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I have been trying for 2 years to get my mother's billing statements straightened out and she keeps getting bills. In Indiana there are some counties where there is supposed to be no premium charged for coverage. My mother lives in one of those counties - Huntington County. She lives just inside Huntington County but has an address for Marion, Indiana which is in Grant County. Her phone is from LaFountain, Indiana which is in Wabash County. We have even had an attorney write to this disgusting company to explain that my mother does indeed live in Huntington County and should not be charged any premium payments. Still, they send her bills. I have talked to several people - every month for the last 2 years - and have been assured by each and every person I have spoken with that the problem "will be taken care of immediately" - well - it isn't! I am fed up and I am contacting the Attorney General's office here in Indiana to see what they can do to get this company barred from peddling their lies in this state!


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    Donald Gayman Nov 14, 2008
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    We dropped Today's Option in March O8. Almost Immediately we began receiving notice that we owed premiums for the entire 2007 year, while apparently Jan-March of 08 was paid (no billing for those 3 month, yet). Phone calls answered by persons less than capable of understanding, is getting us no where! What legal recourse is open to us?

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    Daniel G. Collins Jan 02, 2009

    On March 4, 2008, I went to Banner Baywood Hospital Emergency Room in Mesa, AZ after cutting off the end of my left thumb. I gave them my Health Net Pearl membership card. Health Net Pearl is a Medicare Advantage Private Fee for Service Plan. My membership # is M97133019, Group # FFSWA6.
    I paid the $50.00 required for emergency room service. I received a bill from the hospital which was paid by Health Net. I never received a bill from the emergency physicians until I received a bill from the HRRG, a collection agency, in the amount of $672.71. You contacted the collection agency and the emergency physicians. I later received a billing from the collection agency in the amount of $481.71, saying that the Emergency Physicians do not have a contract with Health Net. I was not informed of this when I checked into the hospital.
    To protect my credit I have paid the $481.71, but wish to protest. What are my options?

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  • Dr
    D Riggin Nov 18, 2009

    My dad has been trying to talk to these people for months. All he gets is someone who cannot speak English. Trying to find a telephone number to this company where you get an English speaking person. Funny thing, when they were selling this program at to him they spoke English.

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    AVS70 Dec 13, 2009

    I also had a problem with this company. They illegally dropped my aunt from coverage and did not notify her. She did a run around with them for nearly nine months before becoming ill. She died after a seven month illness. Medicare did pick up her medical bills, but not at the same percentage as the replacement plan she thought she had. I picked up where she left off and tried to get her reinstated, because the reason for which they dropped her coverage was false. Their customer service is based out of the Phillipines, and they WILL NOT give you the number for anyone in the states. They kept giving me assignments. "We need this, and THEN we'll do something." I get what they requested, and then it would be something else. Once they sent me trying to get a legal document that didn't exist. When they finally ran out of errand for me to run, they said, they couldn't reinstate her policy, because it had been too long. Upon the advise of someone in the insurance business, I wrote a detailed letter of the problem to our regional Medicare office. Apparently, they have people who oversee medicare replaclement plans. That person contacted me on a Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday evening, she called again to say that Today's Option would be reprocessing all of those claims and that Medicare would be retracting its payments. I don't know if every regional Medicare will have someone as efficient as that, but if you are getting the run around, it is worth a shot. It's been nearly two years, and most of the claims have been paid. I am still dealing with them, but at least my uncle was not stuck with thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Don't let them get away with things like this. I think it is their strategy to frustrate customers with legitamate issues or complaints until they just give up.

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    Unhappycamper250 Oct 16, 2010

    Health Net promises you the world and doesn't come through. I bought extra chiropractic and dental care. The reps repeatedly told me I could go to any chiropractor and they would pay. I called every single time to verify. After I went to one for 6 visits, Health Net said they wouldn't pay. I went to a dentist Health Net is suppose to pay 80% of my 2500 bill. Not so...they paid 1050 which is about 40% I had to pay the rest. The out of pocket costs on their Advantage Program are astronomical. There is a cop pay on everything...MRIs X-Rays blood work, doctors. I tried to get DBT therapy for BPD...they couldn't find a therapist. I found one company who charged $175 an hour. After 2 months of wiating they told me it was out of network but I could pay the $175 (twice a week) and they would reimburse me. NO WAY> I don't trust them farther than I can throw a peanut shell. I can't wait until December to get back on a Supplemental plan. These Advantage plans are for the birds who are NEVER sick and don't need any drugs.
    Health Net is a Rip off.

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