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Complaints & Reviews

laptop lcd screen

I bought a Toshiba Satellite Laptop Computer in September of 2009. In November of 2009, awoke one morning to find LCD screen had cracked overnight. I contacted Toshiba and without even looking at the computer they said I cause the damage to the computer and that they would not honor their warranty. They would REPAIR the screen for $600 (the laptop only cost me $450 new). After some haggling, they agreed to examine the laptop. I sent it to them overnight. I called after two weeks to check the status of the repair and they said again that it was not covered under warranty . They again offered to repair it. This time only $425 . I have filed complaints the Better Business Bureau and the US Fair Trade Commission. I encourage others to file complaints with Toshiba and to not buy their products until their business practices improve.

  • Do
    Doc Jun 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    6 months old and four (4) defects requiring service including keyboard replaced, mother board replaced, wireless modem replaced, video replacement not required .Toshiba refuses to exchange this unit.

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  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 05, 2009

    I run a company that aggregates class action lawsuits. You can find class action investigations regarding TOshiba on our site. Not sure if they cover your specific model though. GOod luck.

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  • De
    Denise Locke Dec 29, 2009

    I too have the same problem with my Toshiba Satellite computer. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes with Toshiba customer service and talking to a case mgr, I was told I would have to send 425.00 to get it repaired. How convenient that cracked screens are not covered because Toshiba says the only way the screen can crack is due to physical damage. I think Toshiba is making and selling inferior products because the computer was not physically damaged. ( The computer was closed and sitting on my desk waiting to give as a gift.) I am filing complaints with BBB and will tell everyone not to buy Toshiba products. It seems to me that Toshiba is running a scam on their warranties and their customer service stinks!!

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poor product and service

In early October 2009 I bought a Toshiba laptop U500 ST5302 from this online store. Soon after receiving the laptop, I found that the laptop battery was draining at the rate of 15% per day (flat in less than one week) when the laptop is totally shut down. To the company's credit, their customer service provided me another battery to check out whether it was a defective battery - it was not, the same problem occurred. I had used other laptops (Fujitsu, Dell, HP) which never had this problem. I finally got them to authorize sending the laptop to the Toshiba Laptop Depot in early November. After a week, they determined that the system/motherboard is defective, and they placed an order for the part. Six weeks had passed and my repeated inquiries to the Depot and Toshiba Customer Relations yielded the same reply - still waiting for the part. I asked to speak or communicate with a manager who can make decisions as this kind of delay is totally unacceptable, <br />
but no response. How can Toshiba expect customers to be without use of a new laptop they bought even for one month! How long does it take to air ship a part from anywhere in the world? This is a totally frustrating first (and will be my last) experience with a Toshiba laptop. I filed a complaint with BBB and want to broadcast this poor Toshiba product and service as widely as possible. DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA LAPTOPS!!


i have toshiba note book laptop (satellite L 310) Model no : PSME2G-00P003, serial no : 58302555W.
i am buying this from ERNAKULAM (Kerala). I didnt get mothrboard C D or any C D related to Drivers. so I can't format my Laptop. so please send drivers for me. its very urgent sir. My e-mail id is [protected]
waiting for your response.

your's faithfully

toshiba suck's

If you are looking to buy a toshiba computer don't. Their customer service suck's, I was on hold for about two month and a 1 hour and a half and still do not have my laptop back. I first was told i could take my computer to one of their outsource stop in ga (vision computer repair). I took it there and was told they were waiting for a part, a $250.00 graphic card. They waiting for a month and then sent it to toshiba depot where I am still waiting. If you know like I now know, STAY AWAY FROM toshiba

Stay away

  • Valerie Aug 07, 2008

    The clock has never kept time properly. In June 2007 I suffered a randomly generated BIOS password that caused the system to be unbootable. On September 3, 2007, I first started having critical issues with this computer. Windows Vista described this problem with a code named "Blue Screen." Apparently the computer had spontaneously rebooted itself due to some unexpected error. On September 9, 2007, the hard drive in my Toshiba notebook computer crashed. They installed a new hard drive and a new motherboard. On November 27, 2007, the USB ports were not working. The computer had another motherboard put in, as well as a new USB board. The computer is exhibiting the same symptoms tonight that it did just before having the second motherboard and USB board replaced. After several hours on hold I finally spoke with a "Customer Relations Agent." I again explained my situation and was again cited the company policy about exchanges. When I related to her the repair history of my computer, she said that it "is not rare" for one of their computers to have multiple major system components replaced within the first year. After spouting off several threats, I was hung up on by this "Customer Relations Agent."I would like this computer replaced.

