Trou Aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spahotel's beach securityman rude behaviour against neighbour hotel tourist


Hi There!

I would like to inform that this hotel Beach Security person are very rude towards neighbor hotel tourist.
During my visit to Mauritius in Sep-2017 and went to beach with my wife and post swimming we relaxed on the beach bench lying on the sand opposite this fcuking hotel Trou aux biches.

One of the Beach security person, white uniform, aged 45-50 yrs Named PRAKASH came to us and asking us to get out from the beach benches as it is hotel property. I politely asked him to hold on as I was not aware that in Maurice the beach land opp any hotel belongs to the hotel lol. But this stupid person keep on behaving rude and before I tried to get hold of him but he escape and never get hold of him.

I would like to inform my fellow tourist that if you don't belongs to this fcuking hotel than please avoid using the beach benches lying opposite this hotel as it is hotel property and protect yourself from getting insulted by cheap security persons.

Never mind, I went to the nearest Police station and file a complaint though I don't want to take legal action and kick on his stomach.

When it comes to holiday means nobody in this world have right to spoil your relaxation & mood with your loved ones.

Be careful fellas..

God bless all !!

Indian Tourist

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