Toronto Transit Commissionclub manager conduct towards me/ unethical behaviour


Date: October 18, 2017
Time: 8:05 pm
Location: 57 Northview Blvd., Woodbridge
Client Number: WS24078117
Full Description: I have been a regular client of GL ever since this location opened up almost 10 years ago. And most of the time I don't have my key pass that is attached to my car keys as I gave my car to my daughter to run her errands. Most of the time the Personnel at GL at the location I go regularly let me in and they usually do their checking in random basis on my credentials. This time around I had the so called relatively new manager Carmela stopped me upon entering the gym and refused to let me in as I didn't have the key pass. Due to her abrupt rudeness, I then refused to give her my full address at the time as she was wasting my time asking me for my first name, last name etc... already wasting 6-7 minutes of my time standing outside the turnstile entrance .
Another point to mention here, the manager turned around and asked one of her personnel if she is a regular client and the staff answered yes and despite that, she still negated her staff and kept on refusing to let me in. Therefore not only I have wasted a day of not working out but the humiliation she gave me by arguing with a customer constantly.

Moving forward, I expect an apology from her in person as I will be in the gym tonight by 7:00 PM.

Perhaps GL should invest a a little more time in either hiring the right people and/ or training their managers on Customer Service area in the service oriented field.

Else, I will take my business as well as many many other businesses I brought in this place in the past 10 years in this particular location elsewhere.

Marie-Claude Bishara, PMP, C.E.T.

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