Tru Decks LLCBad Deck - Bad Contractor


We hired Tru Decks in August 2012 to build us a beautiful deck using top of the line composite materials. The only problem was the company was not up to the task. The problems were varied, but most centered on board spacing, a lack of quality control, and an inability to lay the deck out properly.

Our deck borders the house along two sides. Almost inexplicably, Tru Decks left a 1-inch gap along one side, and 3/4-inch along the other. In addition, they left a huge 1 and 3/4-inch gap at the top of the stairs that they claimed would be filled by a piece of deck board that would be cut later.

Although Tru Decks claims to be a Preferred TimberTech Contractor, they failed to use the recommended spacing tool manufactured by that company. From everything we have seen, this spacing tool would have prevented the unusual deck spacing we incurred, which makes it all the more mystifying as to why they did not utilize one.

After countless errors (which they fail to acknowledge to this day) and with the deck incomplete, Tru Decks walked away from our job. We hired another company to finish the deck, as well as fix the numerous mistakes made. Prior to starting work on the deck, each member of that team analyzed our deck. Each person was confused by the massive gaps that adorned our deck, as well as the awkward spacing between deck boards.

Ultimately, the deck failed inspection due to a couple of elementary mistakes like not anchoring the deck to the underlying supports. We ended up going to court with Tru Decks over the value of the work they did. There are numerous other contractors to choose from; my advice is to look elsewhere.

Bad Deck - Bad Contractor

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