TM NetWorst service showed by TM Net staff!

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Verified customer

My modem was run out of order by 15 Dec, 2007 and i tried call complaint service and i was told Saturday is not working day as service industry as streamyx providing 24 hr /7 days a week. Then, i call up at monday 17 dec,2007 and complaint for the above mention, I have told within 2 days What TM Net calls as Technician will call me for the immediately action. But i receive one miss call after 3 days and didn't have any action done.

I am waiting next call from TM, but didn't does any action. The day five as my complaint number as 7721291 was close due to my didn't respond. I was received 2 call at 22.11 20 dec, 2007. That time is not time for me to receive call. That time is my time was slept. This As mention Technician i didn't take the call. This is very bad manner your Technician as for me as call as bodoh, close my report and without my concern!

Yet, i did another report as 21 dec, 2007 and i did same report and within 2 days will receive attention from department as mention as technician. 22 DEC, I Call up 2 times and ask for explain, the telephonist was told me saturday is not working days and cannot send technician for the service! What useless company as mention open possibility as theme for the company better change it as for the culprit and idiot parasite host!

Due to this loss i officially want to claim as rebate my service as started 15 dec till the date my modem being change! My second report as 7769470 didn't take any action which i wrote complaint!

I will lost interest to continue pay this idiot company staff for the service!


  • Te
    tee seng kee Sep 25, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    tee seng kee
    mutu perkhimatan yang kurang memuaskan.
    saya mr tee ialah seorang penyokong setia tm ingin membuat aduan di sisi terhadap tahap perkhimatan service yang disediakan oleh tm amat mengecewakan. saya telah membuat laporan kerosakan talian kerosakan telefon saya pada 23.9.2014 jam 3pm.pegawai perkhimatan pelanggan mengatakan akan memngambil tindakan baikpulih dalam masa24 jam. pada keesokan harinya(selepas 24 jam), saya dapati tiada sebarang maklumat/tindakan lanjutan daripada pihak tm, lalu saya menelefon sekali lagi ke pegawai perkhimatan pelanggan tm. pegawai perkhimatan pelanggan telah memberi pelbagai alasan yang mereka sedang menyiasat punca kerosakan talian telefon saya dan tiada apa apa tindakan selanjutnya diambil. selepas itu, seorang penyelia dari teknikal telah menjanjikan bahawa akan menyiasat laporan kerosakan talian telefon dan menghantar dan berjanji akan menghantar seorang juruteknik ke rumah saya pada keesokan hari iaitu25/9/2014.
    pada hari 25/9/2014, saya telah menunggu juruteknik yang dijanjikan tersebut sehingga pukul 5pm dan juruteknik tersebut tidak muncul. saya menelefon sekali lagi ke pegawai perkhimatan pelanggan tm sekali lagi dan ingin bercakap dengan mengatakan laporan/masalah saya kepada pegawai tersebut dan saya ingin bercakap dengan penyelia ataupun pengurus di bahagian perkhimatan pelanggan tetapi ditolak oleh mereka dan hanya dijanjikan bahawa penyelia dari bahagian perkhimatan pelanggan akan menelefon saya balik.
    saya berasa amat kecewa dengan tahap perkhimatan yang disediankan oleh syarikat tm. masalah saya iaitu kerosakan talian telefon tidak dapat diselesaikan dalam masa 48 jam. apakah ini mutu perkhimatan syarikat tm????

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  • Ra
    ray phoon Jun 06, 2014

    can i know when pandan mewah pandan court jalan mewah 4 68000 ampang selangor when have unifi ?????wait for many years ago!!!

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  • Mj
    mjnathan Oct 02, 2013

    JaganathanManikam [protected] registered under my wife Sivagami Mayalagu.
    I have upgraded my streamyx service from 2 mbps to 4 mbps hopping I will receiver a better down loading time but it turn out to be scam . My 4mbps works like 1mbps. I have made complains after complains from August 2013 till now nothing has been done. To make matters worst I subscribe so call the tm hppy tv which is brother to astro both are hopeless. I terminated the astro service due to repeated programs which I am paying for nothing.and now my line is out totally from 29/9/13 till today nothing has been done. One gentleman from tm by name of Imran promise everything will be settled by 2/10/13 it is only a lip service that tm good at nothing more .From top cooperate co to bottom line staffs are incompetent personals sleeping on their job. This is my opinion and conclusion.

