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Flower order

I contacted your company on Wednesday 2/19/20 to order flowers. When I spoke with your agent she never once mentioned that you are a "order taker" not a real floral shop. I asked if "flower shop" delivered to a certain area in Forida - I am in NY. She said absolutely, even asked if I would like it delivered that day. She never once mentioned that there was a chance that they would not be delivered, or that they were not a real flower shop. She was then going to send me a receipt via email. I looked at my email this morning 2/20/20 and it states that they were unable to find a flower shop to take their order??? What??? AHHHHHHH you are not a flower shop you are just are deceitful by omission. The email goes on to say that they tried to contact me by phone to tell me, another lie, there is no missed call on my phone. But they did reimburse me. That was mighty good of them. I was able to find a real flower shop in that area and they are taking care of me. We had a good laugh at how you conduct business. Lesson learned. Shame on you.

I tried to contact you by phone about your order going out to ... Unfortunately, we cannot get a hold of our affiliated locations there. I tried a few different locations in that area but no one else will be able to go there for today.

We don't want to withhold your funds, so we will be processing the full refund for you right now in the amount of $62.04.

Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to show on your account. We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for you.

Thank you.

Troys Florist

ordered flowers never sent not received!!

On December 16, 2019 I ordered "Peppermint Holiday Surprise Bouquet" to be sent to a dear friend in time for Christmas! However, on December 24 2016 (Christmas Eve !!) at 7 PM I received an email from you stating you are unable to fulfill my order due to the busy Holiday Season!
As you may easily realize, it is not very easy to find another florist at 7PM to send flowers on Christmas Eve in time for a Christmas delivery!
To make this more upsetting was there had been a recent death in my friends family and I was sending flowers to help ease their sadness at holiday time!

I chose Troys Florist thinking it was a Local family business and would be certain all would be fine. However, it was apparently not so.
I have not received a refund to my credit card in the purchased amount of $74.88 and expect to have this done in the very near future, or I will stop payment on this charge.
Order Reference # 363417
Beverly Canning

problems with orders.

Ordered a bouquet of flowers on August 7, 2019 for my best friend's funeral to be delivered in Troy. They were to be delivered BEFORE 4 p.m on August 9, 2019. The wake was from 4 to 9 p.m. The flowers were never delivered.

I called when the wake was over, of course too late. They were closed. I called Troy Florist the morning of funeral and was told there was an emergency at the florist. Therefore, they couldnt deliver flowers to funeral palor in Troy, NY. They asked if I wanted flowers that morning. I said TOO DAMN LATE, she was on way in hearse for cremation.

I called my charge company to report incident as soon as I arrived back to my home, which was two hours away. Its been five months THEY GOT AWAY WITH THIS! If I was not at the wake, I would have NEVER KNOWN THEY WERE NOT DELIVERED. I will take this farther getting in touch with the Attorney Gerenal. My charge company ABSORBED the fee as courtesy adjustment for the loss. THIS COMPANY IS A THIEF AND A FRAUD... BE AWARE!!!

product not delivered, refund not received

I ordered flowers, but they couldn't deliver and supposedly processed a refund that I have never received . I have contacted them multiple times and each time they respond saying that they will look into it and to wait 2-5 business days. This began on 12/11/19 and I have email records along with my bank account showing the withdrawal. I have read many reviews and found that this has happened to many many people and it appears this website may be a scam.

an arrangement that was to be delivered 12/26/19 for a funeral

I ordered and arrangements 1 Praying Angel Basket to be delivered 12/26/19 to Mattie Lee DeGraffenreid 11233 Hwy 17 South Lavender's Funeral Service Alice Alabama 35442. They were not received and my credit card was charged. I'm unable to speak with anyone to give me details . I provided all information on the for name address and phone number.

