Tim Hortonsproducts available and service of employees

St Oct 07, 2019

The location on Vodden St E and Kennedy Rd in Brampton is the worst Tim Hortons in Canada. I've been going to this one for over 5 years daily. The owner is a joke and needs severe re-training in mamagement and ownership. This location makes the entire company look like trash. The employees get away with their nasty treatment of customers cause the owner is worse. Not only that, he refuses to replace broken machines. The grill machine has been broken for a month and they're not replacing it. Customers are told too bad. Owner refuses to replace it. Though those items are still a huge part of the menu. The staff isn't trained on monthly flavour items and have no clue about anything current.

They are allowed to treat the customers like dogs since they are treated as such. The 'managers' don't take respectful criticism properly, she yells at other patrons when it's her staffs issue.

The racist and rude comments better stop or I will post them all over the interwebs.

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