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  • Ch
    christine5335 Aug 24, 2013

    Hi, saya miss lee di sini. saya ingin menbuat complaint tentang permasangan telefon line di rumah saya.
    saya pergi ke tm point yang berada di gajah berang melaka untuk menbuat permohonan, saya diberitahu tentang rumah saya tidak menpunyai tiang telefon, tetapi yang saya hairan kenapa jiran saya yang baru pindah masuk baru dua minggu sudah buat permasangan di sebaliknya saya yang sudah buat permohonan selama 4 bulan belum ada lagi.
    di minta pihak yang berkuat kuasa boleh tolong saya untuk menbuat permasangan telepon dengan secepat mungkin.
    sekian terima kasih.

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  • Mu
    Muthu1 Apr 11, 2013

    Please be informed that the resident of unit C3-06-09, Cyberia Smart Homes, Cyberjaya had installed his own external cable and applied for Maxis Fibre Internet.
    According to the staffs from Maxis Fibre Internet, they had no problem to send their installer but TM had refused to send an installer due to leakage problem in Block C2 and C3.
    The Management had noticed and understood that TM had decided to stop internet installation for both blocks to avoid any problem/complaint in the future, but the resident has hired a contractor to install new cable for this unit.
    Therefore, we would like to request to Telekom Malaysia (TM) to approve his application for internet installation and send an installer to assist Maxis Fibre installer.
    Kindly revert to us for any feedback.
    Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
    Thank you

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  • Tm
    TmnetXSu Jan 01, 2013

    Tmnet has been terrible since 1990 or so since I first suscribed till now. Now is diffent living in overseas each time im back to my parents place, I experience stone age technology. TmNet never have the cheek to even upgrade our 18yr old line (or older), I'm still downloading most thingxs at 3kbps or something sometimes and watching youtube is impossible even when tis 2013 now!!! my mom was watching her clip for 3-5seconds then experience 5-20secs delay, if it doesn't disconnect. Meaning a simple 5mins clip would take her 45mins or longer. I pity her, but what monkeys are handling tmnet been complaining since my school time now I've graduated even am working overseas, their service remains ### while the ones on the top can receive a huge paycheck on services they definately don't deserve

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  • Lo
    lovelycustomer Jun 11, 2012

    Tm...i would like to tell u...i receive a letter that is a bil from tm unifi that need me pay rm83.20(segera) means very fast need to settle the bill right, once i got money i straight away head to tm point to pay...and then u know what happen i call up 100(tm call center) i think, and the lovely operator explain detail to me, that i pay the rm83.20 is a negative amount which mean that i have pay a bil that i dunt need to pay in the morning and afternoon i only know that, the bill i dont have to pay...and i need to wait 3 month for my money to get back and another unifi bill need to pay, i think i am not that rich some more the bill is 2++...i know for you guys is a small amount but for me i need the money to pay for other thing, not to say this, even my 1st 2nd bill i get, is a huge amount that no one tell me all the hidden charges...maybe i am stupid that i dint read the contract nicely that one i admit...

    i am not here to scold but i think at my consumer view and i also 1st time i apply this myself i am not so hapi about it... tis is not really all bout money is a trust toward tm to customer, say 1 then 1 say 2 then 2...the think i very hapi about it is the staff are friendly but say not enough detail when promoting tm...mayb nt all but some of them...

    ur sincere
    TM customer>.<

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  • Be
    Bergen Soo Nov 03, 2011

    TM NET has really really worst service in the world, it's has been one month i cant used the phone n streamyx, and i have been complained many times, and get some damn report no, and making a lot of call, however finally I terminated the line and streamyx, but till now more then 15 days they still do not cancel the line n streamyx, they give me feed back is they still do not get any termination form from Pandan Indah branch, so they cannot terminate the service, WTF!!! and they tell me that they do not know when they can terminate the line...TM NET is really suck!!!

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  • No
    Nor Hashim Bin Ahmad Oct 25, 2011

    Saya Nor Hashim bin Ahmad dari PPP, Sepilok. Staff kami ada buat aduan di Tm branch sandakan masalah telefon pejabat [protected] yang tidak berfungsi pada bulan June 2011 hingga sekarang. Saya merasa kesal kerana sehingga sekarang tidak ada sebarang tindakan langsung yang di ambil oleh pihak Tm branch Sandakan, sabah.Ini menyukarkan pihak Jabatan untuk membuat panggilan keluar dan masuk. Malah bil cas perkhidmatan setiap bulan di kenakan tetapi perkhidmatan telefon tidak berfungsi. Kerjasama daripda pihak tuan amatlah kami harapkan untuk memudahkan lagi kerja-kerja pada masa hadapan. Terima Kasih.

