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Time Warner Cable Complaints & Reviews

Time Warner Cable / my bill is too high and keeps going up!!!

Jkash on Jan 3, 2019

I'm a Senior on a fixed income and with the recent Spectrum / TWC rate increases I can not afford my cable anymore. I really like spectrum and depend on it. I joined spectrum a few years ago and my SS has had very few cost of living increases. In the meantime my Spectrum bill has gone up...

Time Warner Cable / internet speed

Alex One on Dec 26, 2018

There are often no internet connection. Specific dates are on file. The latest dates are 12/24/18, 12/25/18, 12/26/18 We have complained to customer service many times. Immediately after the complain the speed is fine - around 80 mbps - meaning equipment is working. But then the speed goe...

Time Warner Cable / bill increase

Kay Holt Renfroe on Dec 4, 2018

I wanted to complain about the $1 increase in service without notification on the dec billing. I am suppose to be getting 200gb of internet and most days im lucky to get 75gb and you want to increase the rate??? Sucky service if you ask me. If I call to get help its good for a day then...

Time Warner Cable / billing

DianeS. on Nov 7, 2018

We keep getting charged from someone else's account from our bank account it's been reoccurring problem and has not been fixed. It's happened 2 months in a row and it's a big chunk of money. Your supposed to secure our information apparently it's not safe when someone in a different state...

Time Warner Cable / internet

Blueaspen on Oct 31, 2018

My internet slows down tremendously for late payment but not disconnected. For 5 days I had little to no internet. However, Time Warner/Spectrum still charges me for internet even though it's not at the speed I paid for in my agreement. This practice is fraudulent. They have found a way to...

Time Warner Cable / customer service

ColleenR1976 on Oct 9, 2018

On 9/6/18 I had called the customer service line and said I wanted to cancel my cable and was informed I needed to pay the past due amount. The rep stated I had until the 25th of september, I made my payment and when I called back to confirm I couldn't get through stating they were having...

Time Warner Cable / television cable service

Notv on Oct 3, 2018

Dear Time Warner, I am a long time cable customer thru the different company changes at my same residence for 38 years, I have experienced continuous service problems since the change over, the boxes sent, one did not work at all, was told you would send me a new one, never received...

Time Warner Cable / buyout contract

Mark W. Fern on Aug 14, 2018

I submitted back on May 17th all the information they needed to buy me out of my contract with Dish. I received an email back telling me my request was submitted and if need further information I would get a call, if not this would be processed in 7 to 10 days? What year? I have been...

Time Warner Cable / payment

Mirna99 on Jul 25, 2018

A year and a half ago a had a payment issue. Spectrum stated that a did not make a payment..I had to file all the information to confirm that I indeed made a payment. Now I have been on and off with Spectrum about missing payment when this payments have been done. One of the times that I...

Time Warner Cable / installing internet

Andrea Gorman on Jul 19, 2018

Very disappointed never received a return call from a supervisor! Tech spent 3 hours hooking up our internet and after he left he also left a big mess and no TV service. Called right after tech left and was assured to receive a call within 60-90 minutes. Never happened instead I had to...

Time Warner Cable / internet and live agents

817TX on Jun 19, 2018

Ive been having reocurring issues about my internet NAT type being unavailable which happens for days of time. When i address the issue to an live agent from the TWC App, they dont resolve the issue and disconnect the live chat. This would of not been a problem for me but repeatly bad...

Time Warner Cable / spectrum netgear

Liese Behringer on Jun 14, 2018

Elderly disabled female wants to simply change her password for netgear to prohibit compromise by former roommate. Can't get an answer, can't read the font on info page (instructions do not get larger for vision impaired and no manual available to use with magnifier). Please help me. I am...

Time Warner Cable / customer service-spectrum tv

Fred Scharr on May 2, 2018

I am a customer of Spectrum TV. My bill went up 50.00 per month for no reason. Price Increase: When I subscribed, I was told that my plan was NOT an introductory pricing. Now one year later, the price jumped by $50 per month. I called three times today and received contradictory...

Time Warner Cable / cable tv missing channels

Robert E Foster on Apr 20, 2018

Constant recordings on many of The Channels that are missing because the provider has ask to much for the service and they have been pulled. My question is we are paying the same for the missing channels as we were paying when we were able to view them. I believe in fairness and in this case...

Time Warner Cable / phone service

Larry A Woods on Jan 12, 2018

My name is Larry Woods and I own a bait, tackle and archery store in Vermilion, OH. twice now in the past two months Spectrum/Time Warner has shut off my main phone line with-out notice. In November I had requested a line I had set up as a fax line be shut off so I could save some money...

Time Warner Cable / internet, cable, phone

Rhonda McDonald on Dec 2, 2017

My name is Rhonda McDonald. I am writing this compliant and cannot possibly explain the magnitude of this 15 plus year problem, but I will sum it up as best I can. We have made endless attempts and phone calls on weekly, daily, and monthly basis stating we have never been able to get service. It...

Time Warner Cable / secure internet


I am writing to you today, as a last effort to have someone look at why my account is the way that it is and to help me fix the problem. To date I have talked to the manager in the local Spectrum store here in Somerset. The last meeting that we had I asked him when it would be possible for...

Time Warner Cable / billing

Kim Warf on Oct 18, 2017

I had a chat on 10-13-17 with spectrum cable and agreed to service with install on 10-15-17. I have the chat transcript where I was told that I would be billed 30 days from install date. I received 1st billing statement today 10-18-17 with a due date of 10-27-17. I contacted customer...

Time Warner Cable / your installation of my neighbors lines messed up my yard

Susan Huggins on Oct 5, 2017

I am not a Spectrum client. So trying to call your Customer Service Dept to fix this is impossible. I moved in in November of last year into a brand new condo. Because there was not a box behind the new construction your company chose to string two cable lines across multiple back yards to...

Time Warner Cable / billing, customer service

081861 on Aug 27, 2017

I have paid my cable bill with the same banking account for years, now since may 2017, I have been charged a $5 fee because I have to go through a representative. When I try using the automated system, it says my information can't be used. But I go through a goes right through! They...