TJX / T.J. Maxxcustomer service

J Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

I have a complaint against a cashier who exhibits bad customer service. When asked a question she is very curt and has a bad disposition. I asked her to check the balance on my Customer Credit and she stated that she could not check anything and I could not use the card because the new policy was that my name must be on the the card. This is the first that I have heard about the new policy and it is not my fault that the person who issued the card did not know the proper procedure. I understand that the card should have had my name on it, but she could have at least checked the balance. She also dropped a light colored pillow on the floor that I was purchasing and did not bother to acknowledge or check to see that the pillow was still clean. I still have my receipt and I am sure that this person could be tracked if I provided the cashier number from the receipt.


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