because their office hours were different than mine. So I did hear from my local office of the mortgage company, her name was Dawn and it was a legit call. She told me that she would be glad to help me out and that all I had to do was to fill out an on-line application for her and send it back via email. So looking up the website which again was legit, I filled out the form which listed my cell phone number and since I filled it out at my desk it also had my work email address on it. Thank GOD I did not answer any questions as to my bank account number or credit card number on the application.

That evening after leaving work I received a phone call on my cell telling me they needed more information in order to complete my loan application with them, but it was not my mortgage company calling nor was it Dawn form my mortgage company. So the next day upon returning to work I checked with my companies IT tech's to see if our email security could have let me information leak. The reply was no way, so I then called Dawn at her office and explained to her what had happen. She also checked with her company and they are suppose to have a safe website.

Then on March 18, 2009 I'm sitting at my desk and my cell phone rings, it was coming from a restricted number which I thought was a telemarketer call. But instead I get this man who says his name is John Monroe from the Truman Agency and he was calling about my application that I had filled out about my home loan. Well 'RED FLAGS' flew up! I told him that I had not filled out an application with his company for a loan. Then he went into his speech about how he could save me around $500 a month on my home mortgage with his company. All I had to do was answer some questions for him about what kind of loan I had and what rate I was paying, he would take it to his lawyers in the office and then in turn for $2, 300.00 process a lawyer suite on my behalf on my current mortgage company. I wanted to discuss it with my husband cause I just felt something was not right so he told me that he would call me in the morning, well in the morning when he called again on my cell phone he told me that he had spoke to the lawyers in his office and that I indeed qualified for their service. All I had to do was give him my credit card number or bank account information to debt the $2, 300.00 amount and then he would in turn send me a form that I was to fill out and send in to him for them to get started on my case. Needless to say I did not check with my husband at all but looked up the company on google and found the rip-off.


  • Me
    Mengi Pengiona Jan 10, 2011

    How about John Phillip solicitors in London, is he a good lawyer?

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  • Cl
    Clarence Williams Jul 21, 2010

    I have dealt with Truman Foreclosure since November 2008, they told me that they were working with my Mortgage Company at that time was Countrywide . Iwas dealing with a Natalie Perez out of Truman Foreclosure, i would call to get an update, but they would give the run around. 3 months later i called to talk to Natalie and they said that she no longer works there. I asked who is working on my package Truman said that they will have someone call me in a day or 2. Needless to say i called every day for months no one has called me, and now the number is no longer working [protected] x 4613 . I have not heard from Truman in over a year now. I do not know if they even exist now . Anyone knows of there whereabouts please call me on my cell [protected]. They got me for over $2000.00 also.

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  • Yo
    Yosi Jul 14, 2010

    I have been dealing with Truman Foreclosure since Jan 2009. They are horrible and do not return calls. They also took my money up front and wont refund my money. I have left hundreds of messages. Spoke to Edgar also and he didnt do anything for me. Somebody needs to put a stop to this hoax. There are real people who need assistance who are loosing jobs and homes and done have the financial means to be scammed. My husband is going to file a small claims suit against them. The news station said if you have to pay money up front that it is a scam. Where were they when I first started this process!!!

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  • Ch
    christine0467 Mar 17, 2010

    Truman Foreclosure is a huge scam. Not to mention they have operated under other names such as Franklin Financial Group, and anyothers. I paid them $3000 in Dec 2009 to get a loan modification to me. Months and months went by without being able to contact anyone or get a status update. Finally I received 3 days before my home was to be auctioned noticed by doing and persistence that they did get me a loan modification - only it was on my first loan only. Truman was told months prior to this that my second was not willing to negotiate. But failed to let me know. By this point is was much to late. I lost my home. And I lost the $3000.00. When I started doing some research I kept hitting dead ends so I contacted my local television station in Oregon and they did a story on Truman. Dan Tilkin Investigative Reporter KATU-Television Portland, Oregon [protected]
    cell [protected]

    [email protected]

