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O Sep 05, 2018

My 20, 000 km pms appt was september 5, 2018 at 10am in Toyota Batangas City and arrived w/in 15mins grace period. I was assisted by the lady in the information and told me to transfer to counter 9. The service advisor from counter 9 who assisted me said he will just let the client w/ 11am (even if its just 1015am at that time) appt to be accomodated 1st & commited that my car pms and car wash will be done before 12noon.that's why i said yes. i went to him at 12noon exact & he said the car is still being serviced & still have to do drive test & car wash. I told him i won't get my free car wash anymore so just finish the maintenance then i waited for another 1hr but still the car is not ready. He said the wheels are still not attached and still have to do drive test. I asked him what time did they started working on my car and the duration of pms. He said 1130am and its only 1hr. I said its 1pm already and they are still not yet done when he commited 12noon. He mentioned about the workers breaktime and the inavailability of the foreman. I won't accept any excuses from him coz i've been considerate for granting his request since i came 10mins late of my appt but still in grace period. That was my 1st time to go to their branch for car service and definitely would be my last. I have work at 2pm and was not able to go to work because of the incident. He didn't even explain to me what their mechanics did in my car before he let me leave their service center, just like what the people do on the other branch where i used to get my pms. I even saw that he put 16:00:0 on the "Promise Time" even he really commited 12:00 noon. I'm waiting for someone from Toyota to call me for feedback on my last visit so i can tell them how disappointed i was with that branch service. I don't know what resolution I should get from this incident, me waiting for 4hrs but still not getting all the services we agreed(car wash) and not able to go to work because of all the delays that happened. I'm looking forward to receive feedback and your action about my complain. Thanks!

From an unsatisfied customer.

preventive maintenance service

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