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not work

our toshiba E studio 50f fax machine is not work.
i report a complaint abt that before. but ur responce not received at.
we facing so much problem abt faxing.
pls. do the toshiba E studio 50f fax machinein working

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laptop computer

I bought a Toshiba Laptop "A100-ta9" with a 3 year replacement warranty that i was told. After a little while...

poor warrenty service

Bought a Toshiba Gaming laptop. It worked well but got very hot. Within a month it started shutting down from over heating and gray screened on start up unless restarted multiple times.

Tried to get Geek Squad to fix it under warranty. It took 20 days before they told me it passed all diagnostics and I should pay for a virus scan (I had reinstalled the laptop from factory settings before giving it to Best Buy).

Then I tried to get Toshiba Depot to repair it. It took hours on hod to reach them and they said they detected some spillage, so would not repair under warranty (but wanted $450 to repair an under warranty $950 laptop). I then took several more days (hours on hold) to get to a manager who said the same thing (he could not over ride the technicians who "have the final say".

The laptop was returned (thankfully at no cost) but was not only unrepaired, but was in pieces (plastic components were loose in the box and screws were missing). I lodged a batter business complaint and got a call back, only to here the same old story with a few new twists (that that spillage that I had no knowledge of might be a biohazard (spilled milk can be deadly I guess) and they could not continue the repair if it was detected or even complete the reassembly (They needed the $450 rubber gloves to do that).

not in working condition

our toshiba E studio-50f fax machine not in working condition since three months,
it does not get fax or recceived it. or not print in good quality faxing.

mr.sanjay dubey, customer engineer, not responding to regarding our complaints.

pls. made above fax machine in good working condition.

warranty problems

Toshiba makes you jump through 20 different hoops before they warranty their crap products. Then they try to find any lame loophole to screw you. Do Not buy any products from Toshiba, because if you have a problem your more than likely screwed. Give your money to a company that understands customer service.

  • Be
    `Bear Mar 03, 2010

    I have had my Qosmia G15-AV501 in toshiba's repair center for a motherboard enhancement program for over two months. They promissed a 14 day turn around. Motherboard enhancement program is how they got of doing a recall on these machines for overheating motherboards. Calls are not returned when checking on it and I was even left on hold for an hour and a half. Other Toshiba problems include dry weld issues with vram chips on video cards, this should be recalled or replaced free but costs hundreds of dollars to repair for the consumer, when it is a known problem with some toshiba models. Until they get a lot sharper on customer service, I can see their market penetration dropping with all the bad reviews.

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  • St
    Steelsox1 Mar 12, 2010

    And the beat goes on...I am calling on behalf of my church for a new Toshiba L455 laptop that was put in service around New Year's 2009 and purchased on 10/31/09. The power just cut out on 2/23/10 and I called it in on 2/25/10 after consulting with a local repair shop. Toshiba said it's under warranty and was told a new AC adapter/cord would be on it's way in 3 to 6 business days.

    On 3/6/10 I call asking where the adapter is where I got the back ordered story and not shipped yet (and about 20 I am so sorry for your inconvenience). I was told it will be shipped and to my in 2 to 3 business days. I knew that was BS from experience with back ordering, but I said okay.

    On 3/10/10 I call asking where it is and was once again told it had not been shipped right away, but it was now and FedEx had it...I asked for a tracking # but they claimed to not have access. Now, I know the game is on but decided to wait to see if maybe they were not bald-face lying to me.

    On 3/12/10 I see FedEx backing into my driveway and I feel bad for doubting them...except it wasn't from Toshiba and the FedEx driver said no other deliveries on the computer for my address. Now, I am PO'd!

    I call and immediately ask for a supervisor and confirm the liar from 3/10 did not log the call. Fortunately for me, I have the proof with my phone provider online call log! I get transferred to "Customer Relations" and a new VRU of which I hit #1 for Customer Relations which promptly disconnects me!