    They show aired. He even tried to get Truman on the phone for there side of the story. They rejected to comment. I did alittle more research on my own and found a name of a person while googling Truman. Yolanda Itkowitz (spelling is not correct) by searching in facebook. What do you know...she accepted my friend request. I explained about my situation with Truman, she sympathized and proceeded to tell me she lost her job there due to there financial difficulties they were having. Explained they had taken my money $3000 and provided me nothing. She suggested I contacted the attorneys attached to Truman Foreclosure. I finally thought I was getting somewhere but when i contacted the attorneys the gal I spoke to let me know: Yolanda was an owner of Truman with her husband. The attorneys said they would call her and get back to me. Well they DIDNT. Why? Because they are also part of the scam. So again I took matters into my own hands and contacted the attorney generals in Oregon, Washington, and Florida, along with every radio station and news station I could find or listen. Hence...they changed there name to Franklin Financial. Google that - there are complaints there as well. So I am homeless, out $3000 and still nothing. My heart goes out to those who have gotten scammed by this company and or will continue to. Any positive reviews you read on here - are written by there employees. They are a fraud and a SCAM! Screwed in Vancouver.

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  • Ch
    christine0467 Mar 17, 2010


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  • Tr
    TRUMAN SUCKS Nov 11, 2009

    Same here they are a fraudulent company took $ 2600.00 from me the names just changed to a Matthew Giegerich, and a Stacy Mclaughlin of Ormond beach Florida but the results were the same no Modification and no money back went all the way to Eli Hertz the president of Truman and said he was going to refund me and still nothing NO REFUND Matt giegerich sent me a e-mail and told me the comoany was a fraud and try to find me..."its not like you can send me to jail" you didn't catch that guy with the 1million Loan Modification scam they ain't gonna catch me... THEY ARE A RIP=OFF MATTHEW GIEGERICH AND STACY MCLAUGHLIN of 488s HALIFAX DRIVE ORMOND BEACH FLORIDA 32176 watch these 2 people they would rob there own mother...STEVE G from NEW YORK...

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  • Be
    berchel Nov 09, 2009

    Truman Foreclosure Assistance to be investigated.
    NBC NEWS carried a report on them about a year ago and they use that report to lure a lot of people like me into their web of deception.
    I know they're a fraud over six months ago they claim they're working with me for a loan modification.
    Paid $2, 695.00 and today I have nothing to show for it. my check was made payable
    to a law firm (Ramidan) from Michigan State who also as refused to give me back money.
    What ever you do, Please remember the name...Truman Foreclosure Assistance .

    Berchel. Fl.

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  • Ch
    christine0467 Sep 21, 2009

    That story you are referring to is me. I am Christine. I am still awaiting for my refund, telephone call, email. Anything. Still nothing. If you call them now, they have changed there recording to say "All customer service people are busy, if you leave your name, number, brief messages, someone will return your call shortly. I am still waiting and its been weeks, days...i even emailed them with a dummy email saying I was inquiring about a loan modification and left a different email address, no return email. This company is a joke. BBB rated them an "F". KATU called them and is still awaiting a rebuttal from them. My theory...there isnt gonna be one because well they are frauds...DONT USE THEM.


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  • Gr
    grgfortune Sep 11, 2009

    check out this link if you think Truman is looking out for you.

    Homeowner out $3, 000 using loan modification co.

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  • Ov
    Over the top stressed Aug 31, 2009

    My story is the same .. I have been *trying* to deal with this company for three months. When I CAN get a LIVE person I am told "the lender is reviewing it". Well, I have just received a foreclosure notice from the lender who has assured me NO ONE has been in contact with them. It IS a scam, do NOT deal with these people.

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  • Ch
    christine0467 Aug 26, 2009

    I have nothing good to say about this company. They took my money and I cannot get it refunded. I have been dealing with this company since March and just now have gotten any results and thats only because I demanded my money back. I have been through 4 different people now and rarely get ahold of anyone. I get transferred to several different people to never get an email, phone call or any sort of response. They did offer me a loan modification however they cannot tell me the specifics of it. I am granted a loan modification for 3 months and then if I make all payments on time I will be granted a permanent loan modification. However I am not willing to put myself in the same situation I am trying to dig myself out of. When I call to discuss the paperwork I cannot get ahold of anyone. Thank god I did my homework because after contacting the 2nd lender...I found out there is no way they were going to offer me a loan modification and told Truman on July 2nd this...however they NEVER let me know. I think this company is a joke. Infact BBB rated them a "F". I would never refer anyone to this company and have yet to get a response to the questions I have in regards to the 2nd lender. Infact I contacted my local TV station and am doing a story with them in regards to what this company really represents...A SCAM. Dont use them...

