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Time Warner Cable Complaints & Reviews

Time Warner Cable / customer service, billing.

Rosemarie Lisko on Apr 18, 2017
On March 17, 2017 I received my bill and saw that the amount had increased from $85.75 to $96.25 for the same service (no changes). I phoned and after speaking to several people I was told my service would be at the rate of $87.07 which I agreed to. I mailed a check on March 24 for the...

Time Warner Cable / Internet services

Bill Light on Jan 6, 2017
Story of frustration: numerous months ago I decided to try out the relatively new twc live tv system. The concept was great, but from the very beginning, the reliability of my system was intermittent at best. I contacted twc several times in an attempt to give some improvement. I talked to...

Time Warner Cable / Payments not being received/fees, charged $33.00 to cancel my check

Melanie O'hara on Jan 4, 2017
Dear time warner cable, To whom it may concern about doing business w / time warner and my bill. I called about my bill going up $25.00 higher this month alone! Some people in life are on fixed incomes these days. Meaning many us citizens don’t even get raises any more or benefits any...

Time Warner Cable / Package/communication lack

sallygee on Dec 2, 2016
All my financial dealings are on line n paperless statements. My most recent bank statement, Dec.1 showed me that $172 was my monthly cost for triple play. I NEVER knew this and I never learned what my package contained. I do not need all this for which I am billed monthly. Called a rep...

Time Warner Cable / On-demand

nelliegregg on Nov 13, 2016
Today is sunday 11-13-16 I have been trying to watch my shows all weekend and they are not uploaded.I called in and spoke to Norma she says to check on Monday.What kind of service is that.I have been with the company a many many years they are about to lose me.ON demand should be on in...

Time Warner Cable / Using your cable to torment people

James lemm on Nov 13, 2016
Time Warner has worked with several other entities to do the followingYour north Idaho call center is using century link to message, harass and embarrass members of the community. The system operates on a basic setup but the actual messaging comes from molecules that were dumped into the...

Time Warner Cable / Wifi & cable tv

Shelly Carlucci on Nov 3, 2016
My complaint with Time Warner Cable is an ongoing issue. EVERYDAY I have issues with Wifi and Cable TV services. My problem date(s) is ongoing and exist EVERYDAY! I consistently loose my connection to Wifi a few times a day, especially in the morning. Every time a contact TWC I hear the same...

Time Warner Cable / Cable box

sreid01 on Nov 2, 2016
To whom it may concern, I have been a customer of your cable company from the past 4 years, so far the services have been impeccable, but recently I encountered some really poor customer service. After arriving home Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at approximately 9:15pm I discovered my service wa...

Time Warner Cable Now Spectrum / Tv, internet and phone

Magdi1974 on Oct 21, 2016
I just caught TWC raising my price from 134.99 to 179.99 for no apparent reason. I immediately unplugged the equipment and returned it. Worst cable company in town. They purely know how to monopolize and take advantage of committed long term customers. Thieves, thieves, and thieves. I have...

Time Warner Cable / Unethical behavior

Lindsay Sustar Ewald on Oct 3, 2016
I have been completely taken advantage of and lied to by Time Warner Cable and wonder how many others out there have been treated the same. It comes down to a being billed $24.95/month for a years worth of phone service I didn't receive, hundreds of dollars for a service I didn't even have...

TimeWarnerCable / Very bad service

Matt on Sep 29, 2016
I was a loyal TimeWarnerCable customer for many years now, but I guess it's time to find another company. I personally don't like TimeWarnerCable and can say the same about my friends and relatives. It's really hard to deal with these guys, there is absolutely no help or...

Time Warner Cable / Cable, phone, internet disconnection

Sharman Kitzis on Aug 31, 2016
I have sold my house and the buyers had called to set up cable. I own the house for another 8 days and did not call and ask for disconnection as I need internet until I move. For some reason WITHOUT calling or notifying me all my service was disconnected on August 30. After 3 1/2 housr on...

Time Warner Cable / Cable

burza_md on Aug 31, 2016
I cancelled Time Warner Cable services in March of 2016. My reason for cancellation: ever increasing costs of their services very poor quality of cable TV and their inability to repair it. Their equipment was returned to them at the same time. Two months later my wife realized they still...

Time Warner / Cable and internet billing

fervour on Aug 16, 2016
ive had time warner for 4 yrs now and ive always paid my bill the same time every month for the entire time ive had them.then I noticed on my bill the due date had changed.so I called a representative and she explained to me that as long as I paid by the 28th I would be fine.so I paid on...

Time Warner Cable / cable internet phone

tmpj1524 on Jul 17, 2016
I've had time warner since early 2016. My services were 89 bucks for all3 services. I got hurt, had to take off work, one income in our house, and to get it switched to just the 30 meg internet, they want 65. That's a rip off, I Will be leaving them soon. Stay away from them. They Will...

Time Warner Cable / DVR - Lack of Instructions

Jean Barre on Jul 15, 2016
I upgraded to the DVR recently - my friends were saying how they enjoyed it. When the service rep came, he briefly gave me instructions on how to use it. I didn't ask too many questions, assuming the information he handed me contained detail instructions- WRONG!!. I couldn't believe it -...

Time Warner Cable / Billing Increases

david13e on Jun 27, 2016
You got to constantly watch you bill like a hawk with these guys. I called today to find out about yet another billing increase. After I got a hold of a Representative (and to his credit he seemed nice and polite) who told me that my promotional offer on my DVR had expired. I pointed out...

Time Warner / digging

Susanbt on Jun 16, 2016
We had decided to change our internet provider, but did not have a cable line so asked Time Warner to call my husband to set up an appointment to dig on a Wednesday or Saturday since my husband was home on those days and knew where lines were buried. They did not instruct us that we needed...

Time Warner Cable / Theft

Ray Bowden on May 13, 2016
I have been a Time Warner Cable Customer for since 3 years, and I just transferred to another apartment. They came to install my new services, but it never work. I contacted them and Risk Management said that I had a bill of $126 from 2013, which is a Lie because I always set automatic...

Time Warner Cable / Cable Service Cancellation

Jeffery Marconi on Apr 12, 2016
I notified Time Warner Cable in writing to cancel service effective 15 Jan 2016. I am still receiving bills 3 months later after a lengthy process to try and get service cancelled. I have paid extra months service, but no more. History of communication with Time Warner Cable: 12 Jan 2016...

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