    Same day, Call #2: I get a new rep and immediately ask for him to do a warm transfer (meaning, get the supervisor on the line, then connect me in)...he claims to be doing that and after 3 or so minutes he picks up and states that "Customer Relations" is very busy and for me to call back in 15 minutes. I say no way as they already disconnected me once and I can't believe they are not honoring their warranty. I demand once again for him to find SOMEONE who is a supervisor for me to talk to and to transfer then warmly. He says okay and after 5 minutes he picks up and promptly disconnects me without one word.

    The interesting thing is they always ask for my phone number "in case we get disconnected"...yet, no call backs.

    Same Day, Call #3: I wait for a half hour so I am not so angry and once again call to ask for this alleged "Customer Relations" department, but I ask Jessie for the direct number and he says there is no external number for "Customer Relations"...hmm, avoiding the customer, nice!

    Jessie states that there is a "Customer Relations" case assigned to this Reference but would check to see if there is any Case Manager assigned...he put me on hold. Can you guess what happened after 5 minutes on hold??? Yep, it sounded like he picked up and disconnected me.

    So, I have called my state's Dept. of Consumer Protection agency (which is part of our Attorney General's office, so this could be fun after all) and they want me to write this up (this should suffice) and I have a local newspaper/online consumer advocate looking into it.

    One thing for certain, DON'T BUY TOSHIBA because THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY. This may not be in the same league as Toyota, but a bad power cord/adapter could be a fire hazard, so they need to do what's right.

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  • Da
    Darvey Apr 23, 2014

    So far am not impressed with Toshiba customer their warranty repair works cannot be explained by the phone reps...only when email, arrives do you find out you need to pay to have the computer shipped to, them to fix...I am so sorry I purchased their product about 8 weeks ago and it won't turn mistake but I learned not to buy their products...and i am afraid of what comes next...and what the next cost to me will be...

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complain toshiba vietnam services and products

I bought a Toshiba refrigerator but it not working well, it leak, and I called the toshiba vietnam, they bring back and fix it, they add some thing to make it hotter, and I didn't agree because it spent more electricity, so I refuse to get it and add them ti fix their proplem, dont let consumer bear it. but they don't agree. I cannot understand that one global company like Toshiba can sell a wrong products and ask client bearing.

  • Cr
    crugellaztec May 11, 2010

    Toshiba makes the worst laptops ever. Perhaps that's why their warranty has to be so good lol

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bad customer service

On February 27, 2009 I went into Best Buy to buy an HP laptop. The laptop I had researched and really hope to...

software is defective. support is awful.

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite A300-1FP Notebook. These are premium computers which are supposed to be of superior quality and receive superior support. They command a superior price as well. Actually the computer is excellent. Toshiba delivers additional software with the computer that is supposed to add value. In fact the "Value Added Pack" is the name of one such package installed on the machine. When I tried to run one of the programs, "PC-Diagnose" I received an error message and a promise from one of the Vista "angels" that I would be informed when a solution was found. I found that this problem is something that others have experienced as well. I left messages on the support forum, but received no replies that helped. I called their local support number and was told "they are really just hardware people." I posted messages with their European Support and received a reply that I should reinstall the "value added pack." I downloaded the Value Added Pack but it wouldn't install. This is also a known issue and talked about on Toshiba Forums. Through my own research I learned that the value added pack from the USA website WOULD install but the PC-Diagnose tool gave the same original error message. I left another message with their European Support and was told that I should reinstall the whole PC by "just pressing F8." This is not support, but nonsense. The PC is fine, brand new, it all works except this Toshiba stuff. That none of the support people were willing to pass the matter up the line to Toshiba for a solution is amazing. And lest I forget, the Toshiba DVD Player software, also offered to purchasers of this notebook, does not work and crashes before you can even get it started. Also something experienced by others posting on the Internet. I find it truly disconcerting that we live in an age where "just press F8" has become the mantra of pc support, where no real communication is possible with the company, and junk software is delivered with no way to register issues or receive fixes.

  • Ma
    mathemagicranjan Sep 07, 2009

    Mine is also toshiba A300 satellite series n m facing the same problems . i hav purchased it just 7 months before n was promised that all the toshiba softwares are far better than other lappys. but the dvd playin software is not wrkin n also the value added pack oherwise the look of this notebuk is fantastic. Toshiba is a brand for the notebuks so it must care for its customers.

