tranqulity6924vero selling fake goods


The last complaint against creepyhollows was uncalled for. You can not compair to such women as magnolia who devoted her life to helping people and the ### of the earth tranquility624. I have held back for a long time for what I think of this women. She is a fake, she is the con. And just so you know how it feels. The items you have been selling on ebay have been reported by many many people for vero. I contacted ebay myself and they told me they don't take anything you complain about seriously and you are on your last strike. So keep trying to get innocent people band from ebay honey because it will be you who will be band. No body cares about what you say. The only one who did care was darkchylde66 and even they ditched you. And they came running to magnolia crying how it was all you and your ideas. You have no friends lady.
Then you brag about how you got someone suspended from ebay. O.k. lady everyone knows those accounts were "sold" to a seller, and you confronted the innocent buyer and her family. You couldn't even track down the real seller to those accounts. And even the buyer has a new ebay account and is buying meta items off of ebay today with a 200 feedback score. So who did you really hurt. We laugh at you, you are a joke. But even you can get annoying and that is what you are. Like a fly that buzz arond your head that you keep swatting away. I mean dont you have a family or friends. Since you are the only one in the WHOLE WORLD that has a real djinn and you say everyone is a fake on ebay why do you keep buying on ebay? Do you know that you are blocked by over 50 sellers on ebay. And everytime a new seller comes along I contact them with the warning to block you before it's to late.
I am telling you right now. You made it you life mission to get creepyhollows suspended. Well now its my life mission to have you suspended. Every item you list is a fake. vero and I will report it. I will call Ed hardy myself and tell them.

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