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I sent this letter and have yet to recieve a response:

To Whom It May Concern:

Prior to my appointment with the adjustor, I received a phone call from your company that left me feeling persecuted as well as hoping that the man I was speaking to was not my adjustor due to his rude demeanor and automatic accusatory stance on the phone. When the adjustor arrived, I was disappointed to find that the same man from the phone conversation had arrived with the same inconsiderate attitude.

On June 3, 2012 an adjustor from Traveler’s Insurance was scheduled to arrive at my home located at (my address) to inspect damages on my roof from a recent hail storm. The adjustor, (adjustor's name), called after the scheduled appointment time had lapsed to announce that he would be late. I understand that his previous appointment had run over, but was unhappy that he called well after the appointed time had passed to let me know. I was also very unhappy with his repeative bad attitude.

Upon arrival, two contractors that I have had stellar customer service from, were on the property in order to assist and advise me as to what damage was present as well as help the adjustor in explaining to me what would need to be done. The adjustor not only was extremely rude to the contractors, but also told one of the contractors he will not to speak to them.

While on the roof, one contractor looked over the roof with the adjustor and witnessed the adjustor erasing a ‘hit mark’ the adjustor himself had written, of an eight to a zero. When questioned, the adjustor stated that it was because the marks were ‘scars.’ The contractor requested the adjustor to explain the difference; the adjustor would not and asked the contractor to ‘explain it’ himself.

During the roof inspection, the adjustor asked me questions about other homes nearby and when they had received repairs on their roofs. I could not give him specific information other than that I had seen several neighbors having their roofs repaired within the last three weeks. When I could not give him specific information and explained that I am an extremely busy person so I should not be relied on to know exact dates, he stated that I must not be right and they must have been repaired before the storm. He also said that since I could not remeber that exact date of the hail storm, I must not know anything about my roof or the damages. He also indicated that the hail that I must have seen was not as bad as I thought. When presented with a picture of the hail we had received at that time on April 28th from a neighbor, he no longer had any more comments other than to say my inability to remember that exact date of damage makes my claim unrealistic.

Also, during his inspection of the roof, he indicated that he thought some of the ‘hit marks’ were from someone twisting something hard on my roof to the contractors. He also stated that things looked to be ‘poked’ into the shingles. When I asked what would do that, what would be the purpose for such marks, and who would have done that my questions were answered with no explanatory response. I felt this was accusatory and degrading to me as a client.

When the contractors tried to explain the information the adjustor was giving me in ‘layman’ terms he raised his hand to one contractor’s face to cut him off from further explaining the information I did not understand. Also, while trying to understand the adjustor’s explanations, the adjustor got frustrated, rolled his eyes several times and cut me off while I was trying to understand the information presented to me about the damages check that I would be receiving.

Also, the adjustor gave me his carbon copy of the check information on accident and later called me to tell me to leave this copy in my mailbox, he would pick it up the next day. He did not retrieve this information until three days later. He was unhappy that he had to knock on my door to get the paperwork, but I told him after the first day of sitting the receipt in the mailbox I was uncomfortable leaving the information there.

I am embarrassed not only because of the arrogance and poor attitude your adjustor gave to the contractors as well as myself, but also due to the fact my neighbors witnessed his lack of professionalism as well and commented upon it as soon as the adjustor left.

This is my first time filing a homeowner’s claim ever and the extreme lack of professional conduct has severely affected my opinion of your company. My family, friends, neighbors, and the contractors all believe I should contact your company about these issues and request a re-adjust with a different adjustor or that I should switch insurances. I would hope that your company takes pride in their services and would contact me regarding this terrible lack of customer service as soon as possible. I would rather stay with a company that shows it cares about its clients versus having to sift through new companies. Thank you for your time.


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I'm going to call them and see what the have to say, but have already told my broker to look into other insurances. The attitude I was given by the adjustor was so extremely unprofessional, I really was shocked. I understand there have been a lot of claims lately in my area due to the hail, but to take out your frustrations on a client who is trying to be helpful, reasonable, and actually understand what the heck you are saying is shameful.

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