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screen is bad

2.6 years ago, we bought a 50" plasma television for our anniversary gift. It cost us $2300. We did not purchase an extended warranty. Didn't feel the need to. We fully expected the television to last several years as our others had. Well guess what, a few months after the initial 2 year warranty expired, a reddish purple line appeared down the center of our television. WE called Rex TV in Springfield OH about it because thats where we bought it. All they could ask was did you get the extended warranty? Didn't ask what the problem was or what. He suggested we email Toshiba. We did, all they told us to do was unplug the television for about 30 minutes, then plug it back in. We did, the line was still there. WE called REx Back and finally got the name of a repairservice out of Cincinnati OH that just left our house. He told me that the panel was bad because of some "ribbon wire" used in the screen to produce the picture. He couldn't fix it and told us thatwe had two a new panel for around $2700 or live with it as is. He mentioned that Toshiba sets are the ones they get repair work on all the time. Their failure rate is high. Granted the set is out of the normal warranty but for the love of God, don't you think SOMEONE would stand behind the products they sell? We will never buy another Toshiba product ever again.

  • Ha
    Hak Kiki May 23, 2009

    On hindsight, I think you should have bought an extended warranty. The thing in plasma Tv is thta it failed after the 2 year warranty.

    This is not a hindsight comment. I think I learned it from a friend who worked in the repair service department of another brand.

    He told me generally that plasma TV products are not very stable in quality particularly the pixals in the screen.

    The pixals normally failed after 2 years, he said. So he always encouraged people to buy a extended warranty if the big ticket items like Tv and fridge are costly or expensive.

    And, worse, if the downtimes in sending for repairs are time consuming and cost more than buying a new one, he said .

    Remember, he said, the job of the customer service officer is to tell the customer on how to send in their items ofr repairs and what is the cost on it, if the item is past of its warranty, period.

    Seriously, they have no duties to accept to "listen" to your claims of your asking of a "free" repairs, or whatever.

    They are trained to follow the "rules of arguments" . They will prepare a repair report number for a technician to come to fix your problem specific to your complaint made in their report.

    So never buy any expenisve product without a extended warranty, especially TV and firdge. If it is cheap, then an extended warranty is not necessary, since the product may not worth anymore as new item may have then is sold much cheaper than now.

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warranty scam

I am being completely defrauded by Best Buy via an extended warranty I purchased on a 42 inch Toshiba plasma TV. I had an intermittent problem with the TV this past January so I decided to utilize my warranty and get it fixed (I should have left it alone..) I contacted BestBuy and they sent their exclusive service provider Advisory TV from Queens County, NY. Long of the short since January Advisory has replaced 4 different parts in the TV, have been to my home 7 times and on top of that removed the TV to take to their repair center for 10 days. Upon return from the repair center the same problem existed and Advisory said the TV is a "total loss". I contacted Geek Squad and they denied my claim stating that I needed to have 1 more home visit to approve an exchange, in other words they needed to see in person that after all the repairs the same problem existed. Once again Advisory was sent to my home and confirmed that the problem still existed and again stated to BestBuy "total loss". To add insult here I have a voice message from a Geek Squad rep from 2 weeks prior, stating that they will not authorize any further repairs and all I need to do is have this last visit by Advisory to confirm that the same problem exists and then in 3-5 days I will get an authorization code to swap out the TV. Yesterday in an unbelievable move BestBuy denied my claiming stating that I have not met the necessary "4 repairs" in order to have an exchange. They admitted that they screwed up having Advisory come back to my home to perform an exchange evaluation and finally they said if Advisory would state in a report that "the tv is unrepairable" then they would approve. Advisory stated in their report "we do not recommend further repair, the TV is a total loss and needs replacement." Yet, somehow without these "magic words" I have been denied, again. So now Advisory will submit a new report with the magic words and I will again be denied for another made up reason. This is consumer fraud at its best, breach of warranty and to top it off BestBuy refuses to issue a single written document to me denying the claim, they allege " we cannot send you a letter." DO NOT NOT NOT get an extended warranty from BestBuy, and frankly I would not shop there ever again. I will take this to Court without question.

deception with contract

In a nut shell we were talked into signing a contract - without the information being on the contract. The Rep talked to my son... There were promises made that did not ever happen and we were told that if it ever became over whelming that we could get out of it and or change our plan - which was a lie!!! Also we were qouteded on price and and get outrageous bills monthly being billed for things that we didnt even sign up for. We have not paid our bill for the last 3 months asking them to come and get it because we want out. The REp "Dan" knew the size of our assembly and he knew what my concerns were, kept telling me that it wont be a problem. They are not returning calls and they are the most nastiest people ever. We are trying to get a lawyer to represent us. I would not recommed a church to use Toshiba.

