Tire Kingdom on 1340 Old Dixie Highway, Lake Park, FL 33403repair/patch flat tire

S Aug 04, 2018

I want this review to go up high to Tire Kingdom Corporate Management for follow up.

I'm bringing my 4 cars to this particular TK shop on 1340 OLD Dixie Highway, Lake Park, FL33403, for many years now. It's close to my place so I can walk to and from the shop.
I visited that shop earlier this week for an oil/filter change and also because my tire pressure was low and the dashboard indicator came on. Been having this issue for at least 1/1/2 years now and because I drive Uber, I thought I was picking up nails from the heavy construction that's going on here in South Florida.
Before dropping off the car to this shop, I noticed a rubber plug in the tire that was loosing pressure and after I dropped the car there for repair, I looked it up online and most of the experts agreed that plugging instead of patching is NOT the way to go. Conclusion is that the issue is the plug not holding up pressure and not the nails on the roads.
So an hour or so after I dropped off the car, the front desk person calls me and tells me that I need a new tire because they cannot patch it anymore. He started up-selling me with new products and services (I did buy their very nebulous and ill defined insurance to perform the patch, so I thought) I said to him that there is a plug in the tire and that your shop doesn't patch but plug instead. He became very angry and disrespectful on the phone saying that they only patch and they don't plug. That's a lie! Now remember all my cars go to this shop for all my needs and they don't see any other shop! After a quick inspection of my tires, I found many other plugs. So you DO plug and that person was lying to me. STOP LYING to the customer. BE RESPECTFUL to the client. STOP UP-SELLING.!
I used to have a great service in that shop couple of years ago, but owner/management/front desk changed and I'm not a happy client right now.
I don't think I'll return to any Tire Kingdom shop for any of my cars anymore.
Stavros S

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