Cassandra Tibbs

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product quality and customer service

On December 11, 2019, we ordered flowers from Troys. The item was their "forever in my heart" shown as all red roses and carnations and a very large bouquet. What was received was a very small bunch of flowers containing a few white carnations and some wilted non-descript flowers and a few twigs. When I contacted called Troys on December 13 to tell them I was not happy I was told to e-mail their customer service department and they hung up!

product quality and customer service

floral order submitted on-line and follow up by customer service

I ordered a Floral Arrangement actually a Plant from web site. I even called to make sure it was available and was told it was. I ordered it for a Family member who had just experienced a loss of a loved one. What was delivered was an inferior selection of cut flowers that looked no better than something purchased from a Grocery store selling floral arrangements in the $10- 15 dollar cost range. I paid $78.05 for the delivered arrangement. When I had the family member send me a picture of what was delivered, I forwarded it to a customer service rep, also letting them know of my dissatisfaction with what they substituted for the 'Peaceful Garden Planter' I originally thought I was purchasing. They offered their apologies and said they had a substitution policy plainly worded, but they would REFUND me $20. dollars for the obvious reason that was evident by the photo of what was sent.
It's been almost 2 months and I have yet to receive the REFUND! What a sad service this ONLINE group is. They should be ashamed! The order # 331325 date: 5/30/2019

never received refund after flowers never arrived

Bought Mother's Day flowers for my wife a week in advance and even asked to have them delivered a day before mothers day to make sure they would show up. The flowers never came and when I called to ask for a refund on three separate occasions, they said they would give me a complete refund and it never came.

I have since disputed the charge, gave a heads up to my fraud department at AMEX and filed a report with the BBB.

If you aree thinking about buying flowers from them, don't this is a fake company.

unauthorized credit card charges

I was very disappointed with their charges (which they clearly put above their customers) and their integrity (which they lack). Although Troy's florist promises great flowers and same day deliveries, they do not follow through. I made my order online several days before Mother's Day, asking for flowers to be delivered to my mother's house on Mother's day. Now I totally would have understood if they could not get to the order because it was a rush holiday and I had not given much notice. However, instead, I heard only radio silence. If not for my mother's communication of the missing flowers I would have had no idea that they didn't get delivered! I didn't get an email or a phone call or anything. Although I was charged a $58 fee on my bank account through their company name. Because of this fee, I kept expecting the flowers to show up just late, so I didn't call for a few days. When I did, I found out that the florist had not been able to get to my order, and that if I wanted the order to be placed (now about a week late) it would cost me an extra $30! I had to pretty much force the customer service representative to look up my account, and when she did was not apologetic or understanding at all, even though it was their mistake. I know if I hadn't have called I would have been charged the full $58 for nothing, because obviously, they did not care enough to check their false charges. (and by the way, they said the $30 charge was the delivery fee, but they already tacked on a delivery fee of $14 on the online order, so beware of hidden and confusing fees when ordering from this site!! and don't trust a thing they do. You have to call to keep them honest, otherwise, they will just charge you for nothing and never give you your money back!)
Honestly, I would have been way less frustrated with the situation if they had just contacted me and told me that with the Mother's day rush my order would cost more than usual. Especially because then I would have had time to find a different florist or pay the fee. As it occurred though, their lack of integrity and response (and their poor customer service) caused my mother who was all alone for mother's day (because both of her daughters live far away) to be completely empty handed and basically ignored because Troy's florist couldn't even bother to let us know what was happening with her bouquet let alone deliver it to her!!

customer service

Worst Florist ever!!
Flowers never showed up.
When I called customer service to ask what happen the customer service reps who answered the phones were extremely rude (Maria and Kate)
I asked for the manager would not give me the information and hung up on me mid sentence when I was trying to find out what happen.
The worst customer service I have ever experienced.
I wish I checked the reviews before ordering saved me the hassle

false listing of location in texas and name of florist

Scam... Listed as having a troy's florist located in gilmer texas, place an online order for caroling in the snow arrangement that was listed as same day delivery. I called 1-877 listed on site to confirm deliver and was told it would be done between 3-5 pm on 12/20. Called directly on 12/21 and was told "we will try and deliver today" then sent email and received response that it would be taken care of. Arrangement ordered was red rose and starfire lillie's. Arrangement delivered (24 hrs late) consisted of carnations. When I called to express concerns I was told that to send an email to customer service @ troy flowers. Response was 10%-20% final offer. Called and requested to speak with a supervisor and was told to call back 3 different times. This is when I realized the order was a scam, florist in not located in gilmer as indicated on google search and is in new jersey. Could not get a straight answer on specific name of florist was last told rudy's florist in nj. According to the transaction posted to my credit card it's americana an email response was also told that they are no longer working with florist in the "area" reviewed google search and discovered troy's flowers in gilmer no longer listed. Extremely disappointed in the service provide and lack of professionalism.

false listing of location in texas and name of florist
false listing of location in texas and name of florist

flower delivery

Ordered flowers to be delivered next day as family member died suddenly. After flowers were suppose to have been delivered (saturday) I get email stating that they will deliver them on monday instead. They do not answer their phones nor their emails. I sent several cancelling the order monday is too late!!! Do not use their services, they are terrible and liars!!!

flower order

February 11, 2018 I placed an order online for anniversary flowers to be delivered to my daughter, with the...

