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I have horrible experience with for flight booking. I have booked tkts from bangalore to Delhi and return tkt as they had cash back scheme on Visa cards. I was supposed to get 15% cash back on basic price of tkts. I have done transaction in Nov'07. I have waited for 2 months but I didn't get any cash back from Finally I have called them and now they are denying for these particular flights they don't provide any cash back (while booking the tkts it was showing that it has cash back scheme). I will never book any ticket with as they are big chetaer.

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Jun 10, 2014 2:41 pm

Dear sir/mam I booked a hotel (Hotel serenade manor) in Gangtok, India through (booking id: TGU0001451076). Scheduled check in was Sun, 25 May 2014 and scheduled checkout was on Thu, 29 May 2014. When I reached the same hotel (hotel serenade manor) on 25th may 2014, my booking was completely denied by hotel personnel. Then i contacted travel guru customer support through telephone and was asked by customer support to wait for 1 hour.One hour after I was told by customer support of travel guru that the Hotel serenade manor has not booked my room due to some problem and was asked by travel guru customer support to occupy an alternative arrangement of room in other place.when I went the alternative room arranged for me what i saw was totally incredible.The whole room was dirty, filthy and nasty. Offensive smell was all around the room.I was totally shocked to see this.Again i talked to customer support of travel guru and hotel serenade manor, I was told by customer support of travel guru that they are unable to arrange another room other than that and stay in the same room for one night and they will try to arrange another on the other morning (i.e.May26th 2014). But i am really very sorry and angry to say that till my checkout on May 29th 2014, no better alternative arrangement was made and was compelled to stay in same filthy and dirty place.Meanwhile when i contacted local hotel serenade manor in which my room was booked, the hotel serenade manor completely denied my booking and was told by them that they have not taken my booking and i should talk travelguru in this regard. Now in summary that i was never given the room and hotel for which i booked.How people can make so dirty and filthy and low class alternative arrangement.If they had no rooms in hotel serenade manor why did they take the booking.those people have shown pictures of good room of a good hotel on internet and how can they give me such a bad, dirty and low priced room at the same price. if any mishap would have happened at such an unsafe place will those people take responsibility.Its a very simple thing when they had no rooms why did they take the booking.why those travelguru people should not be blamed for mental trauma and torture faced by me? Therefore i would like to say to refund the money for the hotel booking (booking id: TGU0001451076) as those people were totally incapable of giving me possession of hotel rooms on my booking date.meanwhile i contacted travelguru thrice( complain ref. No. [protected]) but they r not giving any response. thanks 

May 25, 2007 12:00 am

I was trying to book a ticket for my friend from Bangalore to Pune. I used my HSBC credit card for this. I entered all the values and got blank page. I thought transaction is not successful. My friend booked using another card. I got a statement of Rs 2000.00 from

I contacted travelguru and my bank. I didn't get any response from travelguru. I came to know one of my college also had same issue.

Aug 11, 2007 12:00 am

I had a horrifying hotel stay experience at a hotel booked thru When i checked in a hotel at hyderabad, they confirmed my booking thru But at the checkout time first i was tol that they have no confirmation of my booking and I'll have to pay the room rent etc. I told them my my booking was confirmed at the time of check, how you can say that i have no booking.

They immediately reversed their stand and said," yes, you have a booking and i have made the payment by credit card. they said that the has not made the payment. After half an hour of arguments, they were able to find the payment received voucher from their files. I was just able to catch my return flight to NEW Delhi. And the service at hotel was third class.


Feb 25, 2010 11:36 pm

I was promised a 25% cashback after I paid 10000 INR for a hotel. When I checked in, I found that hotel was selling the room at 6400 to 'anyone' who walks in.

Feb 25, 2010 11:35 pm

Yes, travelguru has the history of cheating people. They promise something on their package and deliver something else altogether.

Aug 28, 2007 12:28 am

Must say that ur experience was indeed traumatic... However, I've had a different experience with another portal... this time Make my trip... they gave me a triple whammy...

Firstly when I tried to book a hotel online, the web page went kaput after I filled my credit card details... did it the 2nd time and got the confirmation. However, the hotel was NOT confirmed... and to top it all I was charged twice... Still trying to get back my dough... been 3 mths now.

Wud suggest u contact the service center of Travelguru and inform them about ur plight... If that doesn't work... well... escalate... and best of luck BRO.

Among flights I found Cleartrip and surprisingly Travelguru to be pretty decent.

Aug 12, 2007 10:50 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience. You know personally I feel its very important OTAs to give complete satisfaction to us . Today in India where we have better options like Cleartrip, MMT or yatra OTAs must make an extra effort towards customer loyalty. With an incident like this I would not book through travel guru and I am sure many out there like me would be as skeptical as I am.