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  • Pe
    Peter D Aug 20, 2009

    I also attempted a loan modification with Truman Foreclosure Assistance. They are so backed up that if you NEVER want your loan modification done, go ahead go with them. I have been trying to contact them for a 3 months, they bounce me from one mittigator to another, always excuses. They blame that bank is slow, but i never have a problem contacting my bank, i only have a problem contacting Truman. They took my money and never did anything. BE AWARE of this company, contact your bank, do it yourself, Truman is a Rip off.

    Peter D
    Jacksonville, FL

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  • Ma
    Manuel67883 Jun 30, 2009

    My mother needed a loan modification and she went with Truman. At first all seemed well. They told her that it would take 3 months. After the 3 months past and it was not done we got a bit worried. So I did a little research and found this blog. I told my mom that we may have been taken. We called Truman almost every day and they sais that some lenders take longer than others. Well ours took 4 months and about 3 weeks. They did THERE JOB and got my mom's rate down from 7.25 to a 3.75. All I could say bad is that they told us one time frame and it was another. To there credit there case manager always picked up the phone or called back. That gave us hope and at the end they pretty much did what they said they will do. I hope you guys have the same luck. Theydo have lawyrs working and are very nice.

    Manuel Carmona

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  • Jo
    John Phillip Jun 30, 2009

    This company Truman Foreclosure assistance is a rip off. There are hundreds of people who have been ripped off. Don’t believe these people writing these adaboys as they are smart employees. They use a clip from a local station to draw their customers in and then they have the money. Stay away from these people or you are paying to create a huge headache, loose your home and loose your money.

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  • Li
    Lin from Illinois May 21, 2009

    I am dealing with Truman Foreclosure Assistance as of this week and so far Ben Sheck has been wonderful and very attentive to my situation. I have checked out a lot of companies (did my homework) and Truman's came out on top. They work with you on payment options and don't ask for the total money upfront which is more convenient for my situation. I will give updates of my progress as our modification is handled. Please people do your homework before making assumptions and make sure you have the correct full name of the company.

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  • Rn
    rng0599 May 18, 2009

    I too am dealing with them as we speak. Great response time with. They make you feel at ease and not like a loser.

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  • Es
    E Schwartz Apr 06, 2009

    I too am dealing with Truman "Foreclosure Assistance" and Everyone their has been excellent and helped me and my husband greatly when contacted so far. I too checked out reports from the BBB and they have been in business for little less than one year but of the 6 complaints 5 of them have been resolved to the customers satisfaction. One is still pending... that alone speaks for itself. This letter and others like it was the cause of those complaints I am sure. This letter really caused a stir in our home, after my husband read the above letter and did not see the comments below. People going through foreclosure and loan modification are already having a rough time and for you to post a fraud letter against a company that CNN investigated and found one of the top qualifying loan modification companies and not a fraudulant company is crazy, do your homework completely next time. I would truly like to thank you for the absolute lovely weekend of worries your letter caused us this weekend, I have heart conditions and this was just what I wanted to deal with, Being sarcastic of course. I will post another comment to this letter upon finishing my loan modification with Truman Foreclosure Assistance not Truman Agency.



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  • Au
    AuctionsbyDan Mar 31, 2009

    There are a few companies out there that cannot be verified or produce legitimacy so people react out of fear and think they are all that way, obviously this person is inexpirienced about handling contracts or business she should have left this to her husband because she does not understand how these things are conducted and therefore her thought is she was being ripped off without ever engaging in a contract . the company has proven to be legit and i have met the principles and found them to be good and honest people. besides where is all the bad publicity on this company, has anybody checked there credentials which by the way are listed on the website! so before you decide to throw sludge around, how about following thru a contract before screaming WITCH!!!

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  • St
    Steven Kessler Mar 21, 2009

    The only [redacted] that I found for them was for 1 person and that the matter was resolved to their satisfaction. Truman Foreclosure helped me save my house from foreclosure down here in Florida and they are legit and they have real lawyers working for you. They have also helped several of my family members and friends to lower interest rates on their loans and even lower the principal amount of the loan. One of my friends even paid them their fee and it turned out they could not help them and they were refunded their fee right away.

    You post makes no sense lady and it's not even clear on what you are talking about and for you to file a complaint against this company without even using their services is irresponsible. They are legit and they are helping people.

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