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  • Yo
    YourAllian Oct 05, 2011

    recently my Unifi was suspended due to outstanding, but long outstanding is very long time ago, more then 6 months, the line was OK, so I guess their billing barring system is up now, so can start barring the line now, I have log in MyUnifi portal to make a payment via credit card, the system still showing outstanding after I made the payment more the 24 hours ago, I have been calling [protected] press 2 for billing department, the system say "your call is important to us, please hold" I have been holding the line for 30 mins, 30 mins !!! NOBODY pick up the phone, no matter what time you call, is the same. GOD please help me.

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  • Cy
    CyrilH Sep 21, 2011

    For my experience, I called their customer service or technical supporting for 8 to 10 time, and each of the call I waited for like 20 minutes, no one even try to pick up my call. And the worst part is the music and the promotion things keep on repeating, that annoyed me to the max!!! And the operation keep on rephasing the same thing "all of out customer service representatives are busy, pls hold".
    What kind of services are they offering since they claim that they are the best and biggest Internet provider in Malaysia? They dont even have a proper service crew.
    Please do something TM as you are wasting out time and wasting or patience on you guys.

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  • Qu
    quddus Aug 12, 2011

    Syarikat yang tak tahu malu dan tak bertanggungjawab...

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  • Ti
    titaniumface78 Apr 21, 2011

    Saya seperti nama diatas merupakan pelangan TMnet streamyx. Pada bulan March saya telah membuat permohonan untuk menukarkan jaluran TMnet saya ke alamat baru.kediaman baru saya lebih kurang 50 km daripada alamat lama saya.Berikut merupakan insiden mengikut tarikh:

    12 march 2011
    Saya telah memohon untuk pertukaran alamat dari pegawai TMnet Mentakab Pahang En Fazli.Beliau menyuruh saya mengisi borang pertukaran. Beliau juga menyuruh saya membawa semua peralatan internet ke alamt baru dan internet akan deactivate dengan serta merta dari 15 march 2011dan connection baru di activate pada 18th march.Beliau juga tidak memberi apa apa resit atau penyata untuk pemindahan tersebut. saya dengan rasa tulus mempercayai kata kata pegawai tersebut.

    Dari 13 march sehingga 4 april 2011
    saya telah menungu dengan sabar dan percaya pegawai TMnet akan melaksanakan tugas mereka. Pada jangka masa ini saya telah membuat 4 kali aduan pada TMnet (tel 100).Pegawai TMnet yang menjawab pangilan saya mengatakan mereka telah membuat aduan (NO aduan 1-[protected]) dan process pertukaran akan dibuat secepat mungkin.Setiap kali saya memanggil pegawai TMnet jawapan yang sama diberikan.Dukacitanya tiada tindakan yang diambil.Akhirnya saya berputus asa dan membuat keputusan untuk pergi ke pejabat TMnet Mentakab sekali lagi.

    5 April 2011
    Dipejabat TMnet saya telah berurusab dengan seorang pegawai lelaki memakai cermin mata.Beliau memmeriksa data dan memberitahu permohanan pemindahan TIDAK didaftarkan di komputer.Saya seolah tidak percaya dengan jawapan beliau.Beliau juga tidak menjawap soalan saya kenapa tidak didaftarkan.Beliau telah membuat pendaftaran baru (order Id 1-9ESKT7)dan memberi jaminan dalam 3 hari internet saya akan di activatE dan saya telah upgrade internet saya untuk mendapatkan talian cordless dan call percuma.Beliau meminta saya ke pejabat TMnet sekali lagi untuk mengambil cordless phone selepas internet di activate. Sekali lagi saya percaya kata kata beliau dan balik ke rumah.

    12 april 2011
    Saya mengambil keputusan untuk memeriksa status saya pada pegawai Tmnet cawangan Bandar Pusat Jengka. Malangnya pegawai tersebut mengatakan tiada notis dihantar untuk mereka memasang internet dirumah saya.Pada masa itu saya seolah berputus atas dan mahu menukar pada perkhimatan internet yang lain.Tetapi pegawai tersebut telah membuat pangilan ke TMnet Mentakab dan telah membuat pemasangan internet dalam masa kurang dari 6 jam.Saya mengucapkan syabas pada kali pertama ada pegawai Tmnet yang cekap dan bertanggungjawab.

