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Ca Oct 09, 2019 Review updated:

I have witnessed for several weeks the store opening 5-10 minutes early to allow specific Rae Dunn hunters in early. In addition to opening early, they are bringing out merchandise and handing it directly to the same people. These same employees have been seen getting gift bags from these customers. This needs to stop. Please make it fair for all of us who love Rae Dunn. This is the only store within miles and seeing the store have and helping their favorites is super frustrating. Please watch the store videos and you will see the very shady things happening at this store.

Thank you!

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  • Km
      Oct 09, 2019

    Are you really suggesting that a store manager and associates are acting as bouncers and only allowing specific people to shop their stores. I find that unlikely, has any other customers waiting outside tried to force their way in only to be held back. Probably more likely the other customers felt there was some kind of honor in waiting till the posted store hours, and refused to go in early even though the associate opening the door said come on in. If an associate is actually willing to go into the back and get something a customer asks for, that is something to be applauded, most will simply say if it's not on the sales floor we don't have it. The idea that associates are accepting gift bags in exchange for holding back specific merchandise for a customer is ridiculous. Now, had you said money I might had believed you. Why would I hold back merchandise for a gift bag and I don't eve know what's in the gift bag, for all I know the only thing in the gift bag in a dog collar and I don't even have a dog to put it on. Maybe if the bag looked like it was from BurgerKing and smelled like a whopper with onion rings I might be interested in it but probably not interested enough to do you any favors. By the way is their any reason you had to ask that the store videos be reviewed. If I'm investigating a situation, I'd think I'd know there are cameras rolling and likely caught the incident I'm investigating. I don't need you to tell me how to conduct the investigation. All I'd ever need from you is to tell me what you saw what you heard what smelled what you tasted and felt. I don't need you to tell me what you think cause your opinion or personal feelings doesn't matter. Investigations are about facts not thoughts.

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