Mr. Raymond Stansbury

burned out lamp - won't honor warranty

The toshiba DLP lamps are supposed to last [protected] hours. Not even close. I've gone about 4000, then 3000, then about 300. The third lamp I bought was again a genuine Toshiba part, but they won't honor my warranty because I didn't pay enough for the lamp. I paid $142 on e-bay from a Toshiba registered retailer for a new lamp.

After 3 1/2 months the picture got dim and then about 1 hour later the bulb popped. Toshiba won't send me a new bulb because I didn't pay enough for the bulb I bought. Just another customer getting screwed. What do they care. The part is a Toshiba part, but they don't care. Some unpublished guideline at Toshiba.

Word of advice to all Toshiba DLP customers. When your bulb burns out under the short 6 month warranty period, make sure that reciept reads something closer to the $228 Toshiba charges and make sure it's from one of their authorized suppliers. Otherwise, Toshiba can't artificially keep the price of their crappy lamps so high... and they will screw YOU the customer.

Mark - Never buying another Toshiba product again

toshiba canada claims no responsibility

These products cost us too much money to simply "write them off". You would also think that in our current economic crisis, companies as big as Toshiba would be pushing their customer service representatives to strive harder for satisfied customers. Large companies have just as much fear these days of bankruptcy as smaller ones do.

My husband and I both purchased new Satellite laptops last year. His worked out of the box, mine didn't. His was missing a pixel, and occassionaly the screen goes black and shuts itself off, but generally, he is satisfied with the machine. We also convinced his father and brother that these laptops were awesome and they purchased similar models as well. My Toshiba Satelitte is an A210 model, I opened the box and it couldn't load the preloaded software. I called Toshiba and they told me "it happens sometimes" and they told me to return it for a replacement at Futureshop - which I did. I was quite happy with the replacement purchased in November 2007. It worked out of the box, all the pixels functioned and the screen didn't go black. In fact, I was sure I had the best one of the bunch that our family purchased. I didn't use the machine very much, but when I did, I was very satisfied with it's performance. Then ... the warranty expired in October 2008. I had always noticed it got really hot but then it started overheating and shutting itself off. In January 2009 I went to the Toshiba website to see if there were any manufacturer's recalls, etc. etc. There weren't any recalls, however, the problem with the A210's was listed and there was a program that could be downloaded to fix same. The "program" was going to update my bios and make the fan work better and at different intervals. There was a warning on the website telling me to make sure my computer was plugged in before attempting the update. I did, I ran the update and I flashed my drive. A message appeared on my screen that my computer was about to shut off. It did, but it never came on again. After 15 minutes I called Toshiba Tech support and was basically advised I was "lucky" they weren't charging me for the call and was told that I had a "bad flash" and to take it into futureshop to have them look at it - at my expense. The computer couldn't even "post" so the only solution that Futureshop could come up with - they couldn't perform (which was to perform a re-install). I left FutureShop and went seeking other help. I was told by virtually every computer shop in Town that my computer is now an expensive paperweight. One place pulled the battery off the motherboard for me - hoping that this would erase the memory of the bad flash on my bios chip - but to no avail. I called Toshiba, hoping to get coupons towards my next laptop purchase. I figure they could at least give me a discount or something, considering it was a "known" problem and their solution is what cooked my machine. I called them twice and spoke at length with their customer service reps. Apparently my issue doesn't warrant a supervisor escalation. I'm not very happy with this. I truly feel it should have been a manufacturer's recall. Many people with this model have overheating machines. Toshiba knows this - otherwise they wouldn't be offering a fix. Many people are successfully downloading a bios update that works. However, I'm sure that I cannot be the only person that cooked my computer with their "fix". Regardless, my computer that used to occasionally shut off from overheating, can never be turned back on again because the manufacturer offered a fix that fried my computer. There was no negligence on my part ... except my warranty was 3 months outdated. Please, if you are going to purchase a computer, buy the extended warranty - as customer satisfaction is no longer a priority with big business. [protected]
PS I feel better that this website is here to "share" our experiences. With sincerity, THANKS!

