Toyota CHRcar, dealer and insurance

F Sep 10, 2018

Dear Mr/Ms,
My name is Fatemeh Moztarzadeh from Melbourne, Australia and writting to complain about CHR car.
I bought Toyota CHR in July 2017 because Toyota is most trusted and safe car to drive. Also I have been paid extra money for extra care and warranty and Insurance.
I am very disappointed, as I had an accident in 28/8/2018 and eventhough it was not a big accident, in my surprise my car had a big damage. I guess Toyota insurance also after a year they realized about quality of the car, because they increased the price of my Insurance 40 percent and still do not have good service and support.
To me Toyota CHR is not made with the standard and quality material and they risk people life.
After 6 weeks of accident, I still do not have a car to drive and frustrated with poor action of my Insurance and do not think even if they would fix the care would not feel safe to drive it.
I think TOYOTA needs to recall all the CHR produced in 2017 and replace them with new safe car and apologize to all of them pay compensation for putting their life in danger.
I would like TOYOTA take action as soon as possible in order to do it for me as well.
I don't have a car to drive while I keep paying for my registration, car loan and the worse Insurance available in Melbourne.
Looking forward hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
Fatemeh Moztarzadeh
Email: [protected]
Tel: [protected]

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