Flowers and services as advertised on website and promised by florist did not occur.

I placed an order for flowers on a Monday morning for delivery. I was told there was no problem, got confirmation, they took my money, got phone calls and emails saying "we will take care of it". Late Tuesday got phone call - as it turns out they lied for 2 days, said it would cost $35 more than the already charged, advertised and agreed upon price. Lies, false advertising, no integrity, no concern whatsoever for the obligations made to me the customer. As of Wednesday morning, STILL nothing. When I called, they had not bothered to call me, honor their commitment, the arrangement had not even been made or ordered! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

They failed to deliver flowers and lied about cancellation

I ordered flowers from Troys Floral and told them to deliver it to the hospital. I gave all details and paid...

Bait and switch

I ordered online because the website made it appear to be in the city I wanted the flowers delivered to. The next day I got a call saying I had to pay even more. When I tried to cancel the order they said they couldn't do anything because the computer system was down. Customer service is horrible. I wish I had google'd reviews before ordering.

Theft of Service

This florist advertises on the internet using photographs along with upgrades identical to FTA recognized...

Theft of Service / Delivery of substandard Product

I ordered Birthday flowers for a friends 65th birthday from the Troys Flowers web site. I ordered the arise...

They sent me wrong flowers

I purchased specific order from the website I ordered special tulips from them, but these jerks delivered white roses. I was shocked and wanted to get any explanation from the seller. I contacted them and asked to provide money back or change the flowers, but the rep refused and started almost yell at me. These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide wrong orders. Please post your comments about this company.

We got almost dead flowers and the prices were too high

Don’t order flowers from the company I bought twice from them, but it was awful. They overcharge people and provide awful bouquets. All the time the flowers were almost dead and the bouquets looked like garbage. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments.

  • Ju
    Julieta Gomez Dec 14, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also ordered flowers for my mothers birthday which was supposse to be a surprise because she lives in CA and I live in AZ. I ordered them on Dec.11, 2014 to be delivered on Dec.12, 2014. I got a called from a lady on Dec 12, 2014 stating that she needed the recipients phone number because I said to call first. She said the flowers would get there around 12:00. Time passed bye and no flowers. I decided to call the florist and no answer, I called alot of times and no answer. Time hit 5:00 Ca.time so I decided to call my bank and cancel my order. The bank asked me where I order from and I told them it was from Troys florist. The bank said the name was not Troys and that it was Americana Rosas. Well after all this the flowers arrived at 6:00p.m Ca time ugly flowers.

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  • Sc
    ScubaNurse Aug 11, 2015

    I ordered a bouquet called Polka-Dot and Posies and what arrived was absolutely nothing like what I ordered! About 3 hours after I ordered online I received a call from Troy's saying that the florist they contracted with in the delivery area (about 4 states away from me) requested an additional $10.00 delivery fee. I refused to pay the additional money. When my sister sent a picture of the flowers they were nothing like what I requested and Troy's response was "they made substitutions due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year." What? they don't have roses in August?!? They were willing to refund me 50% of the price (still very expensive for what was received) but said they wouldn't be able to send out a replacement arrangement because "Troy's no longer is using this contractor after this situation." However, when I contacted the florist who filled the order they certainly did have pink roses in supply. The website says nothing about additional charges or substitutions- meaning every flower is totally different than ordered.

    BEWARE if you use Troy's florist! You'd be better off sending nothing!!!


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  • Di
    Diane Hall 727 Apr 14, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed an order today, 4/14/16 for my mothers 80th birthday. She got the delivery but didn't get near what I ordered. The majority of the bouquet was leather leaf and baby's breath. Definitely not a $55 arrangement. they told me they have a substitute policy and will refund me 45%. I told them it's not acceptable. Now I'm seeing all of these complaints against them. I guess this is what they do for a living. Scam people.


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  • Di
    Diane Hall 727 Apr 14, 2016
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    Verified customer

    This is what they sent my mom.


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