  • Am
    Amanda Mar 22, 2009


    I'm haveing the same problem as your husband, I got this laptop december 26 2007 after about 2 weeks i was fed up with it so i took it back to staples and told them what was happening with it, They were like well there 2 thing we can do, 1 get it tested or 2 give you another one, so we said will take a new one, so i got home open it up and turned it on and seen that there was a missing pixel, so i said ok that fine then about 2 hours later the screen went funny it went black then it showed these copper bars, so i was like what is going to so my boyfriend said to reboot it so i did then after that i would be on it for a couple hour and the screen would either go black or the copper bars, So we took it back and said that its doing the same thing but this time it has a missing pixal, there like well we cant do anything about the pixel but if you like we can either do a test here for 1 week and if we find anything will send it back or we can send it back to the company and they can do test, So we said will send it to the company, So 15 days later we get a call and saying it back, So when we get there they said nothing wrong with it they did 20 different test on it and it passed every one of them, So i was like fine, So we took it back home and maybe after been home for about 5 hour i turn it on and check my mail and the screen goes black, so i starting to get really pissed by then. so now it a year and a bit later it still doing the same thing but not it make A loud beeep beeeep . so if you can help me in any way that will be great .


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  • Mu
    mumbles Oct 08, 2009

    I'm having the exact same problem! They referred me to Future Shop, what a load of crap. They know it's their fault... they offer a 'fix' for something that the Satellite A210 is plagued with and all it does is render the computer useless. They're supposedly escalating the issue but I couldn't understand a word the CSR said at times regarding that... before this he told me to take it to Future Shop (which is where we bought it) and I don't dare do that unless I have some sort of proof that it's still under warranty.

    Almost all laptops have overheating issues but this thing baffles me, the video goes out and i have to shut it down by holding down the power... only to boot it back up again and get countless amounts of errors every time (it even had to run Recovery one time). This notebook is my parents and I would never buy a Toshiba notebook because of this.

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  • My
    My-tech Jun 13, 2010

    I had the same problem with our toshiba a210 laptops !
    our family purchased 2 as they were on sale at Futureshop.
    Both machines got hot from day 1.
    1 a210 I applied the bios fix, soon after the fan underneath blew entirely !
    I searched the Internet for a replacement and I was not feeling good
    about updating the bios on the second machine. The replacement fan I found was ~ $14 and the time to disassemble the machine, replace the fan and reassembly ~ 1hr (I've done it b4).

    SOLUTION : Ive done to both the updated A210 bios with broken fan and A210 without updated bios and working fan.

    purchase a laptop cooling mat, try to get one with @ least a fan on the left and right sides, mainly the left side so the fan can blow through the vent there on the bottom where fan is and eject the hot air through the side.

    [email protected]

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hd dvd player

Toshiba customer relations at head office AND product is a joke!

I spent almost two moths dealing with someone from that department regarding my defective HD DVD player - model XA-2. This particular model would shut down when using 1080p mode only, 1080p/24fps mode worked with no issues. At first I was advised to take the unit in to be looked at and the repair depot did it fact find it had a bad motherboard, so the repair depot requested Toshiba to replace the unit as it would have been cheaper to do so than replace the defective part. I thought PERFECT...problem solved! Well, I could be so lucky...the new unit did the exact same thing!!! Now, at this point Toshiba started to say it was my TV causing the issue and it wasn't compatable with the HD DVD player! I wrote many letters with links to various forums showing that this model had what is called "1080p shutdown" bug...well Toshiba Canada denied all this and refused to do anything for me (yet Toshiba USA and Switerland confirmed this issue)...until I advised them I sent a complaint to the BBB and the Ministry of Government. Suddenly they wanted me to ship the unit to them directly in Ontario and were quick to offer me some free HD DVD discs for all the trouble. They tested the unit for one day (so they stated) and found no fault and returned it to me with a letter that pretty much told me to go [censored] myself with the player's remote and called it a day. I didn't even get the free movies they offered!!!

The above is a very quick version of the drawn out back and forth with Toshiba and the dumb s**t who represents that company. I will never support ANY product made by Toshiba in my life and have turned others away from falling into their trap. I do hope that one day Toshiba folds in the towel, like they did on that horrible HD DVD product.