    15 april 2011
    Saya pergi ke pejabat TMnet Mentakab untuk mengambil cordless phone sepertimana yang diberitahu oleh pegawai TMnet. Saya dilayan oleh pegawai yang membuat pendaftaran kali kedua.Saya bertanya pada beliau kenapa beliau tidak menghantar notis pemasangan pada TM Bandar Pusat Jengka.Beliau tidak menjawap soalan saya tetapi memberitahu cordless phone sudah habis dan tunggu sampai stok sampai.Bila saya tanyakan berapa lama, beliau tidak pasti.Malah meyuruh saya pergi ke TM Bandar Pusat Jengka untuk mendapatkan cordless phone.

    19th april 2011
    saya telah menelepon pegawai TMnet Bandar Pusat Jengka untuk bertanyakan bila saya boleh mendapat cordless phone and kenapa speed interner saya hanya 1.5 Mbs tetapi saya telah melanggan 2 Mbs. Beliau mengatakan mungkin stok akan tiba dari kuantan tetapi beliau tidak pasti. Menurut beiau memang biasa 1.5 Mbs untuk semua 2 Mbs connection. Jika benar kenapa TMnet memberikan promosi yang salah jika mereka tidak mampu untuk memberikan speed yang tepat? Adakah semua pelanggan TMnet diberikan connection yang lebih rendah daripada yang patut mereka dapat?

    Amat mengecewakan bila badan telekomunikasi tidak menpunyai komunikasi sesama mereka untuk menpercepatkan kerja kerja tertunggak.
    Ini merupakan nasib seorang siswazah, bagaimana pula nasib orang kampung yang kurang berpengetahuan dan sukar membuat lawatan yang berkali kali supaya aduan mereka diselesaikan?
    Apakah nasib bayaran bil saya? Adalah saya perlu bayar untuk melewatan pihak TMnet? Jika tidak, adalah saya pergi mundar mandir lagi ke pejabat TMnet untuk menyelesaikan masalah bayaran ini.
    Saya mengharapkan pihak TMnet memberikan saya jawapan bertulis secepat mungkin.Saya juga berhasrat untuk meluahkan pengalaman saya pada pihak media jika pihak telekom tidah memberi jawapan yang sewajarnya.

    Terima Kasih

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  • Tm
    TM SUCKS Jan 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am against TM NET or TELEKOM or STREAMYX. I used MAXIS WIRED (not wireless ah, WIRED!!!) broadband service before. The service was so good. They DO NOT cap your usage. Movies of 700 MB downloaded in less than 2 hours. My usage of 2 years only gave me 2 days downtime and these are on separate days. I enjoyed uninterrupted and fast usage until I have to move out to another area where only STREAMYX is available. From here on it went downhill. Stupid STREAMYX capped the usage and charged RM110 for f-ed up speeds.
    The only way to change this is to change the Government. Vote them out in the next elections. I am sure by now they have known all the complaints by the people of Malaysia about TMNET, TELEKOM or STREAMYX. But are they doing anything about it? NOOOO WAY. All this is because of cronyism. In the end, we, the people who are paying, suffer.
    If only the country adopted open market and allowed Maxis to have fair share of the WIRED (not wireless ah, WIRED) internet pie.

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  • Tm
    TM-SUX Jun 28, 2010

    My phone & stremyx down for 6 days, called help desk everyday to to chase for problem resolution, just like wasting your time & phone bill of calling [protected], the result still the same. The technician never turn up for appointment, WTF... I feel like an idiot waited whole Sat, I get no call from them on not coming !!!

    Their common business term, wait, no idea, mute (because you never get any update on what they are doing)

    They are not taking business seriously, I believe one day they will close shop if they continue providing such a bad services.

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  • Jo
    joesue Jun 24, 2010

    i 'm really so angry with TM streamyx service...i am the new customer and just use it in this april..but the problem always come out..first, the internet line not stabil, call 100, person incharge said ask me wait...will call technician, wait almost 2 weeks, no feedback, call everyday 100, no use, nobody bother me, feel so dissapointed with TM..then after 3 weeks, the net can use already..but after that, phone line have problem, after fix it, internet cant use again...WTF!!!

    after that, call 100...nobody bother me again, TM streamyx really so sucks!! WTF..already 3 week cant use...till now also cant sister call untill want give up already... customer service really so suck and like [censor] !!! i think i will cut it and wont pay for it...[censor]!!

