Tire Kingdom 2100 South Orange Avetbc $50 rebate offer

S Aug 02, 2018

I had service done to my vehicle on July 16 where I spent $514 and was clearly told by the representative at the service counter and handed me a rebate form that I would be receiving back a $50 rebate for this purchase. I received back from the company on July 26, 2018 telling me that it could not be process due to the purchase price was not greater than what was required for this promotion. Never once telling me what amount had to be spent, so they were just as stupid and dump as the rep on Orange Ave. I am not happy because this is not what I was told nor promised and it is clearly a sign of falsified advertisement, unethical company who hires unethical employees who tells lies and manipulate people into spending these god awful high prices in the first place lieing. I am complaining and telling everyone I know about this unreliable and cheating company and its representatives. When I get through, no one will be doing business at Tire Kingdom. They should live up to their promise for this is terrible customer service and it is not right. All of this just for $50, are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. I want something done and now!!!

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