Timbercrooksunprofessional behavior

O Nov 07, 2018

Where do I begin... The lady in the office is dumber than a bag of hammers. She has been harassing me for months for money I don't owe. When asked, she said she doesn't know what the charge is for so until she can figure it out, I am not handing over any money. lol, really.

They are replacing elevators as of last week. They decided to replace the working elevator first and left all of us, 15 floors with a broken elevator that doesn't work most of the time. If it is late night or early morning the wait is at least an hour, sometimes 2 as they will not give us access to the stairwells AND the emergency line has been directed not to respond to elevator calls because they said it was the wind!!!.

The heat and hot water was out 3 days this week and it's only Tuesday.

The building manager, Lorne Taylor was charged with sexual assault (RAPE) of a tenant at his previous job just before Timbercreek hired him AND they knew about it!!. Pauline told me he was convicted and is in prison which is why he is not here anymore.

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