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  • Dz
    dzila Apr 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I faces the same problem too.
    Really fustruating

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  • Hh
    HHew77 Mar 10, 2010

    Following my nightmare experiences with TMNet:
    1st Experience:
    Reported my Streamyx connectivity problem on 19th Feb
    Make more than 5 calls-each takes 10-25 mins to check on the status of my report.
    Each time when I asked to speak to the manager the customer agent response is "he very busy therefore unable to take your call"
    My connectivity was finally restored on 22 Feb 2010.
    No apology, nothing...
    2nd Experience:
    on 5 March 2010 report same problem No internet connection
    Make a report via “Afnan” who gave me the report nos.
    When I called on next morning, I was informed me my report nos was wrong and no report was raised pertaining to my problem. well should I be surprise???
    I called everyday to check the status and I have been given answers such as system upgrade, fibre problem but dont know when I get my connection fixed
    My connectivity was finally restore on 10 March(5 days later) after I requested to a kind TM Net gentlemen/technician at the road side to look at my problem. It takes him about half an hour to rectified my problem

    It is such a shame for a so called “Nos 1 Service Provider in Malaysia” to provide such dissapointing customer service and product to its customer

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  • Ds
    dshe Jul 14, 2009

    Yes, TMNet is crap. The Malaysian government should end their monopoly and encourage DSL competiton.

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  • Sh
    Shah Apr 11, 2009

    U DEMN RIGHT ! theyr only good in NOT ensuring the explaination nor the knowledge of what happens.. yet alone not updating the reasons. Ive complaint this too and i find it lack of capabilities !.

    1) slow respond in site / troubleshoot team
    2) helpdesk? its like calling a radio DJ for a request song. How reliable u guys to AT LEAST PICK UP PHONE
    3)lousy feedback. inexperience teamleader / supervisor. why u guys still paying them when tehy cant do
    4)ur card keep gettin burnt each time storm came in? DO SOMETHING.
    5)for claiming malaysian biggest, inadequate is ur biggest too. just gettin massive costumers but having the
    worst support services, are u guys just a jokes?.

    I got this issue back in 04, 05, 07, 08 and09. its always the same. Yet the price still charged up and the services are crap.

    U guys watch out . IM not gonna let this end just like this.

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  • Ch
    Chee Hoong Apr 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TMNet really has lousy helpdesk. I had the same problem when logging call.

    My ADSL connection was down after a heavy downpour on Saturday, so I called up the helpdesk. They assigned me a service log number. As with your incident, they help desk say they do not work on Saturday and Sunday. They promised that my call will be resolved in 48hours, starting on Monday

    Come Monday evening, an engineer called saying that the problem was due to a burnt DSLAM card on the ISP side. He assured me that my connection will be up. I tried getting the contact number of the engineer, so that in the event the problem still persist, I can call up this engineer and have him follow up

    he however said that he is on a company line and all sorts of crap, saying that if the problem still persist, call up helpdesk again and log another call.

    As suspected I went home and found the problem unsolved, so I called up helpdesk. This time, helpdesk tells me that their system is down and they cannot check my call status. I was directed to call back. The next day, I called back. This time, the help desk tells me that my phone line is having problem and ask me to log a call to the phone division first. So I told him, I can talk to him on the same line, he hears me, how can he say my line has a problem. After much talking, he asked me to disconnect everything and try again. Again, if things fail call the helpdesk.

    sure enough things didn't work. So I called the fourth time. This time again only to be given a log number. I don't know when this will end. I guess I'll have to call again and again every 48 hours.

    TMNet, claiming to be the largest ISP in malaysia, has probably the lousiest service. The helpdesk does not provide end to end tracking of calls, expecting customer to log calls again and again.

    I'm thinking of switching ISP. Only problem in Malaysia is that we do not have many ISPs.

    I had the same problem when trying to add reverse DNS record. it took them days and so many phone call re-routing to just get to someone who knows what I'm asking for. And even after that, tells me that he can't help me.

    My advise to TMNet, hire only qualified personnel. Have at least one supervisor who is knowledgeable to back up their helpdesk at all time. If you can't do this, please do not boast to be saying you want to provide good service to customer.

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