Tower Federal Credit UnionReceives funds from checks deposited but wont put the money into your account right away and then charges NSF fees


This past December, running low on funds i had asked my mother to deposit funds into my account to cover my auto insurance which is automatically deducted on the 24th of every month.The insurance is $52.55, my mother deposited a check for $56 into my account on December 19th.There was a balance of $23.44 in the account prior to her depositing the $56.This would have brought the balance up to $79.44.We withdrew $10 for gas on the 24th leaving a balance of $69.44, plenty to cover the $52.55 car insurance withdraw to be taken out on the same day.Instead Tower Federal Credit Union charged me a $20 NSF fee on December 24th and another $20 NSF fee on December 31st.Of course i didn't have the $52.55 in my account on December 31st due to T.F.C.U. taking the 1st $20 NSF fee out on Dec. 24th when there were actually enough funds in my account.My mother received her statement which stated the check had cleared and funds received by T.F.C.U. on December 22.Clearly T.F.C.U. had the funds in their possesion by time the funds were to be taken from my account on Dec. 24th.This whole ordeal cost me $40 in NSF fees by T.F.C.U., $60 fee from my insurance company ($30 per NSF transaction) and almost cost me losing my insurance which i have had for over ten years never being late or missing a payment.T.F.C.U. continues to blame us for not having the funds in the account and won't admit to their error.I want my $40 back they charged me and the $60 that my insurance company charged me due to T.F.C.U.'s error.

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