  • Tb
    tbassco Sep 02, 2009

    I had the same problem with my Toshiba Notebook with the HD DVD player. But the player just wouldnt work at all in HD DVD mode. I was told by Toshiba (while it was still under warrenty) to take it to Geek Squad at Best Buy an i did so 14 times. Each time it was with Best Buy it was gone for about 2 weeks for they had to send my lap top to Toshiba headquaters in Louisville, KY. Each time it returned the HD DVD player didnt work in HD DVD mode. This went on untill my lap top went out of warrenty an I was told by a resolution specialist that my warrenty was up an there was nothing more they could do. I called later that week an finally a resolution specialist saw all the times that my lap top was in for repairs an was going to send me a reconditioned lap top of same model. Well I finally got the new reconditioned lap top an I put in a HD DVD an IT STILL DOESNT WORK! I just gave up... Im a current student an needed that lap top an didnt care for the HD DVD. It just pissed me off that i paid $1200 for the lap top an the bells an whistles dont work... i learned my lesson I WILL NOT BUY TOSHIBA AGAIN!

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3 failed remotes, failed hdmi input

I purchased a Toshiba 23 " HDTV, model 23HLV84 in February 2005. There was a problem with the television, and...

stay away from this model!

I purchased this unit about six months ago. I can't say that I'm very impressed at this point. Of course, everyone I hand it to says "wow - this is light!". And it is - but after that, things start to go downhill.

To begin, the computer does run the Vista software at a reasonable speed - if you turn off all the fancy display options. The keyboard is a decent size, with a slightly unconventional layout (you get used to the delete key being in a different place, eventually). The display is OK - nothing to write home about. While the solid state hard drive is quite fast, the graphics performance is pretty poor - the Toshiba/Microsoft benchmarks I ran says it's about the minimum you need for Vista. That's about all I can say in the positive sense.

Now for the not so good stuff. The case appears to be made out of very thin plastic. Maybe it is tough plastic, but it flexes all over the place. Kind of like very thick paperboard. The battery pack rattles in its holder - securely held in place, but allowing several millimeters of movement.

The touch pad has been replaced. Even so, light pressure on the frame where your palm rests can still cause repeated "back arrow" entries, which is hugely frustrating when navigating using an Internet browser. Just when you want to complete a transaction, you are thrown back to the previous 3-4 screens. Argh!!!

I have also had this unit in the shop to replace the DVD drive - it worked on arrival, but died shortly thereafter. Toshiba sent the wrong cables and delayed repairs several days until the right parts were received by the repair facility.

Finally, I can't believe the arrogance of Toshiba with respect to their direct sales web site - That's really why this unit gets a "1" rating - they misled me and probably continue to mislead scores of others. I pretty much relied on the positive descriptions of the unit I saw there for user ratings, only to find out that just 30% of the submissions are actually posted - and Toshiba claims they have no control over what is posted on that site. This is especially suspicious when I see that other products definitely have more reviews posted. C'mon, give me a break. Do you think they don't have enough disk space to save the reviews???

How did I learn about this, you ask? When I complained to Toshiba about not posting my own review of this unit on their site! Even though I thought my review was pretty even-handed (positive and negatives fairly represented - and this was before my DVD died), apparently someone at Toshiba did not like it - and so it was never posted.

I went to the Better Business Bureau about this, and here is a direct quote from Toshiba in response to my BBB complaint about failing to post reviews on their website:

"Only a small portion of customer reviews actually show up on the company website (around 30%) and is governed by a third party. Unfortunately we can not control which reviews are published to the website. At this time we will consider the matter closed."

So, caveat emptor! Make sure you have one in your hand to try out before paying so much money for a flimsy product that has only so-so overall performance. I would definitely recommend the Dell XPS1330 instead. It is much faster, and the display is gorgeous! While Dell is not perfect, at least they never misled me. Dell's customer service is also quite good. Yeah, the Dell is heavier, but it's also built much, much better. In other words, unless you must have a really light unit, do yourself a favor and stay away from Toshiba.

  • Re
    Rebel Apr 19, 2009

    I am having very similar issues with mine. I have only had it 8 months and I'm getting so frustrated that I'm probably just going to buy a new laptop. There seems to forever be something wrong with it, the cooling fan is no longer working properly on mine.

    The material that the case is made out of really is an issue. Despite the fact that my laptop was inside a laptop cover and then the carrycase the corner of the laptop appears to have cracked.

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